Friday, May 30, 2008

Finally Legal!

On my 18th anniversary in planet Earth,

+ I thought it would be nothing since my TD mates are all in Setapak/PJ and I'm still new around my course mates.

+ I thought I'll just treat Guat Shan and Sito a cupcake or two and we'll hang around in Ghani (mamak) after that (like usual).

+ I did not expect my ex-classmates, TE1 friends, to organize a gathering, buy me a cake and sing me a birthday song.

+ I did not expect them to buy me a Minnie Mouse mask as a substitute for a birthday (cone) hat.

+ I did not expect that when I reached home in Klang, my nieces would bring out a tray of muffins with creams that spells, "Happy Birthday Eliza" and have little candles sticking out from the muffins.

+ I did not expect my family members to plan a surprise birthday party for me (though I have a feeling it's my tasau's idea. Thanks, tasau!).

+ I did not expect my best friends since high school to get involve with the party and bring out another birthday cake and sing me another song after the muffins.

+ I did not expect to receive such lovely and thoughtful birthday presents from my friends. It seems as if they understand me so much! I would want to talk more elaborately on the presents but that would have to wait for some other posts. I've also received presents in abstract forms. They were lovely.

Guat Shan's.



Ah Wei's.


Edit: Sito's.


Poh Yee's (a.k.a Polly XD)

Shiau Ping's.
(How cute of her. She didn't know it was my birthday and quickly
grab a few chocolates for me when she knew it.)


+ I did not expect my second brother to sms me all the way from Syria to wish me. Bet my elder brother even remembers it was my birthday =.= Wait.. maybe he remembers since Jeanette remembers.

+ I did not expect 25 sms-es, 3 blog comments, several Friendster comments and few other sources, from parts of the world (yes, I received wishes and 'presents' from places like Jakarta, Makati City, Rotterdam, New York, etc.) all to wish me happy birthday. And I am very glad to have receive all these wishes.

Thanks Xianfu!

+ I did not expect that my TD friends planned to come all the way to Kampar to celebrate my birthday but had to canceled the plan since I'm coming back to my hometown.

+ I did not expect to have 4 birthday cakes (one from my TE1 friends, one from Guat Shan and Sito, one from Poh Yee, Ranjit and Ah Wei and one from my mama).

I received surprises after surprises and I was utterly touched, thankful, shocked and basically, I have mixed emotions on everything.

The 2 nieces who brought out the muffins sponsored by my mama.

I was really happy. Thank you everyone!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Indoor Rain

Before this was my room. Now, it's my toilet. What am I talking about? Roof leakage. It's raining in my house. In sem 2, my room's roof leaked and it was pretty serious. Half way sleeping, you'll need to wake up, place 3 or 4 pails under the leaking spot, bear with the horrible smell and try to sleep with the 'thups' of the water droplets when it hit the base of the pail. Or, half way eating out in a restaurant and when it rains so heavily that you're not encouraged to drive, you'll pray and hope that your room will not flood. And after it stopped leaking and when you on the fan, hooray! Feel the rain on your skin! (It's actually the droplets of water collected in the fan's panel) Luckily, my kayah fixed the roof when he came over. Now, it's ok. In my room, that is.

The nice young man who painted the dark spots on my ceiling.

But every time when something is fixed, another goes wrong. This time, my toilet roof leaked. It's much more smellier (maybe because the space is more confined and there's no air circulation) and much more disgusting. The dirty brown droplets dropped into my toilet bowl (and a little on the floor) made my toilet looked as if someone shitted, did not flush but spread the shit all over the toilet instead. However, I ought to be thankful that this time it's in my toilet. I can easily wash them away.

Looked like some algae infection.

When we came back from sem 3, break, Guat Shan and Ah Wei's room was a disaster. The same case as my room, only more serious.

Guat Shan's room ceiling after repainting.

I wonder where and what's next.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Double Season

I did not sleep the entire night even though I have to attend university the next day. Never mind.

I restrained myself from getting up from my seat to go toilet even though it was quite urgent. Never mind.

I shouted so much that I have sore throat now. Never mind.

I freed myself from books for 3 hours even though I'll be sitting for a major exam soon. Never mind.

I acted out of control in public even though I'm a girl. Never mind.

I breathed so hard I almost hyperventilated and cost my life. Never mind.

I'm updating my blog now even though I know I should be studying. Never mind.

It was all worth it. That's all that minds.


Monday, May 19, 2008

Of Biology, Mathematics and Chemistry

I'm in love with Biology. Biology is the best subject after Languages. By this, I mean, of course, for the sake of knowing only. For knowledge not for exam purposes.

Since I have to sit for 5 papers (Maths, Biology, Chemistry, English and Japanese), during the Monbukagakusho qualifying examination, I've been 'hardworking' and studied for the exam. I started with Biology and I did revise (very little. Malas la..) on some Maths and Chemistry. I wanted to cry when I did Chemistry and I wanted to die doing Maths.

I've always been weak in Maths and as for Chemistry, I enjoyed learning it but I forget quickly. I learn by understanding how things work which is why I think I like Biology best. Simply because Biology explains so does Chemistry (though for some reaction, it just happen for no solid reason). As for Maths, there's no explanation in it. (For the following sentence, I quote from someone I don't remember) We do no need to understand Maths. We just get used to it which is why we practice Maths but not Biology. And God knows how much I hate repeating a particular action.

See the Calvin Cycle?

I've seen the sample questions for Maths (for the exam) and I don't think I can make it for the interview. Things get worse when I found out that out of approximately 2500 students who will be sitting for the exam, only less than 10 students will be granted the scholarship. In other words, I need to be top 15 in that 2500 students in order to get into the interview stage. I feel like giving up but I know I can't. This is a golden opportunity for me. There's no chances for me to study in Japan except for this. And studying in Japan has always been my dream. *see the exam papers again* *waves white flag* *feels like saying, "Oh well, there's always next time."*

If it's allowed, I would rather sit for 3 Biology papers rather than taking Maths and Chemistry. Or maybe I would change my major to just Biology (but that requires Maths as well) or Journalism.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Love Letter

OMG! I've just received a letter from the JIS (Japan Information Service) or the Embassy of Japan and guess what? I PASSED THE FORM SCREENING STAGE AND GOT THE OFFER TO SIT FOR THE EXAM!! @#$%^&*^$#!!!

The letter that decides.

There'll be 5 papers all together- Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics B, English Language and Japanese Language. The exam is on 1st of June and I'll have to start studying now onwards *runs off to study*

Wish me luck!

Edit : I'm so clueless on what to study. Somebody please, help me...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Trip To Sarawak

I've mentioned in my previous post that I will be leaving to Sarawak with Guat Shan, Ah Wei, Sito and Ken and Alex will be there to pick us up. Well, this post will be on the what we did through out the entire trip.

In LCCT, while waiting to board the plane.

So, we took the 7.05 a.m. flight on 10th of May to Sibu and reached the Sibu airport at 9.05 a.m.. Alex was already there to welcome us when we arrived and the first thing he said was, "Welcome to Sibu." XD That was funny. What wasn't funny was, Ken lost his IC on the way to Sibu (maybe the IC flew out into the sky XD) and it took quite some while in order to solve the problem.

The 'bagasi' me XD

Anyway, after that, Alex took us for breakfast. We had delicous, mouth-watering Kampua. YUM! We were supposed to get to Kuching from Sibu by bus but Alex's dad was kind enough to fetch us there. Thus, we went to Alex's place while waiting for his dad to get ready. While waiting, we talked to his mom and boy, was she friendly. We spent about 30 minutes there and then took Alex's dad's Pajero to Kuching. Since there was 7 of us, I had to become the 'baggage' and sit with the bags. The journey took 5 hours plus and by the time we arrived at Kuching, it was already time for dinner. We also met up with Jing Jing, Ah Jin, Wei Jie and Ning Xin here.

2 days after that, we returned to Sibu by boat. It took approximately 4 hours plus. We made a conclusion that Sibu people are overly rich and friendly. We accidentally met Alan's mom during dinner and she paid for us! Not to mention, she chatted with us like a friend more than like an adult. She was so sporting! Next day, we met up with Alan, Robert and Mee Ting and had some fun.

Funny expression on boat

What was left unexplained here, in words, are explained in the clip I've made and of course, there's a reason for the song XD And oh, we did not went to Sarikei in the end. We needed more time for Sibu.

During the trip, Alex said/did 3 really funny things.

Alex :)

1. During dinner, he took Sito's rice (she can't finish it) and said, "Sito, you don't want the rice ah?" then Sito replied no. He then continued, "Why? The rice is so nice. So soft. I can eat it without dishes." XD

2. When parking, Alex do not pull the hand brake. I asked him why so. He answered me, "Because this is an auto gear. So the car won't move even if I didn't pull the handbrake."

3. He ordered Mixed Fruit (something like ABC but with fruits) and spitted the watermelon seeds all around the table. When we laughed at it, he used his fingers and collect them, then swept them onto the floor XD

Ken :)

Well, all these weren't really funny when you just read it without seeing the whole scenario and without knowing how Alex really is. Plus, we (as in me, Sito, Ah Wei and Guat Shan) spreaded our 'Sumpah!' and 'Madness!' disease during the trip. Ken once said, "Sumpah! Tak layan!" and Alex said, "This is Madness!" OMG! It was so funny and cute~~!

All in all, it was a fun and memorable trip. Alex's parents was really nice to us and we appreciate it alot. Well, if they happened to read this, then, thanks so much auntie and uncle! It was a really pleasant trip and we really appreciate your hospitality.

Alex asked where our next trip would be and he suggest that we should go Miri :D

Friday, May 9, 2008

Flying And Facts

I'll be going to Sarawak with Guat Shan, Ah Wei, Sito and Ken tomorrow. Alex will be meeting us there. Precisely, the flight is on 7.05 a.m. which means, I'll have to wake up at 3.30 a.m. leave my house at 4.30 a.m. to go to Guat Shan's place since her kind dad will be fetching us to LCCT.

The girls on the trip.

In Sarawak, we'll be visiting 3 places which are Kuching, Sibu and Sarikei. The first destination will be Kuching although our plane will land in Sibu. That's because initially, we planned to just visit Sibu but later on, we decided that 5 days 4 nights in Sibu will equal to boredom. When we reach the Sibu airport, we'll meet up with Alex and then we'll take boat to Kuching. We'll be in Kuching for 2 days, 1 day in Sibu and 1 day in Sarikei (though we won't be staying in Sarikei).

The guys on the trip.

Anyway, there's nothing much to blog about so I'll randomly state out some facts about me on travelling.

1. I love, love travelling! Planning for the trip, trying out new food, seeing new places, creating memories and experiencing new stuff, aren't they just so fun? :)

2. I'm a pretty light traveller. In my group of friends, I usually have the smallest bag. I can survive with limited clothes but I need my lotions, camera and money >D

3. One thing that I do not like about travelling is the cost. Though I make sure my travelling costs are economical, I do not like taking out large sum of money at one time.

4. I prefer travelling with people of the same interest. For instance, if I were to go Paris, I would bring my sis and mom along because we can sh
op. If I were to go outdoor expedition, I would bring my brothers and dad along because they're into activities like this.

5. To me, travelling is about trying out new food as well. So, I can't really go on trips (out of Malaysia) with my mom because she's very choosy when it comes to food.

6. I dislike people who creates 'bad atmosphere' during a certain trip. For example, lets say a group of people are sight seeing on a hill top. Then, one of them suddenly says, "Urg. Hike all the way up here for this.
What so nice?" Feel like killing people like that. Mood spoiler!

It's important to make sure everyone had fun :)

In short, I want everyone to have a good time during a trip because well, travelling is supposed to be fun :D This is the first time ever I'm flying without my family members and truthfully, I first doubted that my dad would actually allow me to go on this trip. But, haha! I'm flying alone with my friends later *grins*

The other day, I was chatting with Sito and she said, "After this we can go Hong Kong, Australia etc. etc." O_O That would be great! ^^; And I have this Dutch friend, she kept asking me to go over to Holland and maybe we can visit Japan together. Wow~~ I wonder when that day will come ^^;

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I love tags and I was once again, tagged by Emel :D

Instructions: Remove ONE question and add in your personal question if you want to, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.

1. What have you realised recently?
~ That Manchester United is winning 2 cups this season :D

2. Have you given your first kiss away?
~ Nope, still safe with me

3. If you were to be stranded on a deserted island, who're the buddies you would take with you?
~ Guat Shan, Leon, Ah Wei and Sito :D

4. Do u satisfy with life you have now or you wan even more?
~ I am satisfy but of course, no man is ever satisfied with what they had or are having. And, no one will ever resist having more.

5. Who do u trust the most?
~ My 'heng tais' (though Ah Wei said that it's actually 'chi muis')

6. Name one of ur best and ever best friend?
~ Hmmm.. one is just not enough XD

7. Do you prefer to sleep or talk to a friend when it gets boring in class?
~ In class, talk. It's rude to sleep in class and yes, it is rude to talk as well but I can always lower my volume

8. What makes you mad?
~ Breaking promises

9. Have you ever cried so hard, you made yourself sick?
~ Nahhh...

10. List out 3 points of your first impression of the person who tagged you?
~ Rich and stylish. There were only 2 first impression on her.

11. What do you think of urself?
~ Sensitive, act like a spoil brat at times.

12. Which type of person do you like the most?
~ Open minded, humourous, and understanding. Of course, being stylish is an added advantage. XD

13. Is there someone you're thinking of now?
~ No one really..

14. If you have faults, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?
~ Point it out but of course, in away that will not humiliate me.

15. Who was the last person you hugged?
~ My nieces?

16. Who knows you the best?
~ Myself :)

17. If your house burned down, what is the ONE thing you’d save from your room?
~ My room, well, *thinks* my drugs! Mainly because my precious money, pda and laptop aren't in my room.

18. Throughout ur life,what hurts you most?
~ Being accused of things I never did

19. Whats the last shocking thing you've seen or heard?
~ It's a secret :x

20. Are you happy you've been tagged by ur friend?
~ Indeed :D

I'm tagging whoever who wants to be tagged!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Ah Wei's birthday is coming soon and I can't think of anything for her birthday present.

Ah Wei birthday 2007 in Esso Mamak.

It's a bit difficult to get her something. See, if it's Guat Shan, then I can get her stuffs like bag, shoe, earing, necklace, or other accessories. If it's Sito, then something cool and black like a wrist band, a bracelet, earing or maybe chocolates and Eyore (that Winnie the Pooh's donkey. However you spell it). As for Ah Wei, well, she pierced but I don't think she's the type who will change her earings for style. Rather, I think she's the type who wears earing (mainly because the other 3 of us forced her too) to make sure the holes do not close off. If I get her a shirt, it's too plain. It's like, you know, "Oh, I don't know what to get her. Let's just settle with a shirt." How insincere!

I was chatting in MSN with Sito and this is what we chatted about.

Me : Mrs. Kue birthday coming soon. Wat to get?
Sito : Get from Sibu? Celebrate there lo
Me : But on 14 we come back alr
Sito : We coming back at night right? 13 midnight also can celebrate
Me : Wakakak. Good one la. Means just belanja makan?
Sito : Erm.. dunno o. Buy one cake?
Me : The best is get Kenji for her XD
Sito : Can also
Me : WAKAKAKAKA! The best present ever
Sito : Tie a ribbon on Kenji
Me : XD XD XD a GREEN ribbon
Sito : haha

Ah Wei and Kenji, the shy couple XD

Perhaps Kenji is indeed the best present! XD

Friday, May 2, 2008

Kajang, The Land Of Delicious Sate

It was only our fifth day of break and we couldn't take the boredom any longer. Thank god on Wednesday, Guat Shan sent me a message that says, "Kenji said he wan to go sunway tis hw?". After a few replies, this is what i received- "V mayb goin 2 ur 2nd husband place to eat satay".

Just like when there are mentions of 'bah kut teh', the first thing that came to our heads is 'Klang!', when there are mentions of sate, we'll thought of 'Kajang!' and yes, you guessed it right. We went Kajang earlier today to visit Kenji. Though it was more like we were invited by him.
Lovely Kenji.

We left Klang as early as 8 a.m. to KL Sentral then changed train to Kajang. It was about a 2.5 hours train ride but it wasn't that boring since we (Guat Shan, Sito, Ah Wei and I) chatted through out the whole journey. We reached Kajang approximately 10.17 a.m. and were picked by Kenji in a gold Gen2.

KL Sentral.

The first destination was a temple up on a mountain. According to Kenji, it was a really famous temple for well, its 'accuracy' (if you know what I mean). I don't know how 'accurate' it was but I know very well that this temple has really beautiful sceneries. The environment surrounding is so green. Beautiful~ By the way, the temple is called 'Sek Da Tok' ('Sek' as in stone in Cantonese).

Hmmm.. this background isn't really nice.
It was a nice place to place my camera on the stone so that I could use self-timer though.

Kenji took this one. I love it.

The next stop was supposed to be in a Malay sate shop but it was closed so we had our lunch in a restaurant in the old town for Kajang's famous sate instead. It was congested in Kajang and it was difficult to get a parking but somehow, we managed. The sate was oh-my-god-so-delicious! Each stick of chicken sate costs 60 sen but it was thick and juicy and no-fats. We had the opportunity to bite some fish sate (yes, fish) and it was so soft and tender though each stick costs 90 sen.

Fish sate, anyone?

Anyway, after eating, we went Metro Kanjang and since there was nothing much there, we went to Metro Point, the newest plaza in Kajang. We walked around, looked at shoes (at my persistence XD) and even shot some hoops in the arcade. I scored the highest at 121 points. Hooray! But guess I was too into shooting that at my last ball, I tripped (the floor was wet since Ah Wei's bottle leaked) and my abs hit the machine. Ouch!

We went Old Town Kopitiam for tea later on. Chatted for a bit, snapped some pics and listened to songs. While waiting for Kenji to get the car, we spotted an interesting mirror above us and yes, it was a nice spot to snap photos. I bet people around us must be thinking what pity people they are. Snapping pictures of the ceiling like they have never seen one. Oh well~

Look up!

We headed back at 3 p.m. and in KL Sentral, we spotted this filmming crew. They were waiting for the train to arrive to that they can start their 'arguing' with the girl saying that her boyfriend cheated on her and was about to board the train then the boyfriend stopped her. You know, those typical love scene. Maybe it was for a commercial? Whatever it is, if you happened to spot me on tv, let me know! Hahahaha!

It was, overall, a fun day. We reached home at 4.30 p.m. and well, did nothing much after that. Thanks Kenji, for bring us around Kajang. We appreciate it.