Monday, June 23, 2008

I Love Caffeine

I started having somewhat strong liking towards caffeine since Form 5. I used to wonder, "Eww.. How come adults like coffee so much?" I guess I know why now. It's a little addictive but I'm not addicted to it and my favourite caffeine is tea! Teh Tarik~

So, anyway, there was once where a 'Speed Typing Test' was really famous bloggers but I discovered a new test! It's to see how high on caffeine you are by clicking (though it's not really related). Anyway, I did the test and here's my result.

The Caffeine Click Test - How Caffeinated Are You?
OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

200 clicks in 30 seconds? Man, that suck! I expected it to be higher since well, *ahem* I always click on my mouse like crazy when a page is stuck (as if it would help). Anyhow, try it! It's fun!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Blind Date, Very Blind.

The other day, I was sms-ing with Cuo Teck, my neighbour and ex-lecture mate, and something really shocking (to me) happened. It started with a very simple conversation about Euro 2008 and then, it diverted. But before reading our conversation, there's something you need to know in order for you not to feel lost.

The blur one.

On the same day, Cuo Teck asked for a favour to fetch him to the bus station. He was going back to his hometown. So, during the journey to the bus station, we chatted about several stuff and one of them include Su Chet (ex-lecture mate) is currently in Kampar. I was like, "Huh?!" since I thought Su Chet went to Setapak already and I told Cuo Teck that I've never seen Su Cheat in university before. And here goes our conversation. (The conversation might differ from the original one a little since I've deleted the message and I'm recalling as I type.)

(CT for Cuo Teck; italic for my conversation.)

Me : I saw Su Chet just now!
CT : U so excited, wan date with him? I help u make a date with him :D My France team can't qualify.
Me : Oh? U support France wa ah? Ic.. France so teruk.. lose 4-1 to Holland! Date Su Chet? Me? Sure his ears will bleed cuz I talk too much XD

The silent one.

Now, I would like to introduce Mr. Su Cheat a little. Su Chet is very very famous for his silence. He seldom speak and only speak when it's necessary. He is also known as DOTA king.

CT : Ya, ya. Tats why i say u always dengki me. Su Chet ear will finish? dun make me laugh la. he can tahan noisiest people than us (td1)
Me : But i so 'chi cha'... wakakakaka! and he wun repond to me.. Sure i bored also la..
CT : U take out the main point, bcoz he too quiet, even ken also lost to him except 2 thing
Me : 2 things, I know, one is dota! the other is car?
CT : Not driving, u driving skill is dangerous than him. 2nd is with his very close friend, he also can be the noisiest.
Me : Yea lo yea lo! I saw him laughing, talking loudly all b4. Especially when he play dota, he can shout! I was like "woah!"

Getting to the main point...

CT : Then u got interest not?
Me : No la! Madness! I nt really interested in dating guys now wan la.. Haven't found the true love XD wakakaka! Joking.. wanna concentrate on studies first ma.. :)
CT : Hah? I help u ask the date ad o!

At this point I was like, "WTF?! @#$%^&*&^%$#@!!!!!" *kills Cuo Teck*

Me : WHAT?! MADNESS!!!!!
CT : U wan reject not?
Me : Reject reject.. I din ask u to ask also..

The noisy one.

As you can see, I put myself into a danger zone and almost took my own life. Forget the fact that I've never dated a guy (yet!) before in my entire life, can you imagine, me, a person who never stop talking date Su Chet, a person who doesn't talk? Poor guy! Poor me!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fly Away, Little Bird.

2 days ago, when I came back from university, I spotted a pigeon in my balcony. There are lots of pigeons around so I though that little one was just resting outside.

The position of the bird when I first notice it.

That night, when I peep out the balcony, it was still there. I told my kayah about it and he asked if I fed it with some rice. Obviously, I did not since it was a bird and birds were trained to find their own food. So anyway, I did not really care about it, thinking it'll fly away soon enough.

Curled up in a corner when nightfalls. Perhaps it was warmer?

Next morning, when I woke up, the first thing I did was to check if the pigeon was still there and yes, it was. I snap a pic and left for morning classes. When I came back, the pigeon was looking into my room like it wanted to come it. There were several attempts where it tried to come into my room but every time it came close my my glass door, I shooed it away. The little pigeon did not give up. It kept coming near my balcony door, trying to get in. After a few attempts, it succeeded to come into my room. I scared the little pigeon and well, it did got scared and tried to get out of my room. What shocked (at the same time made me laugh) was the bird actually fell when it tried to climb over the low grill door. I mean, birds are supposed to fly when they're falling right?

Little birdie wanna come in?

I figured out as much that the pigeon was injured, perhaps both the wing and feet. I threw out some rice grains, hoping that it will gain some energy from eating and fly away. That night, Guat Shan came into my room, looked out the balcony but couldn't find the bird. I told her that perhaps the bird finally healed and flew away.

I had to block the gaps with newspaper to prevent it from coming into my room.

When I woke up yesterday morning, to my horror, I found the little pigeon dead. Its head was in a pool of blood. My hypothesis is, the night before, it managed to flew to a higher place and when it tried to fly away, it fell, landed on its head and killed itself. I spent about half an hour cleaning the mess the pigeon made (the food, droppings and corpse).


I actually felt kind of sad for the little pigeon. Maybe it knew that it'll die of hunger soon (because when I fed it with rice grains, it took a few grains and stopped eating after that. In stead, it fed on the liquid from its feces.) and still, it tried to live on and fly to else where to get food. Unfortunately, its will power wasn't supported by its own body.

It drank the liquid from its feces.

Rest in Peace, little birdie.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Birthday Celebration and Side Activities

My family and my ta-ker's (big bro in Mandrin) family came over to visit my house mates and I last weekend. Since the day before they came, 13th June was Pearlynn's (my niece, my ta-ker's eldest daughter) birthday and on 15th June was Shiau Ping's birthday, we, as in Guat Shan, Sito and I decided to have a 2-in-1 celebration.

Ta-ker's family.

They arrived on Saturday evening at 5 plus. After they checked into their hotel, we went out for dinner and walked around the lake after that. Returning from the lake, since we were in separate cars, I drove like mad just to make it home earlier than them so that I, along with Guat Shan, Guat Shan's sis (Guat Ling), Sito and Shiau Ping could prepare the so-called surprise. I asked Shiau Ping to 'distract' the occupants of the other car so that she would not know that the surprise was for her as well. Haha.. good plan, wasn't it?

Birthday girl 1: Pearlynn.

Birthday girl 2 : Shiau Ping.

So anyway, after the cake cutting and eating, we went to my favourite hang out place, Ghani, and rest for the day after supper. Early next morning, as usual, we went to the market to get the supplies for the week and had breakfast there as well. When we came back from breakfast, the youngsters (my sis, Guat Shan, Guat Ling, Sito, Pearlynn, Joelle, Emerald and I) went to 'dip' in some cool water. I wouldn't consider the activity we did as swimming since well, we did not really swim XD Oh, by the way, as mentioned above, Pearlynn is my ta-ker's eldest daughter, Joelle is the second and Emerald is the youngest.

Eliza-koko and Joelle.

The 'swimmers'.

After some 2 hours of dipping in water, we cleaned ourselves up. Or at least we were supposed to but heck, there was a big mirror. Enough to tempt me to snap some photos. And from the photos, I found out that Emerald is one hell of a poser! (For all the following pictures, please focus on the little girl.)

Pose #1

Pose #2

Pose #3

Pose #4

Pose #5


Pose #7

Emerald really got into the posing mood after some warming up, didn't she? She knew about Kimura and gosh, I don't even know Kimura is a supermodel until my sister told me. I guess she could make it into kid's modelling.

P/s : What do you think about my new layout? :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Shoes Are Just So Pretty


Before anything, I would like to announce that I bought a new camera!!! Wooot~! The model is Olympus FE-320 and it's pink :D Let's have a comparison between the photos taken by my new and old camera, shall we?

By Canon A430, 'my' (actually, it's my sis's) old camera.

By Olympus FE-320, my new camera.

Since I'v bought this camera, I vow that I will not buy anymore shoes for at least half a year and as much as I love shoes, I will keep my words.

Pretty, isn't it?
Now, on to the original post..

It's been a while since I last updated. I've been busy with Photo ID taking session (photography club), recruitment drives (fishing club and photography club), and well, nothing really interesting happened for me to blog about
except one thing which I will not blog about until it's finally calmed down. Curious, eh?

Anyway, since I've recently bought a shoe, why not I blog about shoes then?

The latest addition to my shoe rack.

My fetish for shoes started not long ago, maybe end of last year. Before I was attacked with this unhealthy (yes it it. It burns holes in your wallet!), I have the maximum of 2 pairs of shoes. Now, whenever I go out, I'll keep my eyes open for shoes but hey, I do not buy them every time I see them, alright?

Shoes that I seldom wear- (left) need some repair and (right) worn out :(

I'm pretty picky when it comes to shoes. My second brother used to tell me, "You have men's feet. So you can only wear sports shoes or canvas shoes." and yes, I totally agree with him. My feet is kind of big and wide. All this while, I only wear sport shoes since I don't really look nice in more feminine shoes (due to my choice of dressing at that time) and I can't really walk on high shoes plus, I heard that walking on high shoes will stunt your growth. Heck, I'm short enough.

Chinese New Year 2007 shoe from my first brother.

For Chinese New Year 2008, I broke my tradition of buying Nike shoes. In stead, I bought an orange pump. I thought the design was sporty, at the same time feminine and I never took the 2 inches heel into consideration. I bought it together with my sis, Eunice, Edric and my second brother. When I asked for opinions, they did not give negative feedback so, I bought it. When I showed it to my mom, she even said it was nice :D The best part was, my dad paid me back the money I spent on the shoe with extra RM 0.10 XD

The shoe (the orange one) that broke the Chinese New Year tradition.

When I first walk on that shoe, I guess people could easily tell that I'm a beginner at such shoes since I walk so unnaturally. Just like someone who started to learn how to not to walk like a duck, if you know what I mean. There were times when the bottom of my feet would hurt when I walk in that shoe for long periods. But soon enough, I got used to all the hassles of wearing higher shoes.
I bought this so that Guat Shan could have a discount on her heels.
(And everyone said that it looked nice on me)

I remember once my ersau told me that I should appreciate being not that tall because it simple means I have the chance to wear heels. She (a really tall lady) said that some people just want to wear heels so much but they can't. And Guat Shan do not wear heels (except for a cm or 2 heels) because she said she'll look gigantic. That was when I started buying higher shoes- I'm short and heck, I need to be at least at normal height.

The shoe I suffer most when wearing.
(It cuts behind and compressed my feet!)

But then, not all my shoes are high. I do have some flats to walk comfortably when I go out, say, for vacations or long shoppings. But most of the time, my shoes are not bought for purposes, they were bought to match my clothes or simple because they looked nice on me.
Flats my kayah bought for me. Expensive >.<

In fact, we (as in my housemates and I) have so many pairs of shoe that Sito's parents bought us a 'rack' to arrange our shoes instead of just leaving them on the floor. We hang the 'rack' behind our main door and whenever there are visitors and if they notice the hanging rack (they usually do), their first word will always be, "Wahliow~!"

The part of the hanging shoe rack for my shoes only.

I guess I've spent quite a lot on shoes. And I think I really need to stop the flow of cash out of my pocket for some more shoes. But hey, sometimes, they're just so pretty and considering the fact that I'm picky when it comes to shoes, when I found a pair I think it's nice, I just can't help it!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Petrol and SRC

Few days ago, our government decided to increase the price of fuel from RM 1.98 per liter to RM 2.70 per liter with the total of 40% increment. Everyone with car in Kampar practically rushed to the petrol kiosk to fill their empty/half/still full tank. Well, I was once of them. The queue was so long that it took me 1.5 hours to move a usually 15 seconds distance. I started queuing at 10 p.m. and finally decided that, "Ah! Forget it! We won't get to pump!" at 11.23 p.m. And thank God I was smart enough. Just look at the queue!

Just before increment.

Even if I continued queuing, I won't be able to pump. 30 minutes left and the number of cars are uncountable. We (Guat Shan and I) went to mamak instead and after that (past 12 a.m. which means after the price increased), we decided to take drive back to the petrol kiosk and have a look. We could almost hear the crickets singing.

Right after increment.

Due to all these increment, when I went to the market this morning, there was a 'protest'. There were a group of about maybe 5-7 people cycling around with cardboards messages on their bike. Some of the messages were, "Petrol price naik, Pak Lah turn!" and "BM prosper, rakyat suffer!" and some were in Mandrin and Tamil which I couldn't read. I heard that in August, our government will increase the price again to about RM 4. Might as well just invent cars that use human blood!

Anyway, Vincent, a friend of mine, approached me yesterday. He asked me if I'm interested to join the Student Representative Committee (SRC). If I join, I'll have to give talks, held campaigns, and everything possible to persuade people to vote for me. You know, like those political parties. I've been thinking about it..

Vincent, the one squatting.

Reasons to join
1. For experience.
2. My second brother once asked me to join. He said it'll be very useful in my resume in the future.
3. Being a student council is like, "Woah!"
4. Get to meet and know more people.

Reasons not to join
1. I'm already a member of 3 clubs, in which in 2 of the clubs, I hold positions.
2. I'm afraid I do not have to time to be totally committed.
3. I need to study too, right? Being in Degree isn't easy, you know?
4. What if I didn't win? Malu la!

I've thought about it. I'm still new in my course any my connection isn't that wide. So, I can't really persuade people to vote for me. I don't really like 'politics'. I'll make enemies. I still have another 3 years in university, which means I'll have lots more opportunity to join next time. But hey, being a student council is like, you know, really great! (though I'll have a lot of tasks to do then)

Well, if you know me well enough, you'll know that I'm very indecisive and I consider a lot of matter before making a decision. So, practically, I'm in a dilemma right now and I need to give Vincent my answer, whether or not to join him, by tonight (so that if I decided not to, he will have the time to look for someone else). So, how?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I love my name.

There are a lot of people out there who doesn't like or appreciate their names. At least I know one who doesn't. And I do not get why. Why do people dislike their names? To me, name is something that represents you. It's your identity. There may be many other Elizas' out there. Yes, but so what? One of them is still me. And I'm proud to be named Eliza. Eliza Loo. Eliza Loo Po-Iian.

I'm always fond of Chinese names. Even though I'm not able to interpret the meaning behind a particular Chinese name, or even read the name, as a matter of fact, I still think every Chinese name bears a deep and wonderful meaning. The meaning behind your name might be what your parents expect from you or what they want you to be when you grow up. Or it might be simply just a name your parents thought is lovely. If you don't know what is the meaning behind your name, go find it out! You'll be more than amazed to know what it actually meant. The meaning behind my Chinese name is 'Precious Faith'. Lovely meaning, no? :D

I'm not sure why I'm named 'Eliza' by my parents. They might or they might not know the meaning of this name but I Googled it. 'Eliza' actually have several meaning:

1. In French, it means consecrated to God.
2. In Hebrew, it means oath to God or God's satisfaction.
3. Eliza is a computer program designed to simulate a therapist or psychoanalyst.
4. Eliza also means a tendency to relate computer behavior to human behavior.
5. Eliza was a ship that disappeared in 1803.
6. There was another ship named Eliza that was wrecked in 1808.

I think the name Eliza was given to me by my dad after he found out about 5 and 6. He was a sailor after all XD

After all, the best part of a name, for me, is the surname or family name. In my case, it's Loo. Right, I know some of you know it actually meant 'toilet' but hey, I'm still proud of being a part of the Loo family. And you ought to be proud to be a part of your family as well. You know, in ancient time, people were always saying, "Do not embarrass the (for example,) Loo family." but these days, the phrase has been modified to, "Don't bring shame to our family." Whatever happened to the family name?

Whatever it is, I still think highly of one's family name or just his/her personal name. It's your identity. It's you!

P/s: I hope anyone who leaves a comment in this post will tell me what is the meaning of his/her name :) (Sueh sueh no one leave comment XD)

P/s + P/s: I'm still considering if I should get the camera.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


I went for the Monbukagakusho Qualifying Examination on 1st of June, 2008. Before I sat for the exam, I went through the sample papers and I knew they were difficult. Perhaps that was the reason I did not really study for the exam. You might think, 'Shouldn't you study harder when it's difficult?' Yes, that's true but when I looked at the questions and the amount of materials I need to cover, better just go through them and remember what you could rather than to study everything. That was what I though. 'Aih.. Didn't get ma didn't get lo. At least I tried.' How negative of me.

My seat label.

But when I arrived at the venue, registered myself and sat in the exam hall, all of the sudden, this weird feeling rush into me. This feeling that says, 'Oh god! I want to go Japan and study!!'. The first paper was Biology. It was ok. The hope was there but upon sitting for the second paper, Chemistry, I thought I could call my dad and ask him to pick me up. I do not need to sit for any other papers anymore. I will not get into the interview level anymore. When I sat for Maths, I practically waved goodbye to my golden chance. I think I never did as badly as that paper before in my entire life as a student. That was how bad it was.

The hall.

The result, whether I'll be qualified to attend the interview or not, will be sent to my home by the end of June. Unless miracle occurs, I'm all ready for a negative respond. I felt so dumb sitting for the exam. I should have known I wasn't good enough.

P/s: I'm planning to get a new Canon digital camera (model is A470). It's 7.1 mega pixel with 3.4x optical zoom and costs RM500 with a free 1G memory card. What do you think? Should I get it?

Planned to get an orange A470 and currently using a blue A460.

I'm currently using my sis's Canon A460- 5.0 mega pixel with 4x optical zoom. She's not asking it back (I think), so it's not really a necessity to spend RM500 for a camera but yet...! So, in order to make a decision (I'm very indecisive), please do let me know if I should get a camera. Points to ponder- I'm a photography club member, I love snapping pics but I do not need really beautiful pics. I just need pics which are enough to preserve memories.