Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pipetting Queen?

Another usual day at work, I was in the auditorium hall listening to a safety talk until Yen Ee called me asking me if I wanted attend BioMalaysia at KLCC. Since I have nothing to do, well, okay.

When we got there we registered and were given visitor passes, and yes, I registered as a Research Assistant from IMR. Lol. So, we went in, walk and look around. Then, we stopped at Eppendorf's booth. This booth was crowded and we wondered how come. So, we became busy bodies and join the crowd.

Yea, they don't know how to spell InstituTe.

The company was promoting their new light-weight pipette and there were games organized. Just for the fun of it, Rita and I took part. There were 2 games- balancing a light-weight pipette and pipetting competition (where Sian Siu once told me).

The first game, well, nothing much. There was a balance and all we need to do was to balance the pipette in one end with some sweets then we get to keep those sweets. The second game was the exciting one. There were colour liquids and we need pipette a motif and the word 'PLUS' according to the colour.

Rita and I. She was already pipetting while I read the instructions.

For the later game, the top 3 winners of the day, which are those tho managed to complete pipetting in the shortest time, will be given a chance to ride on a hot air balloon in Taman Tasek Titiwangsa. As I was saying, Rita and I took part. While we were queuing, the record holders started with 2 mins 47 secconds. As we were waiting for our turns, the time to beat became short and shorter- 2 mins 30 secs to 2 mins 12 secs. And then right before my turn, a doctor held the record at 2 min 6 secs.

At that moment, what was in my head was, "Aiyah.. so easy win meh?" I never though of winning, I just want to spin that wheel or fortune and get my little gift. Lol. When it comes to my turn, I just pipette like how I usually do, only faster. Guess what? I did it in 1 min 40 secs!! But because I spilt the liquid a little, I was given a 20 secs penalty! 20 seconds, a little too much, no? Urgh! So, until the time I left, I was still holding the record at 2 mins.

See that? I guess can't but my name is right on top! :D

They said they would call me if I won and well, I'm waiting for their call. Riding on a hot air balloon would be fun, I guess. I think all these are thanks to my previous lab, the Molecular Ginetics Lab, where I pipette (for Genomics test) everyday? Lol.

Friday, November 13, 2009

A Gemini's Type Of Fun

Hmmm.. would you consider us, Sardin and me, crazy, too free or smart?

Here's what we did.

We were chatting on MSN one fine day and I was complaining about how bored I was and thank goodness I have So You Think You Can Dance from Joel to help me reduce my level of boredom. But soon my source of entertainment is coming to an end. Then I wouldn't able to have more sources of entertainment as my connection can't afford downloads. As we were chatting, he told me about ALL IT having cheap sale for 8G pendrives. And then, these 2 pieces of information come together.

 Our oversized but cheap pendrives before traveling to Kampar.

What we did was, he'll download Project Runway for me (since my connection suck big time). I'll get the pendrives- one for me and one for him. And then I'll mail the pendrives to him with some songs and movies saved inside. Once he received it, he'll save Project Runway in my pendrive and mail it back to me!

But since one of our friends went back to her hometown in Batu Gajah, Sardin passed my pendrive to her and then she passed it to me when she got back here. So, yes, my pendrive travelled far and is back to me now.

So...? This is a pretty good idea, right? Lol! We made use of technology and old-school snail mail XD Oh, many thanks to Ryuu for helping us get the pendrives ^^