Friday, April 23, 2010

Oh Sports~

As usual, I had my badminton session today from 3 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. but we went early and extended our time till 4.45 p.m.. Somehow, maybe it was because of the weather being hot or maybe it was because I'm in the mood and all, I was more active than usual. I played non-stop!

Round 1 : Warm up rally with Sito
Round 2 : Warm up rally with Eric
Round 3 : Doubles with J vs. Jing Wei-Sito
Round 4 : Singles with Gs
Round 5 : Doubles with Jing Wei vs. Gs-Sito
Round 6 : Doubles with Eric vs. Orange-Gs
Round 7 : Singles with Gs
Round 8 : Doubles with J vs. Eric-Sito

After a short rest, while in the car, Guat Shan said it would be nice to go for cycling since the weather was really (like really) good. It wasn't very sunny and it was a little chilly. But instead of cycling, the five of us my car- Guat Shan, Sito, Orange, Eric and myself (others went back in a separate car) went to get a basketball from Ah Beh and then went to search for a court. Luckily, there was an empty court in Harvard. We then asked Ah Rep along for some light shootings. Ah Rep was good! But Eric amazed me! While we shoot, Orange and Guat Shan just sat on the swing and enjoy the nice weather.

After an hour plus, we went back but Guat Shan went cycling with Orange. 

It was indeed a sporty day for us. We played non-stop and dried out sweat glands. It has been a while since I played basketball and I'm sure as hell my limbs are going to break off tomorrow but I guess it was worth? It was so fun and refreshing! :D

P/s : Jing Wei, sorry that I accidentally aimed at you. (But it made me laughed so hard!! XD)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Short Trip To Bukit Merah And Taiping

Early Saturday morning, Orange walked to my house to wait for J to come pick us up. He passed me a recycle paper with Digital scribbles. On the other side, it was a rough schedule for our Bukit Merah + Taiping trip written in Ah Beh's handwriting.

Saturday, 17 April 2010.

10.00 : Reach Taiping. Meet in Changkat Jering. Breakfast.
11.30 - 12.00 : Go Bukit Merah
12.00 - 5.00 : Main (as in play)
5.00 - 6.00 : Back to apartment and rest.
7.00 : Dinner
8.00 - 10.00 : Football

Then it was written but after 10 p.m., but he verbally told us that we were supposed to have our free and easy time around the Lake Garden.

 Sunday, 18 April 2010.

10.00 : Breakfast- wan tan mee without wan tan
11.30 - 2.00 : Zoo
2.00 - 2.30 : Cendol
2.30 : Lake Garden
3.30 : Sepetang (for lunch)
4.30 : Mangrove forest

Well, everything went smoothly according to plan. On Saturday night, our free and easy time was watching 'Being Human' in Taiping Central and of course, like all other trips, there would be gambling sessions at night before bed. Lol.

Next day, we were 30 minutes behind schedule because some of us overslept but nonetheless, we managed to race against time and got back on schedule.

Again, we sailed through the planned schedule except that we did not went to the Lake Garden because it was drizzling. Instead, we went straight for our curry mee and laksa lunch in Sepetang and then to the Mangrove forest/swamp before dropping by Ah Beh's place for a short while and heading back to Kampar at about 6 p.m..

A total of about 800 pictures which weighs 4G aren't enough to describe the tonnes of joy and fun the 14 of us had.

Thanks a mil to Ah Beh, Orange and Guat Shan who I think put the most effort in this~!

P/s : Mummy, daddy and kayah, if you want to see more pictures, see them here: My Facebook Album 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Cubes!


It's our new phones! Ours, as in Guat Shan and mine :D

Life Is Beautiful, Live It.

Just when I felt life is totally bullying me, I received motivation and insipration.

I went to uni early this morning to settle some stuff and some things went wrong somewhere and when small parts of problems come together at once, call me weak or impatient or whatever, but I felt it suck!

When I reached home, Prince sms-ed me informing me that he's expecting a parcel today and asked me to sign for him when it arrives. Not long after that, the postman came but not with a PosLaju parcel but it a normal A4 sized enveloped and it is addressed to 'Eliza Loo'.

I carefully opened the envelope to reveal a letter with a poster that totally cheer up my current situation.

"Whatever comes to you in life, just accept it, and you'll see happiness in almost everything." -Yang, April 8, 2010.

As if he knew I was down and all, he cheered me up. Thanks so much, Y! :D

From this, I learnt that it might not be your main intention but words spoken or action taken at a particular moment might mean an entirely different thing to another person.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another Saman?!

I kena Toto again. This time, second prize, RM 100.

My money!! TT

According to this summon, I 'tidak mematuhi isyarat (papantanda trafik) lalulintas.'.

Location : Jalan Kolej, which is along KTAR or Loong Fong Kok area
Date and Time : 9.03.2010, 11.50 a.m., which fell on a Tuesday on week 8.

On a typical Tuesday, I would wait for Guat Shan's class to end at 10 a.m. then we would go for our brunch before I attend my lab at 12.30 p.m.. I remember once I illegally parked (not only me, but everyone else did) and then the police came but I successfully shifted my car on time! And I checked, that incident was not on week 8. It was before the 5th of March.

Papantanda trafik means road sign, correct? So, are there any road signs near that area? Like maybe no entry or one way street etc.? 

People in Kampar, or people who are familiar with Kampar, help me to brainstorm, please? ><

This is not the best April Fool's joke. Ever.