Saturday, February 28, 2009

Earth Is Rotating Far Too Fast.

I guess the time has come- the busiest time in a sem. My schedule is so pack these few weeks. It's as if I have something to do everyday. And it's not like there only one thing to do in a day but there are several things to prepare for. Take this week for example,

Monday - Rush for Chemistry report.
Tuesday - Rush for Statistics and Properties tutorial.
Wednesday - Study for Properties quiz and prepare for Pengajian Malaysia presentation.
Thursday - Rush for English journal draft.
Friday - Study for lab test on Saturday (today).
Saturday - Study for Statistics and Biodiversity mid-term on Wednesday.


The most frustrating part is that when I've finally finished, say, preparing for my presentation, the class was canceled. And when I finally cracked my head for my English journal draft, the tutor said he did not want to check it during class. URGH!!

This busy schedule will not end anytime soon. See,

Week 8 - Biodiversity and Statistics mid-term.
Week 9 - Properties mid-term and 2 Chemistry lab reports.
Week 10 - Bio lab report and Properties assignment due, Pengajian mid-term.
Week 11 - Perhaps Statistics assignment.
Week 12 - Statistic test 2, Biodiversity quiz 2.
Week 13 - Properties mid-term, Bio lab test 2.
Week 14 - Chemistry lab test.

Phylum, genus, species, common name.. That's what Biodiveristy is.

And after that, I'll have a week of study break and then my finals. Great.

I'm so tired lately I can just doze off while studying. I mean really doze off unwillingly. It's not the type of dozing off because I'm bored or something. But it's the type that when I stay still for a while and I'll fall asleep unknowingly, until I wake and notice I fell asleep... if you get what I mean ^^;

I'm jealous. I hope I could sleep as carefree.

I'm risking my A's for my tests by updating my blog now.

P/s : I've changed my layout. What do you think?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Broken Disulfide Bridges

I made a decision I never thought I would on the 20th of February 2009.

No, I'm not getting married... Yet.

No, I'm not changing my gender.

No, I'm not becoming a Muslim.

No, I'm not quitting university.

On the 20th of February 2009, Eliza Loo made her final decision to rebond her hair. Okay, so you might think, "Sheesh. What's the big idea anyway?" Well, let me tell you. All these while, I never agreed with the idea of having my hair straightened. I think my hair is fine the way it is, though sometimes I get mad at it when it's bushy or out of place. My hair is already straight naturally but somehow it got wavy when I have it layered =.=

How did the idea of rebonding my hair came up? As simple as..

Wei Cheat : Eliza, go rebond your hair la.. *plays with my hair*
Malcolm : Yea la.. Go la.

Just like that. I mean, I don't know how come just 2 simple sentences like that made me change my mind. Perhaps it's because I've always wanted a better hair style but I never actually talk about it. Perhaps because I know my mom will never allow me to do so. Or perhaps.. whatever reason there are.

So, on the 20th morning till noon, till right before I have my hair rebonded, I was still pondering if I should really really rebond my hair. I asked for opinions from a lot of people. A lot. Lol.

But I did anyway. It took about 4 hours for the whole process of transforming my hair from wavy to straight.

Before.... (please excuse my dirty mirror ^^;)


Yes, I realized my face looked smaller, longer and darker. I don't know how it made my face darker but it did. Honestly, right after the rebonding, I looked like a cracked egg!

After the first wash.

I have to say I like it but the fringe is a little too flat. Hopefully after few washes, it'll be better. Comments anyone? XD

Sunday, February 15, 2009


We all know it was Valentine's Day yesterday. So, I went on a date with Diditoh.

Lol. No la.. XD

Folded by Edwin.

It was Valentine's Day yesteday but for some of us, the term Single Awareness Day suits us better. I'll take the latter, thank you.

When we were on our back from class yesterday morning, the radio DJ was commenting and discussing about the Valentine's party they'll be having later that night. Then out of random, Guat Shan just say, "I feel like going Ipoh". That was how we all ended up in Ipoh.

Five of us went- Guat Shan, Sito, Leon, Diditoh and I but only 4 of us really went out together. As usual, we went for a movie in Jusco, then bowl at Parade and met up with Malcolm and his girlfriend there. But of course, we wouldn't want to be lamp posts to the couple so they left earlier.

Our usually best bowler went out of form XD

After that, we went for late dinner (about 10 plus) at 'Tong Sui' Street. I've been to Ipoh a couple of times and the only local food we tried was the 'nga choi kai'. So, honestly, I was quite delighted when Diditoh brought us to this place with a long stretch local hawker stalls.


I had 'bak kut teh'! Well, it was okay. Better than Kampar but of course, Klang's is better. Lol. I miss bak kut teh :(

After dinner, we went to this place with a nice environment to, well, just talk and listen to the music. You know, like how Guat Shan and I go Ghany every night to just talk but this time, with music XD

Single. Single. Single. 'Single'.

We arrived home late but that was how the singles (and one more 'partially single') spend their S.A.D.

Edit :

Guat Shan and I received this bouquet of 7 Ferrero Roches from Kenji earlier this afternoon. Thanks a lot Kenji! And thanks to Wei Chyi for delivering ^^

Sunday, February 8, 2009


It was my dad's birthday yesterday so my whole family came over to Kampar. Then last night, we went to a restaurant in Ipoh, Kok Thai Restaurant to celebrate.

Happy Birthday, daddy!

The main event was having whiskey, also known as alcohol. My family brought along 2 bottles of wine and a bottle of Bacardi Apple.

45% of alcohol.

During the dinner, the young, but not under age students had 2 glasses of Bacardi mixed with Sprite and the effects, well...

Hold on! Those weren't Sprite. They were Bacardi Apple + Sprite.

A red Guat Shan.

An only-cheeks-are-red Sito. Like kena allergy attack.

The hardy. A red Shiau Ping.

A red sister. The fastest!

And a still white me =.="

Hell yeah, she's high.

Guat Shan : Half la! This Eliza keep giving exuces. 4 times already!


Then half way back to Kampar, we suddenly remembered that we left our house keys in the car my second brother drove (he was heading to somewhere with his friend). So we stopped and waited at the highway for my brother to come. At that time..


Shiau Ping followed the trend XD

I was in a different car from Guat Shan but I was told that she went high and spoke nonsense and sang some song in the car.

Guat Shan : Lalalala~~ Yesterday~~~

Though the drinking part was not-that-good (as in the taste. I had to swallow the drink quickly so that it won't stimulate my taste buds. Lol.), the after effect (seeing how people act when they're drunk and teling each other, "You're drunk!") was fun :D

Was a waste Ah Wei wasn't there with us. I can imagine her face though. A baboon's butt! XD But I don't know, Shiau Ping says Ah Wei could drink.

We should do this more often. LOL!