Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We're Heading To Moscow!

They were the players.

This was the formation.

They were the supportive fans.

This was the goal.

They were the Barcelona worried fans.

This was the disappointed Barcelona manager.

This was the anxious Man. Utd. manager.

They were the Man. Utd. roaring fans.

They were the contented players.

This was our hero.

This is the ticket to Moscow.

This is the title battled for.

This is the trophy fighting for.

This is the final battle.

Words were never enough.

P/s : Liverpool and Chelsea are the other 2 semi-finalist. They'll meet tonight at 2.45 a.m. to determine who will meet Manchester United in Moscow on 21st of May 2008.

Edit : So, we'll meet Chelsea, in both Champions League and EPL.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I'm bored and I have nothing to blog about. So sue me. Since I've just finished watching 50 First Dates, and I don't feel like watching another movie, I'll blog about the changes I've gone through instead.

People say that the factor that determines a girl's look is the hair. That is why thing that I concern most is my hair. So, warning! This post will be filled with my narcissistic pictures which may cause nausea, high blood pressure, heart attack and sudden lost of consciousness.

Since I was young, I was never allowed to have short hair despite how much I loved short hair. My mom always says that, "Girls are supposed to have long hair." So, being a good daughter that I am, I never went against it. So my hair since I have hair until Form 5 was like this.

Not that long actually. Been longer than this.

That lame hairstyle. I did not like it but I did not dislike it either. Straight bangs and straight ends. I mean, if my hair were silky smooth, it would be beautiful. But my hair weren't even close to soft! I was ok having this hairstyle but of course, I grew bored of it and wanted to go for a new look.

Anyway, after Form 5, during 2007 Chinese New Year to be precise, my mom for the first time ever, allowed me to cut my hair. But not that short either. Shoulder length, that is. Well, I was ok with it since I wasn't even allowed to cut my hair this short before this. And well, I kind of like it.

2 Japanese girls and me.

Since I have had long fair for like 16 years, it's only normal if my hair 'bounce' once I cut it short. By 'bounce' I mean 'kembang' la. It was ugly. I looked as if my head got bombed. So the solution was to pick up the 80's style by wearing a hair band. And well, it was lovely :)

The following month, I got my hairstyle changed again. I would say that was my favourite of all hairstyles I had until today. It was so 'round' XD I thought that was the hairstyle that suits me best but I changed it anyway. It was difficult to maintain. I had to blow my hair everytime after I wash my hair.

Well.. unclear but still!!

Before I left for Kampar, I got an easier to maintain yet, up-to-date hairstyle. They called it the 'Bob Head' where the back of your hair goes up exposing your nape. I wanted to have that hairstyle since Form 4 or Form 5 after I watch Prince of Tennis and I persuaded Eunice to change our hairstyles together. She did not rejected my offer rudely but I can see through her expression which says like, "What the heck? You want me to cut that?"

It's not obvious but I guess you can see my hair went up behind.

A year later, it was the most famous hairstyle and she got that hairstyle as well. Doesn't this just prove my high taste in fashion? I was able to come up with that style one year before it became 'the hot'. Ok, ok. I shall not flatter myself too much XD

I kept that 'bob head' hairstyle pretty long since I did not trust the hairstylist in Ipoh or Kampar to give me a new look. During my second sem, I came back to Klang and got my hair trimmed. I trimmed of the 'triangle back' of the bob head hairstyle and went for straight end instead. Layered, of course. I went for straight ends because I planned to grow my hair.

My hair was damned straight and I did not even straighten it.

After about a year of having short hair, I kind of miss my long hair and I thought after it's long enough, I can change another style (mainly because since my hair was short, the styles available for me were limited).

Not long ago, in my third sem, I went to 'slice some hair off' since my hair was too thick and it looked messy. And just for the fun of it, I got myself pink stripes. Some very attractive hot pink stripes.

Attracts attention, no?

Two days into this style and I saw a girl in my university with the same stripe. She copied my style! @#$%^&*!! And two weeks into the new hair do, more and more people have the stripe. With the same colour, to boot! Damn! I'm changing my hair style!

'Chiou' leh?

So now, my hairstyle is just normal. Layerd, a little below shoulder and black. I do not know what the next style is going to be and I do not know what I'm cutting it. I do have thoughts to straighten it though :) but nahhh...

P/s : Man. Utd. will be meeting Barcelona tonight at 2.45 a.m. (or rather, tomorrow morning). United will be playing home and sure as hell I hope United will win because if they win, they'll be qualified for the finals of Champions League.

P/s + P/s : I noticed that ever since I've included a short note on Man. Utd. in my blog, United have been losing or draw against other teams. If United lose tonight (God forbid) I'll stop mentioning about Man. Utd.'s match before the match ever again. Yes, I believe in this superstition. Anything for the sake of United'd victory.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Plans for Third Sem Break

And so, it is my third sem break for a month. Supposedly, it's just a three weeks break but since my exam ended a week earlier, it makes a month break! Yay but at the same time boo.. Yay because it's a break :D And boo because break means lots of time and lots of times means boring =_=

I'm bored. That's the reason for my ramblings now XD So let me draft out what I'm planning to do this holiday.

One. Watch the movies I've illegally downloaded which are 50 First Dates, PS I Love You, Brokeback Moutain (yes, but I'm not gay. Guat Shan asked me to download this! >.<), Without A Paddle (though I haven't downloaded it. Planning to.), War of In Laws 2 (the HK drama), Chow Cheng Chi movies, and some animes. Do recommend if there are any nice ones, ok?

wo. Go sing karaoke in the haunted Green Box in Jusco Bukit Tinggi. Just in case you havent's heard of it, it's haunted. I cannot 100% assure you that it's haunted, but I've heard from several different sources and they all came to the same conclusion. One of the sources came straight from Guat Shan's mom's friend's son. It seems that this boy, along with 4 of his friends went Green Box one night. When they asked for the bill, the Green Box workers charged them for 6 persons. When questioned, the workers said that there are indeed, six person shown on the CCTV. Some even say cinema 4 and 5 are haunted. But of course, I'll go in the morning :D

Picture taken at K-Box Ipoh, and they are all humans.

Three. Finish writing one or more of my short stories.

Four. Maybe go shop around with my sis for some shoes. These days, I kind of have shoe fetish. This is not weird for girls. I have like only 3 pairs of shoes now and this is considered little for a girl. My mom have like a pair for each of her garment. Some are still brand new! And Guat Shan have like I don't know how many pairs. She just buys when she feels like buying. And my sis have heels for every different occasion as well. Yes, that is normal. One season, it's fetish for shoes and another, it'll be fetish for bags, clothes etc.. Girls!

Guess which is mine?

Five. Pack my bags for my Sarawak trip. I'll be spending 5 days of my holiday in Sarawak- Kuching, Sibu and Sarikei to be more precise. This trip was pre-planned since sem 2 in which the people who will be joining me are Guat Shan, Sito, Ah Wei and Ken. More updates by then.

Well, if possible, I would like to cook :)

Onigiri or Japanese rice balls. Made during study week.

Seven. A week or so after coming back from Sarawak, we (the same old housemates) plan to drop over at Kenji and Leon's place (they share the same apartment). They rented an apartment in Setapak since they'll be pursuing their courses there. Kenji, Khai Chiah and Wei Chyi will be back in Kampar 1.5 years later but Leon and William will only come back 2.5 years later. By the time the two come back, I'll only have like half a year with them before I graduate, of course, unless I have to resit my year(s).

Pyramid of Friends.

Eight. Do some crafts, maybe? It has been a while since I last laid my hands on crafts. I made some labeled 'key chains' for my friends after exam and well, I still have the hook of it. Since I've bought some red threads, I'll continue to sew the 'Fu' word for my mom. The last time I did, I ran out of threads. Searched everywhere in Klang but still can't get bright red. Somehow managed to bought a few from Kampar. All the way from Kampar, for God's sake!

Nine. Wait for my Monbukagakusho Scholarship letter. If I passed the form screening stage, I'll have to revise for the test. Subjects included are Mathematics B, Biology, Chemistry, English Language and Japanese Language and I've only brought home my Biology books. How bias of me. I have no confident for Mathematics and my Chemistry is just so-so. Worst still, I do not have any Sciences in sem 3 which means, everything is vague. My Japanese is only in Level 3. So, well, as much as I want to go Japan to study, the test stage freaks me out. Not only that. If I passed the test stage, I have to undergo the interview stage in which if I fail, I'll bid the scholarship goodbye. But if I were to pass, I'll still have to study the language for 1 year plus then sit for the Japanese university entrance exam. I guess you won't blame me if I hesitate to accept the scholarship, no? ^^;

Study also must style lah.

Ten. Lepak more? Sleep? Snap more photos? And think of what else to do. If I'm in Kampar, sure I'll go fishing though.

Long sem break for me indeed.

Edit :

As for item four, about buying shoes, my sis will only be back on 5th of May and I figured that I can't wait that long. And so, when I went to Jusco Bukit Tinggi for dinner just moments ago, my kayah bought me this pair of shoe

Cute, no? Maybe you notice that the right foot shoe has an extra padding. That's because, according to the sales parson, my right foot is smaller =.=

Whatever it is, now, I have a pair of shoe for Sarawak! Yay!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Last Dinner For Sem 3

Just like every other sems, yesterday we had a special dinner, some sort like a farewell dinner for ourselves, the housemates. Except for this sem, Sito wasn't able to join since she went back earlier and Leon too for some reasons but we have Kenji to join us. This dinner was suppose to be held every on every sem after our finals.

We went and bought the ingredients on Thursday morning since yesterday morning we had to sit for our Web Page Deisgn paper. Anyway, the cooks for this sem were Guat Shan, the expert in soup, Kenji, the expert in herbal dishes, Ah Wei, the expert in new dishes and me, the expert in the same dish-but-always-different-in-taste dishes XD And let me tell you it's a good thing because I'm sure no one wants to taste the same thing every week.

I cook with style :D

So, I started cooking at 4.50 p.m. since I need to blend the garlics for my curry. I was a little unsure since it was my first time cooking curry. Since we do not have blender, I used the ermm.. the 'bowl and cylinder made of rock' (whatever you call it) thinggy. Hence, I started peeling the garlics and smashing them into a pulp. When I was about to cook, I found out that I was supposed to use onions not garlics. Doomed!

But anyway, since I'm the expert in new taste, I continued my cooking with garlics. Half way cooking, I notice that my curry was lack of santan. My mom usually use 1 kg and I only bought 1 biji. Now, my curry looked more like rendang. Damn!

My curry-rendang.

Ignore that, it tasted ok anyway. Rendang is still in the curry family, no? XD

The other 3 cooks, Guat Shan, boiled melon soup.

Ah Wei fried some colourful fried rice.

Kenji steamed 'yin yong' fish a.k.a fish with 2 different taste.

Looks delicious, no? Of course it is. I mean, of course the dishes were better than what we cooked in sem 1. Back in sem 1, all we use were instant and canned food and heck, we were so proud of it. Have a preview.

Sem 1 Dinner

Sem 3 Dinner

Yes, we've improved a lot. Maybe by the time we graduate, we can forget about being Scientists, we can open a restaurant.

P/s: Manchester United will be facing Chelsea tonight in Stamford Bridge. Win this Man. Utd. and we'll be a clear 6 points ahead of the blues!

Edit : 2-1. @#$%^&*!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'll Miss You, TD-ies

It's my exam week so I do not have the time to make a long and lengthy post. Ironically, I do have the time to make a short slide-show-movie -_- (Time taken to upload this video, 6.5 hours! *is annoyed*)

Anyway, since there are only 2 days left before the separation of Science Stream students (the Physics stream, TD will be leaving for Setapak and PJ), I made this video as an appreciation for the friendship I have with the TD-ies through out this one year.

We might not meet again, we might not remember each other after 5 years but whatever the future is, let us not forget how we effected each other, be it positive or negative.

P/s : Manchester United will be meeting Barcelona (away) today in Champion's League. I'm not hoping for too much. Maybe just 2-0, United's favour, of course :D

Edit : It was a nil-nil draw and Man. Utd. only possessed the ball for like 36% through out the entire match. Worst of all, Ronaldo missed a penalty! D: A bit disappointing but don't worry, there's still a home match. *sees light*

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Study Week (Short Update)

Omg! I've been trying to update this post since yesterday thanks to the stupis streamyx. I just feel like plucking the router out, burn it and throw the ashes into the lake. Anyway, yes, I'm having my study week now. So, this is just a short update on how university students behave on study week (although this is not the case most of the time) XD

Day after tomorrow and it'll be our final foundation exam. 'Tambah Minyak'!!

P/s: Manchester United will be facing Blackburn later at 12.15 a.m. and Chelsea is just 2 points behind Man. Utd.. So, Man. Utd. must win the match later!

Edit: Man. Utd. ended with a 1-1 draw againts the Rovers :|

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A- Nerd

Alright, so I was browsing through the net and I came across this nerd test and these are my results. says I'm a Cool Light-Weight Nerd.  What are you?  Click here!

So I'm more of a Science/Math nerd, huh? And second to tech/com nerd? Okay, I can accept that but I'm 28% a dumb/dork/awkward nerd? ...the hell?

I am nerdier than 78% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

After adding some facts, subtracting the uncertainties, multiplying the actualities, dividing the qualms, differentiate the suspicions, integral the truth, power the details and surd the doubts, I'm equivalent to an A- nerd. Should I be happy? :D

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I heard a story from Emel. She witnessed a fearsome accident last night.

Apparently, at about 1 a.m. this morning, Emel was at Ghani (mamak) having supper with her friends when the accident occurred. It was a terrible collision between a KTAR student (motorist) and a UTAR student (driving a car). The accident took place at a junction where the motorist turned into the main road when the speeding driver knocked into him. Perhaps the driver, who drove a little black Kancil, was unable to stop his vehicle on time and bang the motorist.

The impact was really big. The motorist was thrown from his bike to the engine part of the car and the impact made him break the windscreen. He then fell from that position and rolled into a drain (situation about 5 meters from the junction). The motorist was badly injured, with broken limbs and though he was conscious, he was unable to move or talk. He driver was injured as well. His head was bleeding and half of his car engine was damaged. The ambulance arrived not long after that.

She told me this story during our first class (tutorial) and on our next class (lecture), I was informed that the motorist died on the way to the hospital.

May you rest in peace, dear victim.

Not long ago, before I decided blogging about this frightening scene, I got to know that the owner of the black Kancil was actually someone from my neighbourhood. Imagine the guilt he felt. At the age of 19, he became a murderer.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Class Trip To Genting Highlands

It's my final sem as a foundation student. In May, I'll officially be a first year degree student. Of course, just like any other classes, my class, TE1, organized a class trip. Last weekend, we went to Genting.
TE1 in Genting.

On Friday, we (as in the whole TE1 students except for 5 person who could not make it for the trip) were supposed to have class till 4 p.m.. However, we self-declare and ended our classes at 12. Yes, we skipped one class (English) just to make it on time for the 1 p.m. bus. Our class was supposed to end at 12.30 p.m., but thanks to our lovely and considerate lecturer, Ms. Thavamalar, the class was dismissed at 12 p.m.. We (me, Guat Shan and Leon.) headed to the bus station at 12.45 p.m.

Classmates and I while waiting for the late bus.

We waited and waited and waited.. and the bus only arrives at 2 p.m.. Never mind that, we took a bus from Kampar to Pudu then Genting's bus from Pudu to Genting. The cable car ticket was included in the bus ride fee as well and it was only RM 5.70. Cheap, no?

Roomies :D

Anyway, we reached Genting at about 6.30 p.m.. We were splitted into groups of 4 and 5 to share rooms. I was roomed with Guat Shan, Leon, Emel and Wei Khiang. Since the rest of our classmates wanted to have McDonald's for dinner and the 5 of us do not want to, we went separate ways. Instead, we ate at the Genting's cafe. After that, the 5 of us walked indoor, outdoor and around Genting and snap pics until it was time to rest.

At the area where jockeys pick cars up.

I just love the angle where this pic was taken.

Emel, Guat Shan, Me.

The following day, we woke up at 8 a.m. and was supposed to meet the rest of them at 9 a.m.. Thus, we went to have breakfast in McDonald's and while waiting for the rest to arrive, we bought 4 movie tickets (Leon did not want to watch the movie) for Ah Long Pte. Ltd.. When they arrived, we bought our tickets (outdoor only for the 5 of us since we think it wasn't worth to pay for indoor rides). Initially, we planned to stick as a group and go for all the rides together but since it was a little hassle to stay as a group, we splitted again. By the way, I found that Emel is a very kind soul. While we were buying tickets, there was this little Pakistani boy who got separated from his parents and was crying. She talked to him and brought him to the Genting guards :)

Yes! We're ready for outdoor!

Yes, my class is dominated by girls.

Being superheroes.

My room mates and I stick together and went for all the rides. At about 3 p.m., we went back to our hotel room to bathe since we were wet from one of the rides. After that, we had lunch in a noodle shop where a bowl of normal wanton mee costs RM 14. I ate spaghetti which cost me RM 11. Ok la.. not that bad compared to Guat Shan's wanton mee. Anyway, after lunch, we went for the movie which tickets we bought earlier.

I know cameras are not allowed in cinema but we just want a pic XD

The movie ended 2 hours later. We met up with Leon and we strolled around indoor for a couple of hours before returning outdoor for the chilly air. It was really chilly at night. Perhaps because I was only wearing my jacket without any clothes underneath (remember my shirt was wet from one of the rides and I only brought 2 pairs of shirts). However, Wei Khiang was really kind and gentleman for lending me his jacket ^^ Really appreciate it.

We just want to feel England XD

Every one wants to return to their childhood where life was so simple.

We went for the Caterpillar Monorail and guess what? We got stuck! Thrice, to boot! The first time was the scariest since the caterpillar stopped all of the sudden in a deserted area. The scariest was, however, when Guat Shan started telling the possibilities of us getting stuck, we got stuck and when there was hysterical laughters. We were a little freaked out but we knew very well that the laughter was from the other carts. Yet, we still scare ourselves.

We went for a few more rides after that then dinner. Dinner was late. We finished eating at Pizza Hut at about 10 p.m. and went to the arcade after that. Somehow, we managed to obtain enough coupons to exchange 5 keychains, 3 postcards and 6 stickers. I think Wei Khiang should be the one to exchange for whatever he wants since he was the one who spent the most on the games. But he was nice enough to exchange 5 keychains for us. "For remembrance," he said. Going clubbing was one of the plans but because I am still underage, we cancelled the plan. We went back to our room and sleep instead.

Taken outside a pub called Cloud 9, if i'm not mistaken.

Next morning, we thought we were supposed to check out at 12.30 p.m.. So, we planned to wake up at 1o a.m.. The next thing we know was Jing Jing (one of our classmates) rang our door bell at 10 a.m. and told us that we were supposed to check out at 10.30 a.m.. Heck, we rushed and somehow managed to check out on time. We took the 12.30 p.m. bus from Genting to Pudu and our bus from Pudu back to Kampar was at 5.30 p.m.. Hence, we lingered around Times Square for 3 hours.

Leon's lonely back while waiting for the bus to arrive.

We met up back at 4.30 p.m. to walk back to Puduraya bus station. We received a message from TD1 students saying the bus was very punctual and 2 students were left behind. We panicked and started to walk really really fast back to the station because according to Jing Jing, we had to be at the station by 4.45 p.m.. Worst still, it started raining while we were hurrying to the station. We reached the station dripping wet with perspiration and waited for one full hour before the bus arrive. So much for being punctual. It was 8.30 p.m. when we arrived at Kampar and I was more than happy to be able to watch M'boro vs. Man. Utd.'s match. All in all, the trip was fun and exciting. I grew closer to my classmates and yes, I no longer left the barrier between us.

TD1 on the left.

P/s: Just in case you're wondering how come Leon joined TE1 when he's from TD2, it's because he wanted to go so badly and his class didn't have a class trip. And, by the sides, TD1 class trip fell on the same day as my class. That explains why TD1 was able to tell us that the bus was very punctual.

P/s + P/s: I notice there were
A LOT of people wearing Man. Utd. merchandises from jerseys to t-shirts to jackets. I'm so proud of them :D