Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just Another Short Update

I'm once again, injured from badminton, on the same knee. Only this time, I hurt my ankle too. No, I did not dislocate or sprained my ankle. Just that an old injury 'reemerged' (is this even the correct word to use?)

I've sprained my ankle pretty badly when I was 12 and I regret that I did not tend it properly that time. Now, whenever I strain my ankle a little too much, it'll hurt :(

 I have to wear this now.

Anyway, for this week and coming week, there'll be no badminton sessions. This week, my kakis' all went back to their hometowns for cheng meng and next week, I'll be retuning home as well. So, badminton with Guat Shan and I, anyone? ^^(P/s: We do not have rackets.)

It's already week 10 now, another like one month to my finals. Time really flies. I once read an article on Yahoo! that our Earth is actually rotating faster that its usual speed due to all the phenomena (earthquakes) occurred lately. I want to blame it on the planet for our shorter days and nights (rather than blaming myself for not utilizing my time properly. LOL.)

For continuous weeks, I've been sitting for tests. Perhaps week 10, well, in a way it marks where my busy period ends. Don't get me wrong, I still have one test and 3 labs tests coming in the following weeks and of course, reports and assignment as well. This week itself, in 2 days, I'll be sitting for 2 papers.

Oh well..

P/s : I'm currently so addicted to several songs, one of which I recommend, Glee's Don't Stop Believing. If you're interested to understand the song further into the lyrics, try the version by Sam Tsui :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Heart Badminton

Lately I'm so addicted to badminton.

It started with 2 weeks ago when Orange asked if we (Guat Shan and I) wanted to join them for a game of badminton in Kampar Girl's School court. So, yeah, why not?

But actually, playing badminton was planned way before that. Guat Shan (having played with her classmates before few sems back) kept asking J to book court and well, he finally did 2 weeks ago.

Maybe I'm into sports and stuff and it was what seems like 4 years(?) since I last played properly. Having to play again, although a different sport, was really fun and exciting and refreshing to me. Perhaps because I like to jump and run around. Lol.

I wanna get a racket!! ><

Just 2 days ago, I went again for another 2 hours session. Well, if possible, I would like to play every week XD

As an effect from this, I'm getting new bruises every week on the same spot! Geez ==" Of course, since I'm right-handed, my right arm is building muscle and heck, I know it's ugly. I can actually feel it when my right sleeve is tighter than my left >< Guess I'll have to start playing with my left hand? Yea, then I'll have big arms and double the ugliness. Ish! 

The courts are cheap, I would say. Only RM3 per hour. Problem is, many Kampar-ians love badminton and the courts are often fully booked. Should I book a court for this weekend? And who knows maybe one day I'll get my hands back on basketball XD

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Honesty Is The Best Policy!

Last night, we (the 8 of us) went for a movie. We watched 'Hot Summer Days', a good movie I would say. But no, this is not the point. After the movie, when I was about to exit the theater hall, Sardin asked me to wait for a little while.
Apparently, an old man who sat next to him accidentally dropped his wallet on his seat and went off not knowing he dropped it. We were somehow torn on what we were supposed to do. Do we...

a) "Put the wallet back la.." (Sardin)
b) "Wait here a while la.. maybe he (the owner) will come back search for it leh?" (Ah Kang)
c) *took out the IC and driver's license from the wallet* "We go out search for this man!" (Orange)
d) "Or wanna pass to police?" (Eric)
e) "Give charity la.. We help the man to do charity." (Guat Shan)
f) "Open the wallet, see inside got how much.. A lot ah? We take money, wallet put back here >D" (Me.. obviously just kidding.)

If you were in this situation, what would you do?

So, in the end, we went on with Orange's plan. We split into 2 groups, one group went around looking for the owner by tracing people's faces using the IC and the other group stay near the cinema, also tracing people's faces using the license. After what seems like maybe 30-45 minutes, we still couldn't find this man. Therefore, we almost...

1) Pass to the police.. but Prince said, "Also no use wan."
2) Pass to the cinema counter.. but Guat Shan said, "I think they will just take the money though."
3) Go to this man's house.. but the address seems weird.

In the end, Sito's sharp eye spotted a man as described by Sardin. And alas, we found the uncle and passed the wallet back to him. He was kind enough to want to give us RM50 to 'yum cha' but hey.. we're a group of extremely kind and honest student. We were not expecting anything in return so, we thank the uncle and said it was not necessary.

There! The group of honest students! XD

Well, although what I describe may seem typical and troublesome but hey, I think it was kind of fun in a way and at least we did something that made a person happy :D