Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Klang, The Land Of Bak Kut Teh!

While last weekend was Cameron Highlands, this weekend was where Guat Shan and I get to be the tour guides. Yes, we went to  Klang, the Land of Bak Kut Teh a.k.a. our hometown.

We drove back at about 4.30 p.m. on Friday evening and arrived in Klang at about 7 p.m.. Since we were in a rush, we grab a quick dinner in the famous among youngsters Esso/Chicken Mamak.

After dinner, we drove down to Setapak to meet up with the TD8 and then down to Ampang look-out point to celebrate Shiau Ping and Sardin's birthday. There were 38 people there, I don't even know who some were. Lol.

We wanted to have some tea in that place but the cafes close early. So instead, we went to Old Town. We didn't want to arrive home late so we left earlier.

While driving back home, i-city caught our attention. So, we turned in for a few shots.

Early next morning, we went Modern (mamak again) for breakfast. Rep, Hua, Eric, Justin Kang and Jing Wei ordered roti ayam and we sort of held a 'competition' to finish the food in 5 minutes. Surprisingly, Rep stuffed 2 pieces of roti ayam into his mouth in 30 seconds!!

We then took the 11 a.m. ferry to Pulau Ketam. We strolled around that area. Basically nothing much in Pulau Ketam but Guat Shan and I just wanted to show them the part of Klang that looked like a scene in Ice Kacang Puppy Love.

We left Pulau Ketam and then have lunch before dropping by Jusco Bukit Tinggi to get tickets for Karate Kid that night. After about an hour of lepak-ing, we went home to bathe and rest for a bit before driving down to Justin's hometown, Kuala Selangor for the famous fireflies.

Being Electronic Engineering students, they were self-debating if those blinking lights they saw were real fireflies or were actually LEDs. Lol. We went for seafood dinner after that. Again, we rushed. It was like the most 'kan cheong' dinner ever where they were standing and eating and ran off to washed their hands (we used our hands to eat crabs) even before they even started to chew their food. Silly as it may seem, we laughed like hell. Lol! Dinner was on Justin. Thank you so much Justin!!

As mentioned, we bought tickets for Karate Kid. It was a good movie, I would say. After the movie, we went back home and watch how England drew 1-1 with U.S.A.. Good job, Green ==

Next morning, we went for the long awaited bah kut teh breakfast. 

We then celebrated Father's Day for my dad. I bet my parents enjoyed their company, especially my mom. Lol.

After the celebration, we went to Sunway Pyramid for skating before driving back to Kampar.

So, that was the 2-days short trip to my hometown. How was it? XD

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Many dressed up prettily. Many put in countless effort to look good for this event. It was a successful prom night.

Not that I didn't enjoy, but I guess prom isn't really my thing. I would prefer something more active. Lol.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back To Basic

Guat Shan and I was having our breakfast when the ballot result came out.  I messaged Prince and asked him to check since he was at home. One by one, the message came..

"OMG! Kembara didn't get!"

Needless to say, I always have no luck. So, the Aveo registered under my name did not get as well. Then another message from Prince came.

"We registered 3 cars only this sem? I don't wanna walk to uni!!"

I quickly messaged Sito, whom was still sleeping, and asked her to check. It took her about 15 minutes to reply and in that mean time, I was chewing my nails off while Guat Shan was calmly sitting and eating her breakfast. 15 minutes later,

"As lucky as I am or the kancil is, SUCCESSFUL!"

I was in a public space, I shouted. Yes, now that I thought of it, it's embarrassing.

The last time I drove this car was during foundation mid-sem 2.

Who would predict that I'll ever be driving back this little white Kancil?

Well, I guess it's always better than having to walk to uni. Welcome back to the family, Little Kancil :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Where? I think It's Called Cameron Highland?

So the plan was..... No plan.
And the schedule was.... No schedule.

What we did was... Judge yourself from these pictures. Allow me to provide the information on location as a guide. Lol.

Location : BOH Tea Plantation.

Location : Big Red Strawberry Farm.

Location : Cactus Farm.

Location : Honey Farm.

Location : Another Tea Plantation.

Finally guessed it? Good! XD

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Magnificent 20!

All these while...

"Eh, so we'll go yum cha on Sunday night then sambil sambil celebrate your birthday like that lo... 'Cuz most of them come back on Sunday." -Sardin

"Sardin got tell you where to go for dinner on Sunday ah? You ask him and see la ha.. Then take the cake go there and blow lo.." -Guat Shan

"Ah bie, when you back Kampar ah? I back on Sunday night." -Jing Wei

"Ah Kang is in Singapore.. on 29th night like that only he'll reach Kampar." -Sardin (on Kang)

"Lulu ah.. sorry ah, my dad say wanna spend longer time in Thailand." -Bryan

"I so bad lo.. 2 weeks I less than 4 days at home lo.. Sunday I accompany my mother lo.. Back late lo.. Sorry cannot celebrate your birthday lo.." -J

"Orange follow Dan Dan's car wan.. So see how la. But I think he's joining us for dinner." -Guat Shan (on Hua)

"You keep cake for me ah. Don't keep in the refrigerator, put on the table or else kena curi. Tomorrow I give you cake." -Eric

"Eliza, Happy Birthday." -Hua (then he went home)
*Lee Nel and Ah Beh.. Takde bunyi.*


Saturday night/Sunday morning, 1.30 a.m...

"Sleep la sleep la.." -Gs (I was sleeping in her room, next to her). 

10 minutes later, *"Baby, I never seen someone with your body~~" (ring tone)* "Hello? *sleepy voice* Em.. em.. Wo xian zai xia lai (I come down now). Stupid orange downstairs.. Say he left his wallet here."

And I was like, dozing off.

"Eliza! You seen Orange's wallet or not?"Guat Shan asked from the staircase.

"No. Go check inside the car and see la.. Hua, you try call your wallet la." (I know that makes no sense ==) I sleep first." And I returned to bed.

5 minutes later.. Guat Shan's room was filled with people!


Round 1- Dinner.
People include : Mom, dad, kayah, sis, Gs, Hua, Beh, Edwin, Shiau Ping.

 Round 2- Living hall of 92, Jalan Suasa 2.
People include : Gs, Hua, Dan Dan, Beh, Sardin, J, Jing Wei, Kang, Lee Nel, Bryan, Shiau Ping, Edwin, Yuet Fen, Yee Sieng, Eric.

Round 3- Beijing.
People include : Gs, Hua, Beh, Sardin, J, Jing Wei, Kang, Lee Nel, Bryan, Shiau Ping, Edwin, Yuet Fen, Yee Sieng, Eric.

Round 4- McDonald's.
People include : Gs, Hua, Beh, Sardin, J, Jing Wei, Kang, Lee Nel, Bryan, Yuet Fen, Yee Sieng, Eric.

Round 5- Lunch in Ocean East Lake.
People include : Mom, Dad, Kayah, Sis, Ta Ker, Ta Sau, Pearlynn, Joelle, Emerald, Prince, Gs, Hua, Beh, Sardin, J, Jing Wei, Kang, Lee Nel, Bryan, Shiau Ping, Edwin, Yuet Fen, Yee Sieng, Eric, Rep.

Round 6- Dinner in Gold Label.
People include : Jo, Siu, KC, Yong Kang, Prince, Wei Khiang.

Round 7- Supper in Haji Ghany.
People include : Gs, Hua, Beh, Sardin, J, Kang, Shiau Ping, Edwin, Eric, Rep

I realize that..

Guat Shan, Sardin, Bryan, Yuet Fen and Edwin started planning through msn since long. Thank you!

My family members who pakat-ed with Guat Shan. Thank you!

My ta ker's family who came down to Kampar a few hours to lunch with us. Thank you! 

Beh asked Sardin if there's any plan and he almost torn down a shop searching for present. Thank you!

Kok Loong came to Kampar earlier to bake a cake and kept it in Vevian's place. I collected the cake on 29th evening. Thank you!

Bryan, who had just came back from Thailand took a 5 hours bus to Kampar, made 2 cakes upon reaching Kampar and did not sleep the whole night. Thank you!

Yuet Fen took a 5 hours bus from Penang, celebrated and only arrived in KL on Sunday night. She was dead tired and she has class the next day. Thank you!

Eric came back early from Johor. Thank you!

Jing Wei came back earlier from Penang.. and although this secret was revealed, it was cleverly concealed by saying 'bibi' faced some problem. He said he came back for 'bibi' turned out it was for 'Ah Bie'. Thank you!

Lee Nel came back from Kedah earlier than usual and only arrived at 10.30 p.m.. Thank you!

Ah Kang returned from Singapore. Thank you!

Dan Dan fetched Hua back a day earlier and was woken up after he has fallen asleep. Thank you!

Rep came straight to join us for lunch upon reaching Kampar. Thank you!

Shiau Ping and Edwin came down to Kampar for this purpose. Thank you!

Yee Sieng put in effort in making this. Thank you!

Wei Khiang, who do not remember birthdays remember that it was my birthday and celebrated. Thank you!

Jo and Sian Siu took the effort to choose presents which are significant to me. Thank you!

Prince had to bear with the noise all night. Thank you!

Kenji who wanted to come down to Klang to pass me present but couldn't. He then rushed back to KL to pass the present to Edwin. Thank you!

 Words are never enough. It was a superb birthday! One truly memorable 30th May :D