Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007

This year is the first time ever I spend Christmas with my friends only. And it was FABULOUS!! Since it's Christmas after all, there should be presents. So, this post will be solely on the presents received.

First present rece
ived from Kenji- a Totoro and a Christmas socks.

Second present from my 'cousin', Loo Keng Hooi- a 1000 pieces horoscope puzzle.

Third present received from Jun- a cute Christmas socks attached with a picture of me and Guat Shan.

Fourth, present from Ken- a pair of pink PDI socks with 6 Ferrero Rochers.

Fifth, from Joe- a bottle of special Disney body lotion that I haven't seen before.

Sixth, from Robert- a Keroro with an ELIZA bracelet.

Seventh, present from Sito- a Gemini keychain and a pair of cow mugs.

Eighth, from Leon- a Manchester United jersey pillow with Tevez 32.

Ninth, from Ah Wei- an orange photo frame and a cow CD bag.

Tenth, present from Guat Shan- a handbag with an E keychain.

This Christmas is indeed one of the best Christmas I've ever celebrated partly because of the presents. I've never received so many Christmas presents before and I LOVE PRESENTS! Plus, not to forget, thanks so much for all the presents! They are the best ever! Thanks buds! Love you guys!

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Sudden Visit To Ipoh

It all started with one simple conversation while Guat Shan and I were working on our lab reports at about 3.30 p.m yesterday noon.

Ipoh famouns 'kai see hor fun'.

Guat Shan : Haih.. feel like eating 'kai see hor fun' la.. So miserable la we all.. Today holiday everyone go Ipoh and we're staying at home doing report!
Eliza : Kampar entertainment :D

After that, the conversation carried on and finally lead to..

Eliza : Ah Wei! We're going Ipoh tonight!


And thus, we headed down to Ipoh at 8.30, collected the movie tickets we booked earlier and had our delicious Ipoh 'kai see hor fun'.

Guat Shan, the most experienced bowler.

After that, we went to the empty Ipoh Parade (all the shops were already closed), played a round of bowling and well, did some crazy stuff we'll never do when there are people in the shopping complex.


Do not ask. We don't even know what we were doing.

The movie was ok.. maybe about 7.5/10 I would say, 10 being the best. We went straight home after that. Reached home at 3 a.m. and woke up the following morning at 7.15 for class. University life is filled with excitement, no? XD

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Long but Short 6 Hours Talk

Before today I thought, 'Argh! Stupid driving ceramah. It'll be 6 hours all by myself!' Then I came up with the plan that I'll just message and chat with someone throughout the whole 6 hours to prevent boredom. It turned out to be there's no line in that area where I attended the talk. It started with a long wait for the driving institute to fetch me from my house. After a delay of about 40 mins, he finally arrived. Then I'll have to queue up to register for th talk for another about 30 mins. A bad start, huh?

30 mins of queue just to register.

But things didn't turn out that bad after all. After the registration, I took my seat next to a girl. Not long after that, a guy came and sit on the empty seat beside me. He shocked me! Why? Simply because once he sat down, he fished out a think Principle of Economics book from his bag and start highlighting the white pages. I didn't do anything at first and just listen to my music. Bored, I asked that guy one simple question- "You'll be having your test soon?" And that's what created a new friendship between Eliza Loo and Albert Tan.

Albert, the unnderdy nerd.

Soon, I discovered that he's a super smart guy, one of the smartest in Klang with 13A1 and 1A2. He's the same age as I am and we're in the same school year as well. We're both 17 and in university. He's in INTI College and going to the States for Actuarial Science. Under JPA, to boot! He even had his face on every Delta tuition centre banner! He's a nice guy and who says the smartest guy faces book 24-7? He's one playful guy that watches anime and plays computer games. He gossips a lot and have pillow talk with his friends every night. A little gayish, no? He even showed me photos and let me listen to the songs in his phone.

Not just Albert. I befriended with the girl I sat next to, also of my age but just finished her form 5 named Chu Li. She's nice and cheerful.

Chu Li, the cheerful girl.

Sky, a 21 year old was the last person I befriended with. I only talked to him when we were going back home. He doesn't speak English but well, we can understand each other with broken Mandrin :)

Sky, the motor license holder 21 year old.

We had 3 hours of talk and another 3 hours of nothing. All we did during the 3 hours was listening to the officer explain to us about a form, had break (someone spilt coffee on my bag!!), explained about another form and the end.
See the darker spots where coffee was split?

That's all about my long-but-short 6 hours driving talk.The day was tiring but fun that I made new friends. Now, I'm looking forward for my L license! I'll be expecting it somewhere next week :D

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

First Dissection

Being a Biological science steam student, majoring in Biotechnology especially, there's no way I would escape from being a merciless killer. And what I meant by being a killer is performing dissecting on little animals.

I dissected a mouse for the first time in my life on the 4th of December 2007.

All opened up!

The mice were alive and were happily playing with each other. Little do they know that they'll be experimental materials and their lives wouldn't be spared. It's just like one minute they're alive the next minute, they're 'dead'. Not really
dead but soon to be dead as they were put into deep slumber thanks to chloroform.

Sleep in peace dear mice.

To keep the entire dissecting procedure brief, I would say it wasn't
that difficult to dissect and in fact, it was fun! Though what you inhale can be a little awful >_<
It smells of chicken liver you bought in wet market except 10 times worst.

The worst thing about dissecting a mouse or any other small animal is that they were actually
alive before you remove their major organs. They were alive when you skin them. They were alive when you cut their thin membranes open and they were alive when you expose their internal organs. They were just unconscious and might wake up in the middle of the process. That explains why Ms. Tan's (the lecturer) mouse moved while she was half way dissecting. She was calm and cool about it but we, the students panicked and dump the entire lump of chloroformed cotton ball on the mouse's nose.

The chloroform effect wore off after about 15 mins.

Lucky me, I got a male mouse. I made a discovery that a mouse have one of the testes in their body and another of the pair out! Though not all mice have this strange habit. One of my classmate got a female mouse and there were embryos in it! 6 of them, to boot!

The embryos. We initially thought they were feces XD

It was a really pleasant and educational experience to dissect the mouse. Guess I should be thankful that my university chose mice over frogs because I can't imagine myself dissecting a frog. Most probably I'll keep repeating "Ewwww! Disgusting!!" every time I have contact with the slimy green gross amphibian.

I'm so sorry for taking your life.

Oh, did I mention I named the mouse I dissected Leon? That's because the little mouse I got have a big stomach just like Leon's and Guat Shan's mouse was Alex also because of the bigger stomach.