Wednesday, August 27, 2008


There was an activity today for photography society today and the theme given was 'Time'. How this activity work is, based on the theme given, members would have to interpret the theme and snap any picture that they think related to the theme.

This is what I took.

Do you see time in this photo?

Why? See, water drips very quickly. Less than 3 seconds for it to deform from a perfect tear-drop shaped droplet. So I thought if I manage to capture a perfect droplet, I would be able to freeze time. And that was how I interpret time since time is abstract. My initial idea was to capture a perfect tear-drop droplet but it was kind of impossible to do that with my camera.

It wasn't easy to capture this simple picture, I tell you. I went to the toilet and knelt in front of the washing basin for almost an hour and took more than a hundred pictures to get this one piece. A girl came in when I was snapping the picture and she looked at me in a way I interpret as, "What the heck is she doing? Over stress from exams or something?"

Water droplet too small.

Imperfect shape.

Off focused.

Anyway, I registered myself for a photography competition called the 'Merdeka Photo-Taking Competition' which cost me RM 5. There are 2 categories:

A : Historical places that got to do with Merdeka
B : Happenings before or during Merdeka celebration

My focus is category A since, in my opinion, there'll be a lot of entries for category B. There'll be 2 winners for each category and if I focus on category A, my chances of winning is higher, yes? Hahaha! I'm so cunning! However, I'll submit photos for both categories, maybe 2 pieces for A and 1 for B.

So, please do suggest if there are any places you think are good for this competition. If possible, make those places around Klang, KL or Kampar (places like Melaka, Penang all.. Impossible for me to go like now right?). Deadline for submission is September 3rd, by the way.

Oh, did I mention the prizes worth RM 1500?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ex-TE1 Reunion BBQ

Last week, Jing Jing (my ex-classmate) suddenly decided to have a reunion party for the ex-TE1 students. We agreed and the party was held on last Friday. It was just a simple barbecue party but it was fun, nonetheless.

As expected from a bbq party, we had...

A theme. The theme for the bbq party was ponytails. Everyone, guy or girl had to tie pony tails. Double for girls and single for guys.

For girls..

and guys. No bias!

People, which were all the ex-TE1 students, safe for 2 who couldn't attend- Emel and Chee Kok. There was also a 'foreigner'. She wasn't from TE1 but one of my classmates, Angeline, brought her along. Along the party, some other students from my current lecture class joined in as well.

Yes, we enjoy bbq-ing! :D

Two experts when it comes to 'cucuk-ing' the chicken.

Food. Lots of food! Guat Shan and I were in charged of the drink so we didn't know the others prepared variety of food. I was expecting food like nuggets, fish balls, fries, sausages, mee hun and maybe just chicken wing for bbq. But there were extras like sandwiches, jellies, crab sticks, sweet potatoes, marinated lamb, 'kerang', fish, anf corns for bbq. Impressive!

Preparing the food..

A lot, isn't it? Some weren't on the table even!

Games, yes games! We're still young after all and no party is complete without games. There were several games planned for us by Yin Su, Sui Yee and Keng Yan but I guess we did not managed to finish all of them when Wei Khiang suddenly start splashing water at others. Yes, water war begun. I ran away and hid for like 30-45 minutes and only came back when I thought the war has ended. Much to my horror, they dragged me out of the house and completely drenched me.

Guat Shan was the lucky one that day. Right, Guat Shan?
Don't worry. I won't tell BK XD

The game that one could only play once in his/her life.

A big, BIG hug for Angeline.

Ah Jin and Chee Leong, and the fight begins..

BBQs' are often hot. We need to cool down!

Fun. I guess everyone was happy that day. It's not like we did not meet each other in university, in fact, some of us are in the same class, and all of us are in the same lecture class. So, there's no real purpose to organize this party. But I guess no one regretted organizing this party. It was fun!

The ex-Te1s'. The girls outnumbered the guys XD

Pretty leh? Wakakaka!

I'm going back Klang (finally after one whole sem!). Khai Chiah messaged me last night asking if we'll (as in Guat Shan, Ah Wei and I) will go over to visit them. He also said that maybe we can watch football together. I was overly happy+touched+nostalgic when he said that because we always watched football together back when we were still in foundation.

I'm so glad I'm blessed with good friends around me.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Stubborn Drivers!


P/s : Lengthy entry ahead.

So it was the end of the last class of the day. It was overall quite a happy day- I got good grade for my lab test, I had fun during politics tutorial, I talked a lot et cetera. The happy Eliza walked to the car with Guat Shan and Wei Khiang then Angeline decided to hop in as well since there were no space left for her in Sui Yee's car. And so, I reverse like how I always did but this time, there was a silver kenari coming from the opposite side.

The girl inside the kenari made a hand gesture which I thought was asking me to wait since she was messaging. I waited for a while and then her car started to move towards my car. It was then I realized that that hand gesture was actually asking me to reverse. But I did not even budge a cm. I stayed at the position although she was advancing towards me. I knew very well that she wouldn't bang my car. She would have to pay then.

When she noticed that I'm not moving, she started hooting long and loud. Hey, she thinks she's the only one with honk? Too bad because I have one too. I hooted back then I stopped because I'm aware that some people are still having class and I might disturb them. But not for Ms. Kenari. She continued hooting at me. So what should I do? Back off? No way! I remained at that position, adjusted my gear to P and pull my handbrake. If she's not moving, I am NOT.

The victim or should I say those caught in between our silly dispute was my friends. I started cursing and all in the car and the two friends I fetch behind was like, "Okay okay. Don't be angry.". Outside, one of my friends looked as if he's in dilemma on how he should help. Another one called Guat Shan and asked what happened.

I realized that it was a one way street and I was at fault. So, I reversed a little and moved towards the right so she would have space to move. I mean, that lane was big enough for 2 cars but narrow for me to do a 3-point-turn. In fact, I think it might be impossible to make a 3-point-turn without scratching the cars parking at the side. Plus, everyone uses that way out. I made gestures to asked her to move towards the left since I've already moved to the right. There's now enough space for her car to move. But no, our Ms. Kenari with her annoying look insisted on me reversing all the way back. Oh, so you're being stubborn with me? I was nice enough to move and you want more? Sorry but that's all I'm offering. She still honk at me but I did not care.

At one point, 2 officers and 2 guards came and that was only then she decided to reverse and let me go. Hey Ms. Kenari, who do you think you are? So what if you have a car? And for God's sake, you're only driving a little Kanari. I bet those scratches you have on your car were due to your sucky attitude. Go home and thank all the Gods that I didn't recognize your face or remember your plate number. If ever I remember them, you'll regret ever meeting me. If you would just be patient a little, I would have reverse and let you pass first and maybe even apologize for using your lane. You think you own UTAR or something? Even if you do own UTAR, I paid for my fees! I have mu rights! Who are you to ask me to reverse and let you go? Wake the hell up, you freak!

I was pretty mad at that time but some nice songs and 3 Portuguese egg tarts from Guat Shan returned me back to normal. I'm easily pleased :D You might think that I am childish for getting all worked up for petty matters like this but if you were in that situation and saw her annoying attitude, I guess you'll go down an give he a few slaps (that was what Angeline said actually XD). Girls do have pride as well, you know?

My antidote for anger.

I guess that was the first time Ms. Kenari met someone like me, who is not afraid of her threats. So what if you're mocking me? I admit that I am stubborn in this situation but hey, be nice to me and I'll be nice to you. Mess with me and I'll show you real mess!

P/s : I heard from Sito that apparently, everyone in Block D (the block where the incident took place) knew about the incident thanks to the noisy honk. Bet BGC 362 is the famous car in UTAR now XD

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Several In One

I wasn't able to connect to the internet for the past 4 days! There are a lot I want to blog about but since I'm trying to buy back all the time I wasted waiting to online, we'll just keep this short, alright? ^^;

So, my second brother is back in Malaysia but he'll be leaving on the coming Thursday. He, along with my mom, kayah and sis visited me in Kampar since I wasn't able to return home (because of test! @#$%^&*!). To (somewhat like) welcome my brother, I cooked dinner for everyone. Well, I was too busy cooking that I forgot to test taste 4 out of 5 dishes but I think they turned out well. We went pasar malam and the new Tesco (which All Kampar-ians are really proud of) at night and following morning we went Ipoh. I got a new purse and a piece of shirt that really describes me shirt :D

It says, 'Single All The Way'.

As mentioned, there's a new entertainment in Kampar, which is the oh-so-great Tesco. There were hell lots of people and I don't get why. I mean, it's just Tesco. It's not like it's KLCC or Mid Valeey or anything. Some of them even dressed up to come here. That's really something new to me. The new entertainment to me is, however, not Tesco.

Look, it's in KAMPAR.

It's the Crazy Hoop machine in Tesco! I'm kind of like a little addicted to that machine where each time I visit tesco, I'll make sure to at least play a round. My current highest score is 167 :D

I may be short but, hey, I can shoot! XD

Last night, when I was in Tesco, my Photography Society president called. There'll be a motor show in Ipoh this coming weekend and 5 of the sports car will stop by in Kampar. He asked if I'll be interested to have a look or something. Well, hell yeah! I love cars!

Not-so-sporty sports cars.

I went there and much to my disappointment, the so-called sports car are not so 'sporty' after all. They're just some very ordinary Skyline which you can easily see on the street in Klang. But I guess that was a big thing for Kampar since there was hell of a big crowd?

Some were showing off their stereos.

Last Monday, Guat Shan, Wei Khiang, Sito and 2 of her friends together with me, went to TAR College for a fine dining. The theme was dance and I have to say it was pretty good- the food and all. After eating, there was an open dance floor, and well, I guess you could say we weren't that sporting to go out and dance. I mean, I would if they played nice rocking songs and there were other people dancing.

I'm cooking this tomorrow! :D

It's my mom's birthday today, so Happy Birthday Mummy! My wish for you, well, may you buy more shoes (LOL!). I was told that my family will be going to dine in KL tonight. I missed it! Shucks!

Again, my second brother will be returning to Syria on Thursday. I was still thinking if I should return home tomorrow to send him off. It's a long journey but.. Mushkahil khabir chisdan!

Friday, August 8, 2008

8 Facts On 08.08.08

I've been tagged long long time ago by Emel but I'm only doing this now. I have my reason- 8 facts revealed on 08.08.08 XD The truth is, this wasn't pre-planned. Since the title of the tag wasn't 8 Secret facts, I'll just reveal something general. Even if it was 8 Secret facts, I wouldn't reveal, would I? Or else they wouldn't be secret anymore. Anyway, here comes the 8 facts some of you might not know of.

1. I'm a fashion conscious person.

Jerseys are always in trend.

In deed, I'm into fashion but most of the time, I do not really follow the current trend. Reasons are:

~ I'm afraid of becoming overdress or become lala-ish
~ I'm afraid of criticisms
~ I care for how people might react to my changes
~ My mom would usually say, "Too mature on you." or "Don't suit you."
~ I'm really indecisive. So sometimes when I feel a particular clothe looked good on me but someone else said no, I wouldn't buy that piece.

In the end, I just stick to jeans and t-shirt. Simple and nice, as my mom always say but sometimes, people (especially me) will grow bored of it, no?

2. I'm very environmental.

Imagine this place being destroyed. Sad, no?

People say there are only 2 groups of people. They are either into technology or environment. The irony is, I'm into both. I love technology, at the same time, I care for the environment. I can't bare to see the nature being destroyed. Yes, I know I might sound like some activist fighting for the right of his people but this is the truth. I hate to see destruction be it towards plants or animal but I know there's nothing I can do to help. I can't act alone and I don't have the time to join groups. So, all I can do to at least help is to recycle, minimize the use of our natural resources, minimize the usage of plastics and do no litter around. I hope everyone who reads this could at least perform this little act to help. Little actions like this do make a difference.

3. I like androgynous guys.

It's a He. So my type.

I'm 18, I haven't dated anyone before and I don't plan to date anyone anytime soon. But sometimes, I would like to think how my parents will react when I date so
meone 'unusual'. My type of guy would be someone fashionable, knowledgeable, smart, tall, specky etc. etc. One obvious characteristic, if you know me well enough, is i like androgynous guys. On the wall of my room, there are several pictures of my Japanese idols. There was once my dad looked at the picture, he pointed at that picture and asked me, "This one girl ah?" and I replied, "No la.. Guy.". My dad, kind of shocked and said, "Pondan ah?!" LOL! Guat Shan loves that scene. That's why at times, I would tend to imagine if i date guys who are androgynous, or gangster-like or maybe from other ethnic groups, how would my family react?

4. Forgive and Forget.

Believe it or not, I used to fight with Leon everyday.
Yet, we're so close to each other.

Some people forgive but don't forget. Some forget but don't forgive. You see, if you keep grudges, you won't be happy. What's the point of remembering something bad someone did to you? I mean, if you keep those bad memory in mind, and every time you recall them, you won't be happy. Even if you recall them, what can you do? Hate them? So what if you hate them? You're suffering (as in mood wise) not them. So, why not just forgive, if they apologize, that is, and just forget? Life would be so much easier that way. But of course, there'll always be times when people do no apologize. So, if they don't, just forget about it. There's no use arguing over who is right and who is wrong. When someone makes me angry, I would be angry or sometimes, even mad at that particular time. But after that, I just forget about it. Harmony is important :)

5. Numbers.

My number 1 best friend when it comes to Maths.

I'm weak in Mathematics and I do not really like numbers but I love money! Money is almost everything. Almost. Yes, I know, money can't buy love, money can't buy happiness, money can't buy health. Think about this: Without money, you won't be able to live a comfortable life with your wants and needs. Will be happy that way? Without money, you won't be able to buy healthy food or see a doctor. Viruses strike everyone no matter how hygienic you are. Will be stay healthy that way? When you're poor, you'll tend to work harder and spend more
time to earn some extra money for your family. You'll then spend lesser time with your love ones. Where does love come from then? I'm not saying that with money, you can find happiness and of sort. There some really rich people but fail to find those in life. But I'm a realist. If you tell me money is not at all important, I'll think there's something wrong in your head. Hahaha..

6. I get bored easily.

Some might think fishing is boring, but it's fun for a change.

According to Guat Shan, a Gemini gets bored easily. That's one thing I must agree on. I don't know if it's applicable to all Geminis' but it is so applicable on me. I might be interested in one thing but the next moment, I'm already no where to be seen with that one that I was previously interested on. Maybe that's the reason why I'm into various sports and activities. I want to try something new, something that attract me. Back when I was in school, I was an athlete. I play basketball, volleyball, netball, hockey, badminton. I'm a runner and a jumper. I'm in university now and at times, my friends would invite me to play football with them. But the clubs and societies I join in my university are fishing club, photography society and dance club. Somewhat irony, right? I'm active but the clubs that I join are passive. Well, at least I won't get bored. Oh, one thing I will never get bored of, Manchester United.

7. I don't want to have kids.

I don't think I have the ability to take care of her, or any babies.
But I can certainly play with them.

To be exact, I like to play with them but I do not like to take care of them. I like kids where age ranges from 2-7 years old. The period where I can play childishly with them. I can't imagine myself having kids in the future. They'll cry for reasons I don't understand. They'll need intensive care when I'm a very simply. They'll run and play around when I want them to behave. They'll be too quiet for my liking. In short, I like kids to play with but not to keep.

8. Tortoise and frogs are sent from hell.

OMG!! So disgusting!

As much as I love the nature, I think tortoise and frogs are animals sent from hell. They're evil! They scare the hell out of me. They're so green. So slimy. So disgusting! Few days ago, I encountered a frog in Shiau Ping's toilet and gosh, I shouted so loud I woke Guat Shan up. That frog is still lingering somewhere in the house but it's okay as long as I don't see it.

It took me pretty long to think of these 8 facts but there are lots more I want to share but I guess that's enough for now. Other bloggers, it's fun to keep this going and to let people know a little about yourself, so feel free to tag along.

Remember to catch the Olympics!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

10 Weeks And I'm Tired

I've been having tests and quizzes since the fourth week of my semester. It's now end of week 11 and next week, I'll have 3 papers to sit for. My test will go on till week 13, one week before the end of the semester. Following week 14, I'll have a week of study week and it'll be my finals.

I'm so tired of the tests and quizzes. I've been having quizzes and testfor 10 weeks! I need a break!

Formulas, facts and concepts.. I'm tired.

Here's a summary of my test only (excluding assignments and others) schedule:

Week 4 - Political Science test 1
Week 5 - Computer System test 1
Week 6 - Cell Biology quiz 1
Week 7 - Lab A Test 1
Week 8 - Cell Biology mid-term, Computer System mid-term
Week 9 - Atomic quiz 1
Week 10 - Political Science mid-term
Week 11 - Atomic mid-term, Computer System Practical test
Week 12 - Political Science test 2, Cell Biology quiz 2, Lab A test 2
Week 13 - Computer System test 2

My second brother, who went Syria to work 6 months ago is finally coming back tomorrow (expecting to arrive on Saturday morning). I finally get to see him after like 6 longs months but my schedule is too pack to even fit in a slot to meet my brother.

My second bro, photo taken last year.

This weekend, my family was supposed to come with my brother but I asked them not to since I'll have to sit for 3 papers, Cell Biology, Political Science and Lab Test A next week. I told them instead that I'll go back home next weekend. The problem is, the Monday after the weekend I'm going home, I'll have to sit for my Computer System test. I won't have anytime to study.

I'm so dead. It's like if I were to stay in Kampar to study, it's wrong since my brother is finally home but if I were to go home to meet my brother, I'll have to sacrifice my academics, which I'm not willing to. Either way, I'm dead.