Saturday, May 30, 2009


I'm officially 19. And to welcome this new age of mine, my friends surprised me enough to make me happy entering this saddening age. Lol. I hope that made sense ^^;

First off, my celebration of welcoming my 19th year in Earth started 2 days before my actual birthday, on the 28th. I had, or rather, I'm having pastry-fever right now and yes, from the picture, you guessed it. My first birthday 'cake' was cream puffs! 19 of them :D

Another 7 in a separate box. Cannot fit la...

Nope, not only cream puffs, there were side 'servings' as well. Fruit tarts, egg tarts and pineapple tarts! All from Ah Wei, Guat Shan, Poh Yee and my sis.

Next day, Kenji came down to Klang to have bah kut teh breakfast with us and stayed for mah jong. Before he went back, he passed me my birthday present and told me to only open it at 12 a.m.. Lol. That same night, Guat Shan came over to continue our game of mah jong and she brought along theit second birthday present for me!

:D :D :D

Yes!! Yes, it is! Manchester United Asia Tour ticket from my sis, Ah Wei, Guat Shan, Sito, Ujin, Khai Chiah, Kenji, Poh Yee, Shiau Ping and Tee Siong. My dad was also involved in the process of pakat-ing. Unbelievable! The mug, the Man. Utd. mug was a self-customized mug from Kenji. There was my face and his face on it too :D


Then later that night, Guat Shan, Ah Wei and I (again) went to a cafe in Bukit Tinggi and I received my second cake and the endless messages and several phone calls to wish me 'Happy Birthday'. When I got back home, there were wall posts on my Facebook page too. Simple short messages but they prove that I'm in each sender's mind. They remembered my birthday ^^

The next day, my actual birthday, I came back to Kampar and received another 3 presents. Teehee. One was from KC, Sian Siu, Jo and Yee Mei. A glitter lamp! Now I can practice to sleep with my lights off. Lol.

Clubbing feeling, somehow XD

Second present was from Kyan. A surprise I would say. I know him for no more than 2 months and he got me a birthday present- Man. Utd. stuff, a keychain, a handphone hanger and a banner. LOL. So very him.

The banner is already in my car. Lol.

Third was from Diditoh. Yet, another surprise. It's very amazing and touching how he remember things I once said and I didn't remember. He said, "Someone last time said 'I like many many presents!' de wor.." and he got me many-in-one present. And heck, they were hand made!

So many I had to split the presents into 2 pics XD

Another 'unofficial' present from Wei Cheat, a 'yuan', my name earring and an early birthday present, a dress, from Jeannet.

I'm really very grateful that the friends around me knows me so well. I mean, I received a birthday card that has got to do with shopping and fashion and another on Japan. See what I mean? ^^

I guess I was caught by surprise for about 9 times on my birthday. One of which is my daddy in Setapak said he prepared a handmade present for me. I mean, even if he didn't, it's just that... I don't know how to express myself. It's like, he made and effort and that counts. Really :)

Also, I was told by my sister that there was some scribble on her dusty window, wishing me 'Happy Birthday'. How cute~ And oh, 2 ang pows from my kayah and mama. HAHA! XD

There were late wishes but hey, they remembered :D

To those who called (Ah Lai, Shiau Ping, setapak daddy and Edwin), to those who messaged me (too many to mention ^^;), to those to posted on my wall, to those to MMS-ed me (J, Sardin and er sau) and to those to wished me in different methods, THANKS SO MUCH!

Oh, and of course watch this, by Guat Shan and Ah Wei : And the story begins...Part 3

I love you guys! ...So so much!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Missed Shot

While Guat Shan, Ah Wei and I were happily having our outing last night, I received an SMS from Kenji saying 'Check ur result'. The 3 of us were supposed to head to SS17 for our 'tong sui' but decided to skip that and went straight home after I announced that short message.

So, the whole of last night was spent refreshing UTAR intranet to check my result but alas, I was only able to login this morning.

I got my result. It was a downturn and nothing to be happy about.

My dad was in Singapore when my result was published. He arrived home earlier this evening and told me my result was okay. The best line he said was,

"Even Ronaldo missed his shots at times."

Amazing analogy. Kind of reminded me of the penalty Ronaldo missed during 2008 Champions League finals against Chelsea. He missed the shot, but Manchester United won after all. Let's hope I'll have a happy ending as well :)

Thanks a lot to everyone else for last night- Sardin, my daddy in Setapak, J, Khai Chiah, Kenji and Edwin.

Also, congratulations for Mr. Ch'ng Khai Chiah! :D

Monday, May 18, 2009

While Waiting... Let's Have T.E.A.

I want to update my trip to Perhentian but I'm lack of photos. I'm still waiting for photos from other sources. So, while waiting for my 'sources' to arrive, I want to share a photo I took today, which I think is one of a kind.

I know, looks simple and what is so special, right? Well, I don't know. I just love this pic so much. And look at what I derived from this photo. Oh, before that, a make-believe statement : I have my very own recording band called T.E.A.

Get our brand new album, Unsweetened from your nearest recording store!

First 100 customers will stand a chance to receive 3 autographed, limited edition photos from us, the members of T.E.A. Also, stand a chance to win backstage passes to 'T.E.A. in L.A.' end of this month!

We have 10 songs, including a special remix in our new album.

The new single of T.E.A. will be out somewhere end of this year. Remember to grab them!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


In less than 18 hours...

All I need.

Pulau Perhentian, here we come! :D

P/s : My camera broke down.. right when I'm going for a trip that I know I will snap lots of pics.

Friday, May 8, 2009

There Goes A Sem, There Goes A Year

It's officially my sem break now, which means it's the end of my sem 2, which also means it's the end of my first year degree.

It's fast. It's freaking fast. I mean, it was just like last week I shifted into Kampar, 4 days ago i bid my TD-mates goodbye, and 2 days ago I welcomed my degree year. When in real, it was
2 years ago that I started foundation in Kampar, a year ago I bid my TD-mates goodbye and welcomed my degree and just 2 days ago, I exited my first year degree.

What's next? In less than a month, I'll be starting my second year degree. I bet before I know it, I've already graduated.
What have I gone through this whole sem? (pic spam below ^^;)

'Study' before tutorial.

They say it's always good to study before lecture :)

CNY week.. Bacardi, babeh!

Week 4.. seemed so long ago.

First ever gathering in sem 2, though unofficial.

We're still students, we do do our duty- Lab field work.

Bukit Bintang~

Well yea, Guat Shan was like "What's with that spec? =.="

The steamboat, remember?


We broke into Jo's house in the middle of the night to surprise Sian Siu XD

Sushi King RM2 promotion + Sian Siu birthday celebration. We're not cheap!

Week 14 - Guat Shan went crazy studying PM.

Week 14 too.. I went Ipoh for a total of 5 times in that week.

KC birthday on study week. Happy 21st!!

After exam celebration. 2 groups met by coincident :D

Like always, lepak at lake.

Towards the end of the sem, I got close to the foundations, Shiau Ping's friends. Just when I got warm with them, they'll be leaving. This sucks.


Ah Chau..

Edwin.. And I'm still waiting for photos with the others.

As I'm uploading these photos here, I suddenly feel every week pass like how I 'flip' through the photos in my album. It's like, "Hey, I took that in week 1!" and then "That was week 7." and then "Oh, that was just 3 days ago."

See what I mean? Maybe I should postulate to the Physists that I've found something that travels faster than light- Time.