Friday, January 29, 2010

12 Hours ManjungTrip

A week ago, on the 23rd which fell on a Saturday, Guat Shan, Sito and I went for a 12-hours trip together with the EE group guys to Manjung!

This was actually so-called planned long time ago since sem break. Guat Shan told me about go-cart in Sitiawan and I was very eager to try it out, which led us to this plan. We mentioned that we would visit Sitiawan during sem break but since there was nothing much there (according to the fish), we went for just a one-day trip on week 1, since we were all still free.

So, after my replacement class on Saturday, I came back home to rest for an hour or so before the 3 cars drove down to Sitiawan at 3.30 p.m.. Well, I wouldn't say we went to visit Sitiawan because we actually went a couple of places so it would be more accurate to say we went to Manjung :D

The first destination after Sardin's house was Teluk Batik, the beach.




Teluk Batik park, just adjacent to the beach.





Then we went for dinner in this place with lots of hawker stalls. I love hawker center! I had popiah but well, the best popiah award still belongs to Tong Ku Teng (Mushroom Center), Ipoh. After dinner, and since it was still too early to go for go-cart and since Eric wanted to get a few pieces of clothings, we stopped by at the biggest shopping centre in Manjung, The Store. Well, actually Giant hypermarket is the largest but hey, shopping for clothes in Giant? *swt*


Turn out, the guys did not get anything but each girl got something for themselves. I got that two triangular boxes for only RM2.40 each! Then at about 9.30 p.m., we went for go-carting, the main objective for visiting Manjung in the first place.




After a round of 7 laps (which cost RM 10) and an hour later, we headed down to Lumut- Esplanade Wing. Main reason is to have ais kacang which only cost RM 2.00!! Psst! I finished first place. Nyahahaha!!!





And finally, maybe it's a part of their tradition to go McDonald's so we went to McD for supper and to watch how Manchester United won 4-0 against Hull City :D We also played 2 rounds of scissors-paper-stone where the losers need to finish a sauce plate of chili sauce. But of course, for the case of Sito, Jing Wei and I, it's tomato sauce. Lol.

Then finally we went back to Kampar and reached home at about 3.30 a.m.. A complete 12 hours trip. It was really fun, very memorable and absolutely unforgettable. I enjoyed myself and I'm sure the others did too.

Photographers of the day...

Ms. Loo for Olympus camera.

Mr. Beh promoting for Canon compact camera.

And Ms. Sito for Canon SLR.

Some group photos as a closing :)




Looking forward for more trips to come! ^^

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lucky 9090, 3777 and 3887 but Unlucky 362


*extremely happy*

I've registered 4 cars to increase my chances of getting a sticker and guess what? I'm so lucky! 3 out of the 4 I registered got the parking spaces. Okay, maybe I shouldn't say I'm lucky since the 3 that I got were not registered under my name. Guat Shan, Sito and Prince are lucky. Lol. But hey, that does not change the fact that I can drive to uni! :D

So you may think I'm selfish, ignorance or whatever negative stuff but.. all I can say is this is a 'battle for surviving'? I do not want to walk from outside UTAR to for God's sake Block I! After all, I don't think I'm the only one doing this and honestly, I don't feel anything wrong with it. And for those who did not get, don't worry there'll be a second balloting since there'll be extra parking spaces for those cars that did not register.

P/s : I'm thankful I have many cars at home :D Thanks mummy and daddy (for representing Kancil), deeko (although no permission but thanks for leaving Aveo at home so I can register it under Guat Shan's name), Elishia (for your lousy Kembara. I'll be using this car though I don't like it, I'll TRY to take care of it. Kembara will belong to Prince for 3 months now.) and Kayah! (for my ever beloved Waja which wasn't chosen. This car needs a rest.) :D

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Black + Purple = Maroon-ish

Returning to the hair saga (see Part 1 and Part 2. Lol.), on new year's eve, I made another episode for this series. It's called, "The Exit of the Black."

Ok cut that. On new year's eve, I dyed my hair. If you've read the post on me rebonding my hair (part 2), you would have know that it took some effort to convince my mom to allow me to straighten my hair, while my dad said, "You can do anything to your hair but cannot dye it.". So, yes, it took me a few days of convincing my dad until I was finally allowed to dye my hair. But wait, with the condition that he needs to approve the colour. In other words, my hair still need to appear black ==

 My natural hair colour.

How did I come to the desire to dye hair? Truth be told, I actually kind of like my natural hair colour- black with little tints of brown. On the 28th of December 2009, Shiau Ping came over to my place and asked my sister's help to dye her hair. While she was dyeing her and I was talking to her, Ah Wei messaged me. She said she's dyeing her hair as well. This got Guat Shan and I excited. Then Guat Shan said, "If Ah Wei really dyeing, I will also.". Another reason might be because it's like everyone is dyeing their hair, so I want too! Lol.

Before dyeing my hair.

Next day, Guat Shan dyed her hair and on that very night itself, I gain the permission to dye my hair! Of course, my dad looked through Guat Shan's hair colour before allowing me to dye mine (because Guat Shan and I planned to dye the same colour). We chose purple :D

The mixture after oxidized. Looks like strawberry yogurt.

Two days after that, I waited for my sister to get back from college and have my hair coloured. Not really dye, more like highlighting. Or it was supposed to be highlight because I don't want my head to look like a mass of purple thing but somehow it turned to be like dyed ==

 While dyeing my hair.. Macam ada style la clip here clip there all but result like normal je.. ==

I wanted the tips to be coloured but the top remained black with a few strands here and there coloured. But I guess my request is 'high-skilled' for my unprofessional sister to follow. So it turned to be like what I have now.

 The tips are all coloured but not obvious.

I wouldn't say I dislike how it turned out to be though. It's still black in a way but appeared to be colored under the sunlight. Kind of like a mysterious feeling, a bad girl thing, as how Guat Shan put it ==

 Hmmm... can you see the black part?

The colour is fading everytime I wash my hair. I'm just worried it might fade to a certain weird shade of colour.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Random Discoveries In Hatyai

I just came back from Hatyai, Thailand last night. It wasn't the first time I been there but I made some discoveries that I wonder how come I did not the previous times I went there.

Like the 'story' behind this piece.

Not in Thailand.. Took this on one of the highways.

1) Every girl, yes EVERY, applies cosmetics there. And no, it's not just a plain thin layer of powder with some shades here and there and light lipstick. Instead, the cosmetics I mean involves thick foundation, excessive blusher, eyeliner, mascara, eye  shadow, fake lashes, lipstick, lip gloss and.. what else did I miss? Well, just everything one can apply on the face. What's more? Not just growing-up girls or young adults put on make-up but this is applicable females of every age group. 25-years-old road side hawker stall chicken rice seller, 10-years-old primary school kid, 60-years-old fruit seller aunty, to name a few.

2) Out of 10 people, only 2 of them wear spectacles. One of the two is a tourist and the other one is a man. I see no girls, seriously NONE of the girls wear spectacles. Why? I thought wearing specs look  nice.

Old school picture.

3) Look around you'll see a few dogs wondering around. What so special? Well, the dogs you see on street side are not plain stray dogs but those beautiful breeds- poodles and those you know, fur balls kind of dogs. But of course, there are a few stray dogs as well.

Extreme cute-ness!! <3

Bought several stuffs there, mainly clothes- 2 pairs of trousers, 5 pieces of tops, 3 pairs of shoes, 5 pairs of earrings, 2 bottles of Listerine... Yea. That's about it.

One of the store I bought clothes from. Totally new to me. Never thought of buying clothes from a porn shop.

Oh! A must when you visit Hatyai, massage! Previously, I went for full body massage but this time, I went for foot massage. Twice! :D

What was his name again? I forgot.

While I was in Hatyai, I have this very strong urge to get a tattoo. I don't know why but it's just there. I want to get one!! So, Gs, remember what you said! And Prince, remember what to do XD

Fake punye la...

And look at this plant I saw.

Look properly, there's no flower. The 'flowers' are actually red leaves. How special! Hmmm.. well, maybe some of you might notice this in other places, perhaps even your own home, but forgive me. This is the first time ever I saw this kind of plant == From this close up pic, it might be very obvious that they are leaves but when I see it as a whole, I wasn't very aware that the so-called flower was not exactly flower.

Oh yea, Ah Ken once told me about these oranges when we were on a trip in Sarawak. He said he wanted green oranges. They are extremely sweet. I did not manage to snap a pic that time but here it is..

Why are they call orange when they are green in colour? Should I start calling Orenar (Orange) Greenar (Green) instead?

P/s : I was stopped by the immigration officers when entering back into Malaysia. They doubted me for being Malaysian.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010!

Well, I did not went for countdown or anything but I counted down with my nieces at home with a few cans of cincau drink. And from where we stood, we were able to watch fireworks colour the black sky from almost all angles. It's very simple, probably something some might even not consider as counting down or celebrating new year but hey, guess what? I toasted a can of beer with my dad! :D

Happy New Year, everyone!