Monday, January 31, 2011

Temporary Break

So, it's Chinese New Year in 3 days.. and I'm still in Kampar. Everyone went back last week to celebrate their new year but I had to stay back to attend a class today. Well, partly because of that and partly because I need to finish my thesis draft for submission.

After what seems like a long time, I'm finally done with 4 chapters! And I'm sending these 4 chapters as the first (and only) draft. I still have 3 chapters to go. Sigh...

Things are going to be a little hectic for me. I have 3 chapters for thesis, an average of 1 lab report per week and the tests and quizzes are not included yet. I'm just glad I have one subject lesser this sem (because I took it last sem).

Well, since it's Chinese New Year, I guess I'll enjoy plenty of Mandarin oranges and 'ba kua' before I return to my hectic student life.

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Member To The (Camera) Family

I started of with a nameless blue Canon Powershot A460 in 2007...

Then I got Cammie, my pink Olympus FE-320 in 2008..

I used Cammie for a year and a half then I got Nikcy, my Nikon D3000 DSLR during Chinese New Year 2010.

Today, I got myself a metallic pink Samsung PL101 dual screen camera! His name, well, Psam.

A conclusion you can make from here? I don't really like normal black or silver cameras. I like colours! ...Exception for my Nikcy. (P/s : That lame black one is my sister's.)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Flat Tyre

I woke up this morning, all prepared to go to lab. I went into my car, start the engine, warm it up and put my gear on Reverse. I put my hand brake down and weird, how come my car did not reverse like it usually does? I step on the accelerator a little and found the car not moving still.

I went down and check on my tyres. Great. I have a punctured front right tire. First thing I did was... guess what? Update Facebook. Lol. Then I text messaged several friends and then got Jo to fetch me to uni. Thanks, Jo!

About 5 p.m., I left my lab to get my tire fixed. In order to fix my tyre, I need to change the tire first, right? So, Wei Khiang, Prince and Edwin followed me home to help.

It was kind of an easy process, I think but it certainly need strength! We had such difficult time trying to loosen the nuts. After about 45 minutes, we finally managed to change my tire and then we went to a nearby mechanic to patch my tyre and changed it back. It took less than 3 minutes as opposed to the 45 minutes that we took and cost only RM 5.

Well, this is man-power versus technology, as what Prince said. But hey, they got free dinner after that. Lol.

Thanks so much, you guys!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

X'mas + New Year Gathering

2010 Christmas, my tasau had a gathering. We had a feast and a delicious turkey! 

And yesterday, my papa organized a New Year gathering. It was in a bak kut teh restaurant (Klang people wat.. XD) and then a second round in mamak stall. A total of 40 members, 9 tables, 8 families and 3 generations. I know, we're amazing. Lol.

Look, this is what I discovered. They're my nieces.. Cassandra aged 3 and Emerald, aged 6.

Kids nowadays... Lol.