Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Of Sandwiches and Leon

Leon has been eating in my house since sem 1. He said he wanted to cut down his monthly expenses and since he eats like a lot. A LOT. So, we made a deal- we cook for him and he need to do the dishes after that and pay the monthly fee of RM 30. RM 1 per day, cheap huh?

Anyway, he has been eating our (my housemates and I) dishes for 3 sems now and he finally decided that it's time to pay back. 2 days ago, he made us lunch :D

Chef of the day, Mr. Leon

5 Leon Special Sandwiches!

As simple as it looked, I have to say his sincerity wasn't that simple. He took the effort to cycle to my house, prepare a list on what he was supposed to buy, buy the raw materials he needed and took an hour to prepare the sandwiches. They came together with juice, to boot!

Fresh juice to accompany our sandwiches

I hope he knows how much we appreciate his efforts :D

Thanks Leon!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Beloved TD Mates

Maybe I've mentioned before, maybe not but this sem will be my last sem with my TD friends. They'll be leaving UTAR Kampar for UTAR Setapak because of their courses. There'll be another 3 weeks with them before I bid them goodbye. So, this post is specially written for them, my dear TD mates.


His real name is Kheng Zie but I renamed him. He's the one I always make fun. People always tease him with Ah Wei, saying stuff like he's trying to court Ah Wei and stuff. Good thing he's not the sensitive type. Well, I would say that he's a caring guy. He always try to help people out and his solutions are, I would say, applicable. For instance, maybe you have a problem with someone which is very difficult to solve. Normal people who advise you to, you know, talk to that person, apologize and stuff like that. But have you ask him, he'll tell you something more practical. Not so stereotype. He'll say things like, "Just let it be like it is now la. Just don't worsen the situation." When he give advices like that, it makes me think that he actually understand each people's situation. He understand that it's difficult to apologize when you're angry or when emotion took over you. He love philosophy and figuring people out. And the way he analyzes people sometimes freaks me out. It's just like he talk to you then the next thing you know is he knows what personality you have. He's taking Materials and Manufacturing Engineering but I think he suits Psychology well XD By the way, he recently created a blog. Have a look.

Khai Chiah

He's smart. He's nice. He loves Man. Utd. and he calls me 'Ah Pui'. I don't know why he calls me that but I don't really mind though. It's just like you know, teasing a small kid kind of tease. He's one of the top scorers in my stream with GPA never lower than 3.7 but you'll never find him talking about studies 24/7. When I first entered UTAR, I faced difficulties in communicating with people around me who speaks Mandrin or Cantonese. Khai Chiah was the first Chinese-speaking guy who spoke to me. His English wasn't that good but I really appreciate it. He knew he couldn't speak fluent English yet, he talks to me. This is where I got the motivation to brush up (or learn) to speak Mandrina and Cantonese. Most people would try to avoid talking to people who speaks English like me. My neighbour once told us (my housemates and I) that they wouldn't talk to us because we speak English. But Khai Chiah isn't that type of people. He don't believe that language is a barrier in communication. I like him for that. Plus, when there's football, we always watch it together. We're Man. Utd.'s died heart fan :D

Wei Chyi

When people mention this name, the first thing that comes to my mind is a smiley :D Yes indeed, he's a smiley. I've known him for almost a year and never once I've seen him without a smile. When when he's angry (or when I though he was angry), he curse in the manner you'll never thought he's cursing. He always talks logic into situations. For example, maybe someone did something nasty to him. He'll try to think of all possible reasons as to why that person did such thing to him. Maybe that's the reason why he don't 'boil' that often. He doesn't believe in ghost and he'll convince you that what you saw (if you saw something you though was a ghost), wasn't what you thought it was, which is another reason why I think he's so happy :) (because you know, when you're scared, you won't be happy). He's a genius in programming. Last sem, we had programming assignment and he was my hero. I still haven't treat him for that. Oh ya, he loves to jump into cameras. In short, Wei Chyi = Smiley :D


His real name is Yik Wai but it soon changed into Ken when Ah Wei said he looked like a HK actor whose name in a TVB series was Ken. Initially, he was against that name. He kept telling people that his name is Yik Wai not Ken but now, he introduce himself as Ken. And I think that name suits him best. I can't bring myself to call him Yik Wai. I just can't XD Anyway, he's another top scorer in my stream. One thing about him that I always sweatdrop about is that he'll suddenly jump into a conversation and say something that will make people sweat. Take this conversation as an example,

Me : You know ah, that day I went to the pasar right, I saw this man. He very weird la. He bought something for like RM 1 then he want to bargain some more. So cheap already then he go bargain another 10 cents.

Guat Shan : Madness! 10 cents also song ah?

Me : Yea la. People also want to untung right? Better ask that seller to give that man for free la.

Ken : *kept quiet all this while and suddenly jumps in* YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT!

Me and Guat Shan : ..........

Leon : Actually Ah Ken will just say that line every 10 minutes.

Me and Guat Shan : ................

There was also once we went Ipoh to get formal wear and through out the whole time, he kept saying "This is damn cheap!" everything is "Damn cheap" to him. He's also the gossip king. If you want to know any recent updates, ask him, and he'll tell you from A to Z.


Stylish. I love his style. It's like those rich kid kind of style. Just a simple t-shirt and a denim pants and he looks perfect. Not just style, I love his English as well. His English is just so English, if you get what I mean. He has the accent and all. If you're thinking he's just another wannabe who speaks in accent, no, you got it wrong. When he speaks in a normal conversation, his English is simply Malaysian. But when he goes for presentation, his English turned perfect. One of my lecturer even asked him to consider being an anchor man. I assume he loves languages. He learns Japanese from me and speaks Indonesian kind of Malay to Ken. Sometimes, he also speaks Bangladeshi type of Cantonese to Guat Shan. He once told me can speak like 6 languages (plus dialect) and he wants to learn Japanese to make it 7. Cool, isn't it? Anyway, he's from Penang which is why I think that he's rich. He loves shopping and the brand of clothes he wear are never unknown. And oh, I asked for his opinion when I once wanted to straighten my hair. In the end, after getting opinion from him (and others as well), I did not straighten my hair. Did I mention that he's really smart as well?

Cuo Teck

He watches anime, I watch anime. He watches football, I watch football. He loves Arsenal, I love Man. Utd. That's the reason why we always 'argue' about which team being better. When we converse, it always starts with, "Arsenal can ta pau already la." or "See la.. at the final battle which team is better." He enjoys calling me a 'Banana Girl' because I can't speak Mandrin well. He's like those small hyperactive kind of kid who speaks loudly. But he's nice though.


He calls me 'baby' because he thinks that my mental is only 2 years old. He's one hell of a guy. He cracks people up with his jokes. He has a wonderful voice and once won UTAR Talent Time with Leon. Together with Leon, they can topple the whole UTAR. He'll speak English then all of the sudden switch to Tamil like people understand him. Leon and Guat Shan said it's just like how I speak English then switch to Japanese like people understand me. Alright, back to William. He's just fun to be with. He'll make you laugh till you cry.


I guess when he leaves, we (my housemates and I) will feel the deepest lost. He was once our enemy (we even call him Mr. Horne, for God's sake) but now, he's our 'chi mui'. Everything changed so fast with him. We first met him during Ice Breaking and he was Mr. Horne then. We went fishing (because of Kenji) and the next thing we knew, he's already a part of us. Sito was shocked at that time because before he left for Klang, Leon was still Mr. Horne and when she returned 3 days later, we asked her of she wants to go fishing with Leon. Anyway, he's really nice to be with even though I do argue with him sometime. In my opinion, I think that he's really wise, though he might not look like it XD We're so close to the extend that we can just as him to shut up and laugh after that. He can just act girlish in front of us. We can just wake up, not bothered by our ghostly hair when he's around. He'll wear that orange shirt he'll never wear out, in front of us. Even though he's not our housemate, he eats, sleep, bathe, study, etc. in our house. Everything we do evolve around him. When we go out and he didn't follow, and it's lunch time, we'll think like, "What Leon gonna eat ah?" "Want to ta pau for him or not ah?" "How he going to eat ah?" "Who is fetching him?" I quote from Guat Shan, "Dunno what he put into our food until we kena jampi." and I quote myself, "Dunno what we did in the past life that we hutang him so much now."

All in all, I love my group of friends now and if I could, I would want them to stay in Kampar. I wouldn't want them to shift to Setapak. Everything will not be the same again after they leave. I won't have Kenji coming to my house and start tell me about Philosophy. I won't have Khai Chiah to call me "Pui" and watch football with. I won't have Wei Chyi to call me shorty and ask me to 'chiak sai'. I won't have Ken to send me dramas and stuff. I won't have Joe to ask me what certain word is in Japanese. I won't have Cuo Teck to tell me Arsenal is a better team. I won't have William to speak Tamil to me. And I won't have Leon to do crazy stuff then laugh our heads off. The most important thing, I won't have the chance to spend my time with them. I really really do not what them to leave. I don't want :'(

Monday, March 17, 2008

Help Please?

How about this, I'll tell you a scene from three different point of views and you tell me who was at fault?

P.O.V 1
A girl, let's name her Janet, read something nasty about her somewhere. Something nasty like, "There's one girl name Janet and she's one big f*cking b*tch. That b*tch is the leader of the b*tchy group. B*tching everywhere she goes and not to mention she's a fat b*tch. Flirting around when she already have a boyfriend. I hope that b*tch's boyfriend will just dump her!" and she knew who wrote that. Obviously, she got agitated because she knew she wasn't as described. And as she continued reading, she found no reason for such nasty words about her. The writer did not mention any reason for his cursings. When she found out the reason for the cursings, she found it unreasonable and certainly untrue. So, Janet thought, "Since he called me a b*tch, I should just be as 'nice' and call him a bastard." thus, she never spoke to that writer ever again and once, she wrote a note to the writer. The note says, "Bastard, please wash the dishes. I've already cleaned the kitchen!" and pasted it on the writer's room door. To her surprise, the next time she saw the note (few hours later), there was an additional "From the b*tched" added to the note. She suspected one person, the guest who visited her house not long ago. The writer was not back home yet.
The note.

P.O.V 2
So, this guy, let's name him Patrick, was pissed when he was called 'transparent' by Janet. He went home, he let out his anger by writing all the evil stuff about Janet. Those 'stuff'' were all written from his point of view. He called her ungentleman names like b*tch and f*cker. After he found out that Janet had read the note, he threw the note away before Janet could actually spread about his ungentleman act. But, he told his friends that he regretted his actions and that he wanted to apologize but do not know how to. One day, he came back and saw a note on the door saying, "Bastard, please wash the dishes. I've already cleaned the kitchen. From the b*tches." He kept in mind that everything was written by Janet.

P.O.V 3
He's a guest who visited Janet's house and is also a friend of Patrick. He strolled around the house and saw a note pasted on Patrick's room door and he noticed that Patrick wasn't at home. He took his pen out and when no one was watching, he added "From the b*tches" onto the note. He did not know what happened between Janet and Patrick. He did not know what Patrick did to Janet or what Janet called Patrick. All he knew was what was written on the note. He judged from the note and took Janet as a new enemy.

Alright, so now, I need answers/opinions/ advises/ or whatever on who do you think was at fault. One thing though, please view all three point of views objectively, okay? It's only fair to do so. I'll be waiting~

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Being Independent

First of all, have a look at this pic.

My formal presentation wear.

Don't see anything amiss? Well, that's great! It simply means I'm a good tailor XD Well, if you take a closer look, you'll see that the sleeves were altered.

My sewing, though not that clear. Blame my camera!

They're hand-altered! And by me, to boot! *feels proud* You see, back when I was at home, I never did stuff like this before. So, I think I should feel proud to be able to sew the sleeves to fit my size (they were too big and fluffy before this) though the sleeves were a little imbalance. It wasn't easy but wasn't that difficult either. I used paper clips to hold the sleeve together before sewing it and of course, thanks t Ah Wei for helping, Guat Shan for judging and Sito for her thread. Well, guess I'm 5% prepared to be a housewife XD

Friday, March 14, 2008

Feeling Calm And Collected


I don't hate people. It's bad for health. Even if someone hates me, maybe I would, at most, dislike them. Maybe because I understand what the real definition of the word 'HATE' is and thus, I do not misuse it. However, in every matter, there will be exceptions and for this case, I do HATE one particular person. So much that I felt emotionless.

First of all, he has all the pride that every guy DO NOT want and he thinks the hell of it. He thinks that he has the pride that truly marks him a MAN but little does he know, his manly pride got him no where. Alright, maybe you might think that it's okay for guys to have pride and ego but listen (or in this case, read) this. He thinks that he shouldn't cook because GUYS don't cook. Who on Earth thought of this in this MODERN era? I wouldn't blame him if he's from the 17th century though. Plus, when he cooks, he thinks it's delicious but hell no! He cooks shit and he ought to be THANKFUL that we, the poor victim of his disastrous food, eat it. Once, not too long ago, he cooked this utterly disgusting looking potato with dark soy sauce. It's so dark that I don't know there are potatoes hidden beneath the think sauce. The best thing was, when you add dark soy sauce into your dish, it's supposed to be salty but his lovely black whatever is tasteless.

Forget about his pride, maybe other guys are as prideful. I would say he's pretty friendless back when he was in his secondary school. He said it himself that he wants to make more friends in uni. So, yea, for the first few weeks, he DID managed to get a group of friends around him. Yay! Clap your hands! Dance around. However, not only his group of friends did not expand, they actually stay away from him. He's now a lone sole who has no friends (though he still lingers around one or two). But, does he know that those friends that he 'linger' with actually DO NOT want to be with him? I don't know what made people don't want to be with him but in my case, I hate the way he talks to people. So what if you're the smartest in your family? So what if you're the only one who gets to enter university? It's no big deal. I mean, hello! People can enter university even with just credits in their result slip. So please, stop that principle of yours that says, "I get to enter university. I'm smart. Worship me!". Even if you're the smartest or best in your family, doesn't mean you're still the best out there. And just to let you know, your GPA is something that I, or my housemates would NEVER get. It's WAY too low.

Common sense, my dear. If he thinks he's friendless because of me, think twice. I'm not as cheap as him, who will go around spreading bad rumours about me to other people so that they would think as him and hate me. My principle is, I hate you, my problem, let's not involve the others. He has the right to have friends and I do not do shitty stuff so that people hate him. So, if people hate him, in this case, the entire class, don't you think it's a bit too much to put the blame on me? They hate him for what he did, how he talks and how he acts. And now, he's saying that the almighty me influenced people around me to hate him? Frankly speaking, if I could, I would. I would want everyone to know what kind of human he is and he is not worth being with.

One more thing that, in my opinion, makes him a coward. So, he's a guy, he has the manly pride, the sky scrapping ego and the enormous pride. Since he has all those manly criterias in him, why can't he voice out his dissatisfaction when I do something he do not like? Tell me, I'll accept. He's one big freaking coward who will just talk behind your back when he not satisfy with something. If you're man, voice out! I don't see the reason why he can't voice out when he can be such a 'gentleman' and shout at me, a girl. I do think that I have more testosterone in me than him. He's just a coward who hides behind a mask. In uni, he's the jumpy, cheerful, Mr. Nice Guy that people hate but back at home he's a timid, who doesn't talk, doesn't voice his opinion and just hide in his little room. He couldn't even talk to us! How manly can be be?

He's SO oblivious towards things around him. He thought people likes him but the truth is, no, my dear, people hated him. Probably more than how much I hate him. No one wants to be in his assignment group. No one invited him to play football (I mean, we're in the same place, but guys invited me to play football with them but did not even ask him). No one invited him to play DOTA. And I hope he realize that people who used to chat in MSN with him, do not chat with him anymore. And for God's sake, I just want to tell him that, "When you watch porn, be civilized. Don't laugh out hysterically like you've never watch porn before. It makes people think that you're a sex maniac and from your looks, it doesn't help much." I hope he knows that his current assignment mates complaint so much about him to me and regretted that they even group up with him. And oh, no one include him when they discuss about who should be their housemate when they shift to Setapak. Plus, your 'good friend' did not even invite to when we go Ipoh together.

I've been hating him for quite long but I tried not to hate him as much maybe because I pity him for not having REAL friends and my parents always ask me to tolerate. Too bad that I'm born stubborn and my level of tolerance is not high enough to tolerate with his idiotic attitude. This is just maybe 10% of what I really want to express but I don't have the time and energy to waste on this bloody two-faced bastard. Just die, you sucker! Maybe you're wondering who is this 'HE' I've been mentioning all this while, well its...


Thursday, March 13, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

After such long time, I'm finally tagged again and I love tags~

1. When you look into the mirror…I will either,
heh.. everyone knows this answer. I'll fix my hair, confirm! XD

2. When did you last saw someone picking their nose?
hmmm.. quite long ago.. in the car, if i'm not wrong

3. What are you doing now?
doing this meme and msg-ing my classmate informing about the change of time for our meeting, which reminds me that i have not done my part :P

4. What would be the best birthday present?
a surprise! a really really big surprise!

5. Who do you think it hot right this moment?
no other than DANIEL VOSOVIC~~ he is so much love!

6. Who annoyed you recently?
well, i would say leon but somehow, we'll mend it really quick XD

7. Where did you meet your loved one?If you have yet to find, where do you plan to meet him/her?
i do not have any loved one yet but think it would be nice to meet at somewhere unexpected like maybe during a holiday trip

8. How will you use this meme for the benefit of mankind?
for boredom :D

This is short. So I'll tag whoever who wants to do this.

Friday, March 7, 2008


First of all, NOT ME. Nope, it wasn't me. Allow me to explain how it all started.

(After uni at 12.15 p.m, in the kitchen)

Eliza : *smells fried egg* Sito~~~~ Hou hiong ah~~(smells so delicious)
Sito : (forgotten what she said ^^;)
Eliza : Never mind! Later I make French toast.

(12.20 p.m, in Ah Wei's room with a sleeping Guat Shan)

Eliza : *opens the door and fans the aroma into the room* Hai mai hou hiong leh? (smells delicious right?)
Ah Wei : *looks at me like 'what the hell?'*
Eliza : Later I making French Toast :D
Ah Wei : Now la.. I hungry la..
Eliza : Later la.. No bread. Later I go buy then only make.
Ah Wei : Now la.. I go buy.

And so, our main character of the day took the car keys, started the engine and got prepared to reverse the car to get a loaf of very much awaited bread. I was in my room onlining when I heard a fairly loud, "SCRAAAAAAAAATCH." Upon hearing that I knew what actually happened. I was like, "Great." I looked out my balcony and my my HORROR Ah Wei drive the car back into the porch just to produce another loud "SCRAAAAAAAAAATCH." Good one la.. Double scratch.

I went down looked at the condition at my car and paused there for a couple of minutes. Felt the deep scratches on the left bumper and went straight into the house. Few minutes later, Sito called me out.

The condition of my poor Waja.

"Baby! Go help Ah Wei la! She's being bullied by the guys (the owner of the car and his friends)."

"What you want me to do? It was clearly Ah Wei's fault!" I replied.

"Go help her la. She's being bullied!" Sito was still persistent.

I woke Guat Shan up told her what happened and went down to 'talk to the guys'. The first thing I said was, "It wasn't entirely our fault. Your car makan-ed into our road,". Ah Wei called his dad and passed the phone to the guy, which was our neighbour. The negotiation didn't turn out well and we brought it to the police station (a command from Ah Wei's dad). Good thing Sito reminded me to snap pictures as evidence in the police station.

Makan-ed into our road, no?

We headed to the police station and the neighbour, brought his English-speaking friend a.k.a negotiator along. While waiting for the victimized car to arrive (because the took another car to the police station), the negotiator talked to the police and asked several questions. Then, he spoke to us.

"Look, it's better if we just settle this among ourselves. Let's not involve the police. I've talked to the police earlier and he said if you're at fault, you'll have to pay RM 300 compound and pay to fix my friend's car. But if we're at fault, then we'll pay the compound. And according to what I described to the police, you're at fault because our car did not block the road. Yes, the car did block your gate a little but the police say you can always call us out to remove the car. So, I suggest we settle this ourselves but of course, you can involve the police if you want to."

The condition of the victimized car.

I was really thankful that they were all very gentlemen and calm people unlike some other people who will just shoot you till you bleed and die. They also said that they don't want our money. All we need to do is to get the car fixed at wherever and pay for it. That's all. After much rational consideration, we've decided to settle the problem among ourselves.

We brought the car to a car accessory shop and got the price. The whole thing cost RM 350. As for my lovely Waja, the paint scrapped off and it can be camouflaged by polish except for one deeper scratch and would cost ten odds of Ringgit.

The weird thing about this whole matter is that the guys (from Arts stream) bought his WHOLE troop. 'For support', it seems. When we reached the police station there were only 4 guys. When we were about to leave, 2 cars came. When we reached the first car accessory shop, another group came and finally, when we reached the other car accessory shop, 2 of their friends came. I was like, "Is this even necessary?"

Oh well.. Anyway, guess it's a good thing that the accident was so serious and my theory that Ah Wei isn't a good drive was proven right. My kayah was understanding enough not to get mad at me. In stead, he just advised me :)

P/s: Leon has gone to Penang for his public speaking competition organized by KDU College. The first speech title was 'New Frontier, New Horizon' and he talked about future technologies that are possible to be invented. The second was an impromptu speech in which he practiced with us quite a number of times and the last speech was 'If I could change the world..'. He recited to us and I thought it was pretty good and interesting. All the best, Leon!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ipoh, The Entertainment Closest To Us

I'm already in my final sem of my foundation year and I only have 3 subjects to study this sem. Yes, you guessed it right. It was as bored as hell! Before this sem started, all of us (the third sem-ians) rejoiced thinking how carefree and stressless this sem will be. Saying stuff like, "We can enjoy each day 'cuz we only have 3 subjects! Hahahaha!" but, somehow this joyous sem turned out the opposite. Blame the uni's management for having only 3 subjects. Blame the schedule for only having 7 weeks for this sem. Blame the students for getting adapted to 6 subjects. And finally, blame ourselves for being so restless. I mean, not only me, but everyone else, was bored. We have nothing to do! We don't need to rush our lab reports, we only have 3 tutorials to finish, we don't have Maths to kill our time! We need something to do!!! *dies*

So anyway, since week 1 was rather boring, my group of friends and housemates (when I mention housemates, they include Leon rather than Kenny because he's more like a housemate to me ^^) decided to go to Ipoh for several reasons:

a) Guat Shan, Leon and I wanted to sing karaoke
b) Ken wanted to get some formal clothes
c) Khai Chiah wanted to go on a date with his new girlfriend
d) Bernand wanted to meet Michelle
e) Kenji, Cuo Teck, Ah Wei and Sito were just bored (I guess XD)


And thus, we headed to Ipoh! We first arrived at Ipoh Parade since this is where the K-Box is located. Here, we split into 2 groups- the singers and the bowlers. Of course, only me, Guat Shan and Leon are the singers but Ah Wei decided to join this group.

The singers.

I would say it was pretty fun to sing, to scream our lungs out like no one's business. I mean, if we'd scream at home, we're afraid we might disturb our neighbours. If we'd scream in the car, pedestrians might think there's a kidnap case. Since we've got a whole room to ourselves, we screamed, shouted, talk through the mic, experience what it was like to become a commentator, dance, shook, lied down and whatever you can think of. We spent 4 hours exhausting our throats in that little box.

After that, we walked for a while in Ipoh Parade before heading to Kinta City or Jusco. We did not do anything much there except to shop for our stuff. Dinner was in Sushi King and Gods, I almost choked and died there. I've learnt that Leon, Ken, Bernad and Cuo Teck cannot sit together. Combination of the 4 will cause explosion. Laughter explosion!

Everyone was stealling food from Bernard.

Went back soon after that, get some pastry for Wei Chyi's family (as a gratitude for staying in their place during Taiping trip) and got prepared for football that night. Just to let you know, Man Utd won 3-0 that night and Arsenal drew 1-1. So, Man Utd is only 1 point Arsenal right now. Yeah!

Edit: As requested by Sito I've uploaded 2 videos taken during the karaoke session. Kill me, somebody.

Linkin Park- Numb

Gwen Stephanie- Hollaback Girl