Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas In Penang

For Christmas this year I went Penang! Yea, I know. Like, "Penang again?", right? Well, can't deny the fact that I like Penang and that location doesn't really matter as long as there's friends, right?

View from our apartment.

Night view of Penang Island...

So anyway, the 13 of us (10 are from TD8), went on a 3 days 2 nights trip.

Another 2 are Bryan and Sardin.

Lepak-ed at McDonalds while waiting for the agent to bring the keys to our apartment in Tanjung Bungah.

The machos! 

There! Finally all of us! But unprepared. Lol.

For this trip, I spent..

Accomodation : RM 47.70

Guat Shan and I checking out the guys room.

Pathway to our apartment. The apartment was lovely~ The view was breathtaking.

Petrol : RM 40.00

Tol : RM 27.00

Entertainment : RM 85.00

Fish spa-ing in Queensbay Mall.

Food and Misc. : RM 30.00 (approximately)

Dinner on 24th in an 80-stall hawker place.

Free lunch in Edwin's place. Thanks auntie! Thanks Edwin!

Fun and Memories : Priceless.

Esplanade on Christmas eve.

Ekit and I (with Sardin popping up behind Ekit) on the sun clock.

Photo session in Esplanade. Enjoyed the salty breeze.

Beach on lower part of Batu Ferringhi. Were trying to fly?

Walking towards the beach..

Spent like an hour or so on the Rasa Sayang beach.

Leaving our marks in Penang.

The 3 non TD8.

SS-ing in Queensbay.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2010, everyone!

Christmas deco along with Batman exhibition in Queensbay Mall.

HoHoHo! Santa in Golden Sand Resort. They have a choir of Girls Guide coralling. How cute ^^

We curi-curi masuk the restricted area in Gurney Plaza.

P/s : The pictures here are more towards the random side since most photos are already uploaded in Facebook.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Being Random And Spontaneous

1.     proceeding, made, or occurring without definite aim, reason, or pattern

1.     coming or resulting from a natural impulse or tendency; without effort or premeditation; natural and unconstrained; unplanned

How about an example?
- "Let's go Kampar, weh." "Ok. On."

That was exactly what happened on the 14th this month. At about 11 in the morning, while I was at work, Shiau Ping texted me asking if there's anything I want to pass to Sardin or anyone in Kampar. She told me she was leaving to Kampar on an 11.30 a.m. train with Edwin.

At Tapah tol. Ah Wei sesat. wakaakka!

Later that night, at about 12 midnight, Ah Wei, Bryan, Kok Loong, Ah Chau, Yong Hui and myself pop up in Ghany surprising our friends in Kampar.

Oh~ Ghany! Missed you so much! XD

It was just a random idea that came up and we spontaneously followed the idea. Lol.

Basically what we did in Kampar was lepak-ing at the lake...


Went to Jusco Kinta City for pool and bowling...



Went to McDonalds at Gopeng...






Visited the new Ghany, Haji Gani (According to Guat Shan, someone needs to tell the boss he spelled his name wrongly. Lol.)

And then we headed back to KL. Some might think it was a waste of time, some might think we're crazy. But when I think about it, how any times and how long more can I be so spontaneous? Then I think again, it was fun! ^^

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Random facts about... Rats?

Ah Wei just complained ealier that I haven't updated my blog for a certain period now. I agree. Well, that's simply because there's nothing really interesting happening and another honest reason, I can't think of anything to blog about. It's kind of like my 'vacation' now and I'm letting my brain rest. Lol.

I'm in my final lab now and there's nothing much. I mean, there is supposed to be a lot of work (according to one of my previous lab collegue) but since the lab technician who I'm supposed to follow is on leave till the 8th this month, I practically just linger around and 'cabut' home early everyday.

Today, I was very fortunate to be given a chance by Yen Ee's department to well, dissect rats. I did this once when I was in foundation but we're talking about bulk here but not much, just 40 of them. So, there were three steps- extracting the blood, removing the organs and removing fats from the organ. I was involved in the first and last step.

All dressed up for the post mortem. Can you spot me?

From what I did today, let me share with you some very random facts about rats, which I know you might not need it but well, just take it as general information. Lol.

1) A male rat's testicles are imbalance- the right testes is slightly larger than the left.
2) Liver is the largest organ in a rat and the smallest is the adrenal gland.
3) The adrenal gland is no bigger than a quarter of your keyboard keys.
4) A rat's testicle is bigger than it's heart, and probably it's brain.

I guess just 4 is already enough to bore you.

While I was there witnessing and killing the rats, I actually feel so very sorry for them. Some of them weren't even asleep before they were killed ><

Well, I guess that's why I'm in Biotech, right? I deal with creatures which when I take their lives, I'm less sinful XD