Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I'm bored and I have nothing to blog about. So sue me. Since I've just finished watching 50 First Dates, and I don't feel like watching another movie, I'll blog about the changes I've gone through instead.

People say that the factor that determines a girl's look is the hair. That is why thing that I concern most is my hair. So, warning! This post will be filled with my narcissistic pictures which may cause nausea, high blood pressure, heart attack and sudden lost of consciousness.

Since I was young, I was never allowed to have short hair despite how much I loved short hair. My mom always says that, "Girls are supposed to have long hair." So, being a good daughter that I am, I never went against it. So my hair since I have hair until Form 5 was like this.

Not that long actually. Been longer than this.

That lame hairstyle. I did not like it but I did not dislike it either. Straight bangs and straight ends. I mean, if my hair were silky smooth, it would be beautiful. But my hair weren't even close to soft! I was ok having this hairstyle but of course, I grew bored of it and wanted to go for a new look.

Anyway, after Form 5, during 2007 Chinese New Year to be precise, my mom for the first time ever, allowed me to cut my hair. But not that short either. Shoulder length, that is. Well, I was ok with it since I wasn't even allowed to cut my hair this short before this. And well, I kind of like it.

2 Japanese girls and me.

Since I have had long fair for like 16 years, it's only normal if my hair 'bounce' once I cut it short. By 'bounce' I mean 'kembang' la. It was ugly. I looked as if my head got bombed. So the solution was to pick up the 80's style by wearing a hair band. And well, it was lovely :)

The following month, I got my hairstyle changed again. I would say that was my favourite of all hairstyles I had until today. It was so 'round' XD I thought that was the hairstyle that suits me best but I changed it anyway. It was difficult to maintain. I had to blow my hair everytime after I wash my hair.

Well.. unclear but still!!

Before I left for Kampar, I got an easier to maintain yet, up-to-date hairstyle. They called it the 'Bob Head' where the back of your hair goes up exposing your nape. I wanted to have that hairstyle since Form 4 or Form 5 after I watch Prince of Tennis and I persuaded Eunice to change our hairstyles together. She did not rejected my offer rudely but I can see through her expression which says like, "What the heck? You want me to cut that?"

It's not obvious but I guess you can see my hair went up behind.

A year later, it was the most famous hairstyle and she got that hairstyle as well. Doesn't this just prove my high taste in fashion? I was able to come up with that style one year before it became 'the hot'. Ok, ok. I shall not flatter myself too much XD

I kept that 'bob head' hairstyle pretty long since I did not trust the hairstylist in Ipoh or Kampar to give me a new look. During my second sem, I came back to Klang and got my hair trimmed. I trimmed of the 'triangle back' of the bob head hairstyle and went for straight end instead. Layered, of course. I went for straight ends because I planned to grow my hair.

My hair was damned straight and I did not even straighten it.

After about a year of having short hair, I kind of miss my long hair and I thought after it's long enough, I can change another style (mainly because since my hair was short, the styles available for me were limited).

Not long ago, in my third sem, I went to 'slice some hair off' since my hair was too thick and it looked messy. And just for the fun of it, I got myself pink stripes. Some very attractive hot pink stripes.

Attracts attention, no?

Two days into this style and I saw a girl in my university with the same stripe. She copied my style! @#$%^&*!! And two weeks into the new hair do, more and more people have the stripe. With the same colour, to boot! Damn! I'm changing my hair style!

'Chiou' leh?

So now, my hairstyle is just normal. Layerd, a little below shoulder and black. I do not know what the next style is going to be and I do not know what I'm cutting it. I do have thoughts to straighten it though :) but nahhh...

P/s : Man. Utd. will be meeting Barcelona tonight at 2.45 a.m. (or rather, tomorrow morning). United will be playing home and sure as hell I hope United will win because if they win, they'll be qualified for the finals of Champions League.

P/s + P/s : I noticed that ever since I've included a short note on Man. Utd. in my blog, United have been losing or draw against other teams. If United lose tonight (God forbid) I'll stop mentioning about Man. Utd.'s match before the match ever again. Yes, I believe in this superstition. Anything for the sake of United'd victory.


xianfu said...


:) blog abt hairstyles. not bad la.

ur long hair, or 1st pic.
waaa. dang innocent girl look leh. Fuh. I hope I don't see tat kind of pic again le. U look so innocent. ber tahan. hahaha.

the one I like d most is where u expose ur nape lor. That wan reli chun.

hahaha. Pink stripes? Tat wan veli trendy. Shows that ur a trend-setter at college. hahaha. okay, dun flatter urself too much. muahahhaha.


eliza natsuko said...

now sem break boring at home ma. blog abt random things la :|

my fav was the 'bulat-bulat' one though. the pic tru camera wan.

chun leh... muahahaha!! *does victory sign* but dun suits me la.. that's why cut away.

my frends console me saying i have high sense of fashion tht's why ppl copy me XD so pai seh! wakakaka!!

xianfu said...

bulat bulat wan?

that wan also nice. Ada celebrity high fashion style. d one always kena by paparazi hairstyle wan.


hahhaa. now ur hairstyle is?
still gt d pink stripe?

eliza natsuko said...

no la.. now hair normal oni la.. black and well.. normal :D

wanna change hairstyle but dunno what to change. need some inspirations XD

btw, not updating ur blog ka?

xianfu said...

nid inspirations? I got PLENTY. muahahahahhahaha.

my blog? I updated my class blog today. My own personal blog ah....

I dunno la. I try updating lor :)

xianfu said...

anyway, I updated my blog liao since u requested. * i assume u did *


btw, is it comfortable for me asking for ur msn?