Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Who Says Work Is Easy?

I've mentioned that my work is just typing but who says typing is easy? Look, even my sister is 'tension' working.

An mms she sent me while working.

Since I most of the passengers I deal with come from Australia, and Australians have huge, round and cursive handwriting, it's difficult to make out what they actually wrote on the comment form.

But it's pretty fun sometimes because you kind of get to 'see' various types of passengers by judging their comments and handwriting.

Some passengers are so grateful they attached a separate thank you note.

Some attached two pages of thank you letter.

Some passengers are very proud to have a boyfriend.

So, Guat Shan, next time when you fill any form, remember to do the same thing. Better still, put in his details and maybe you may want to attach his picture also.

Some passengers are very knowledgeable. They knew who won what at when.

Apparently, this passenger watched a movie on board and decided to share some oh his/her knowledge about the actress. It's written, "..The leading actress won an Oscar in February 2008 for her performance." I'm sure this piece of comment would be very helpful in improving the service of the ship.

Some passengers are very violent.

They want to sue the ship just because of an additional 15% tax. If so, then when we eat at any cafes or fast food restaurants, remember to prepare a lawyer letter.

Some are even more violent.

They want to throw some performancers overboard and shoot the other few!

Some passengers are very nice. They are angry but they do not want to hurt the company by complaining. So, they attempted a joke.

Like the key deposit and money are naked or something?

Some passengers are not happy but they want to look happy. So, they smile.

It's like..

Some passengers have too much excitement during the trip they decided to push someone into the water.

It's written, "The white water rafting was really good and we all enjoyed it until some stupid guest pulled my dad into the water and nearly drowned. I had to jumped into rescue him." I don't know what so funny but when my sister showed me this, I laughed uncontrollably.

Some passenger's English isn't very good but they still feel the need to compliment the workers.

Now, Sito is also very harding work. She worked hard to meet deadlines every end of the month.

Some passengers thought the blanket was retarded.

What did they mean by, "Inside the blanket have something abnormality?"

Some passengers thought they could expand their business overseas, they attached their business card on a comment form. A comment form, for God's sake.

Some passengers are just too sensitive.


Me : Hey! Ah Wei! Long time no see ah. How old are you now?
Me : O_O!

Some passenger's name is numbers.

Hello there Mrs. Six Point Seven! (6.7)

I didn't know Kenji went for cruising!

I also met the Onions :D

I never seen them face to face but maybe they looked like this?

The best part of my job, I get to feel the paper one of the American Idols, David Cook write on.

Well, I guess my job isn't that bad after all.

P/s : I'm off to Thailand for a trip in 9 hours!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Yes, We Can.

I wasn't even this happy during our very own Independence Day.

".. to stand up and say that we are one nation; we are one people; and our time for change has come." - Barrack Obama. Read full speech and watch the video here.

When will ours come?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Something funny happened yesterday, or at least my sister and I thought it was funny enough to keep us laughing for a good 15 minutes. Here's what happened.

Note : Italic means my thoughts.

Sis : Eh, 'Liza, 'Liza. Come. Got people add me in Friendster. I think he's a gay.
Me : *goes over to her desk* (we were in office at that time) *looks at the Friendster profile* Who's that?

Sis : Dunno la.
Me : 20 years old? Klang?
Sis : *clicks on display picture before I get to ask her to scroll down* *didn't bother to read profile*
Both : *looks at the picture*

Sis : Which one is him ah?
Me : You see next picture la. The person that repeat is him.
Sis : *clicks next*

Me : EH? The girl behind looks like Cai Fen leh.
Sis : *continues to click next*

Me : They're dancers? *points at second from left* Wah. This one yeng~
Sis : *clicks next*

Me : It's either these two only la. Why they keep together wan?
Sis : That's why I say gay la *clicks next*

Me : ... Lolipop? Group name kua.. Boys also got name themselves wan ah? (I thought it's like, you know, girls will call their own group of friends 'The Pinkies', 'Fabulicious' etc.) No.. wait! AIYOH! This is Bang Bang Tang la! You know, the Chinese group.
Sis : =.= *speechless*
Me : This one sure ah, those primary school kids who like Bang Bang Tang then put all their pictures.
Sis : But who wor..?
Me : *shurg* Dunno.
Sis : *clicks on thumbnail* Oh I know who already.
Me : Who? Who?
Sis : *use cursor t point at a small picture of a very familiar face*

Both : =.= *kena bomb*


No wonder la the background so familiar!!

Edit : If you notice, I've added a self-edited picture on the right, under the title 'Mercy to our Planet Earth'. The purpose of this is to promote and spread love to our environment. Every week or maybe month (depends on how often I can snap a nice picture), I'll change the picture. I'm determined to make this work so I hope you will be determined to make a change for the environment as well. In the picture, I've included a simple action which I think could contribute to the environment. If all of us play this simple role, I believe one day, Earth will become a better place. I thank all of you in advance :)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Of High School Musical and Nieces

Last night, my sister and I brought my two nieces Pearlynn and Joelle for a movie, High School Musical 3 in Bukit Tinngi Jusco. The movie was at 9.30 p.m. so, it ended at 11.30 p.m..

My mom went to fetch them a 6.30 p.m., right after she fetch my sister and I from work. Obviously, when we were being unfair and only bring 2 sisters out of 3 siblings, the younger one, Emerald would not be very happy. My tasau called later that evening saying that Emerald was having a strike on the house porch. LOL!

My ever-so-young tasau.

When we were in Jusco already, Joelle went with my sister to get the tickets while Pearlynn was with me, looking at random stuff in a souvenir shop. Later, my sister told me that Joelle said that maybe she should just call us 'sister' instead of 'aunt'. LOL!

Sleeping angels.

So, they're here in my house right, washing up to go for breakfast. Yes, they stayed over.

So my type <3

And about High School Musical 3, if you're watching, keep an eye on Jimmie 'The Rocket Man' Zara. He's one charming and funny character, though my favourite character before this was Ryan Evans.

P/s : I might be a little late but Happy Halloween people! :D