Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Not The Luckiest Day

Since this morning...

It was damn freaking hot at night and I could not sleep very well.

I did a stupid mistake in my Molecular Biology test.

When I tried to snap a group photo for my Moral assignment report, my camera battery died on me.

My bottle cap broke and water spilled on me. Twice.

After class, my car couldn't start. The battery was dead thanks to me, forgetting to off the lights.

With Jo's help, we tried to jump-start my car but failed.

It was hot as hell.

Went to old town in Jo's car to get help from mechanic only to be told the foreman was out in Jeram (about 15 minutes drive back to Kampar)

Waited in a drink stall for what seems like an hour.

Went back to UTAR with the mechanic to fix my car, done in less than 5 minutes.

My friend called and my phone battery died on me.

Came back home, hoping I could rest for an hour and a half before returning to uni but Prince told me the dean wanted to meet us and I was left with no time to rest.

Dad called and started questioning me about the new and old batteries when I was so inexperience about all these.

When I was trying to post a new status in Facebook, a security check appeared. Even a website was trying to bully me?!

As a result from this series of misfortune, I...

Got sun burnt.

Broke a nail.

Allergy reaction got worse.

Spent RM 180.

And it's only half a day now. Great.

To all who helped, physically, emotionally and mentally, Thanks a Mil!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nikcy From My Bro

On my brother's visit last August, he bought me 2 Manchester United jerseys- home and away.

I still love them <3

This time, during his visit he bought me something MORE.

Introducing my new Nikon D3000 a.k.a Nikcy~!


The typical pose when you have an SLR =="

More updates to come soon! Short update because I'm still toying with Nikcy too bored doing Moral assignment ==

P/s : Don't you think even the pictures look different? :D

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy CNY!

Reasons to like Chinese New Year : 

1. Ang paoSss!!
2. Bak Kua :D
3. Mandarin oranges <3
4. Pineapple tarts
5. Fire crackers & fire works
6. Family reunion & family gathering
7. New clothes 
8. CNY movies
9. Gambling!! (how could I forget?)
10. Feeling Chinese *proud*

Reasons NOT to like Chinese New Year : 

1. House cleaning
2. Assignments and reports (when everyone else is enjoying)
3. Test right after break (which leaves an option for either bad result or studying during CNY or struggle like hell when break ends. Which?)
4.  Getting into study mood once break ends (It's difficult!)
5. Getting fat :(

Luckily, there are more the reasons to like than to dislike. Guess I'll enjoy first XD


And Gong Xi Valentine XD

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Return Of The Cicada

I apologize for the low quality video but hope you laughed as much as I did. LOL.