Thursday, July 31, 2008

Eliza Loo, the Social Realist

I did a personality test the other day but did not blog about it then because I was too busy with politics.. I mean, my elective, Political Science. I had to finish my supposedly group assignment which was only partially completed and was only pass to me on the day before the deadline. I had very limited time for editting which left me no time for my revision for my mid-term test for the same subject. And God knows how bad I am in politics. Now I can only hope to at least pass my mid-term :(

Anyway, back to the main subject. So, I did a personality test and found it pretty interesting and true at certain parts. It turned out to be I'm a Social Realist. The description given was quite long so I cropped off which ever not applicable to me. The final result is.. oh, before that, no, I'm not trying to boast about my good values. I can't help it if what was given were all positive, right? XD

So, what does this face tells you about my personality?

:: popular persons full of energy (yes, I'm an active and determined.. at times XD)

:: reliable, well organized and helpful

:: marked social streak

:: always ready to listen to the worries and problems of others and spare no effort when they are asked for help (friends help, you know?)

:: empathy and understanding (especially when it comes to the mind and environment. Yes, I am very environmental.)

:: always willing to highly regard the strong points of the other person and to excuse that person’s weaknesses (well, everyone has their weakness, right? We're not god.)

:: most sociable of all personality type (is this just a polite way of saying I'm talkative?)

My harmonious house mate. One tried to eat me.
One hates the camera. And we still live in harmony.

:: very difficult to cope with conflicts and criticism - harmony is their elixir of life (how could people not like harmony?)

:: acknowledgment and esteem are very important to this type (wakakakaka!! but I'm not saying it's not true XD)

:: at work and in partnerships, they are loyal, committed and always there when needed

Prada group. One of the best group ever!

:: find it easy to make friends due to their open, warm manner

My ex-class mates. My friends :)

:: show their feelings openly and honestly (well, if you don't show your feeling honestly, who's going to understand you?)

:: prefer clear, structured surroundings and work processes; they find too much change unrest unpleasant

:: open-minded towards anything new only to a limited extent (open-mindedness is the key to happiness :D)

In short, I am..

extroverted, practical, sentimental..

The sentimental side of me. Meet my bonsai, Moo Moo Mitsu.

..planning, emotional, temperamental, energetic, tradition-conscious, loyal, helpful, devoted, reliable, caring, objective, thorough, organized, warm-hearted, open, friendly, sociable, chummy, obliging, self-sacrificing, public-spirited, sensitive, kind, demanding.

And finally, the subjects I might be interested in.. This part is so true. I'm really into everything below :D

honorary work, hiking, parties..

New Year party 2008.

going out..

Not just shopping, but travelling is considered as going out as well.


"Let the music heal your soul.
Let the music take control.
Let the music give you the power to move any mountain."
(Bravo All Stars, Let the Music Heal Your Soul.)


Making of onigiri, Japanese rice balls.


Christmas 2007 small gifts. All are hand made!


Another reason why I love Kampar.


One of my wishes, become a part time journalist in the future.
Want to know what type of personality you have? Click this button! My personality type: the social realist. Take the free iPersonic personality test!

Monday, July 28, 2008


I was having my Computer System practical when I received a news from my sister.

"Eh.. jahanam.. U drive waja kena saman u noe..rm300.. On the 20.05.08, jam 1056.. Melebihi had laju.. Had laju 110km/j, had laju lalu dikesan 145km/j.."

Guat Shan, you speeder!

It was Guat Shan's fault! She was the one who drove that time!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Psychology Test

I have something interesting! Take a piece of paper and join me! :D But before that, promise that you would not scroll down this page before you finish with your test.

First of all, on the piece of paper, draw the 6 shapes as shown in the picture above. On the same paper, draw or add whatever you want to those shapes. Yes, anything! Just draw whatever you want. Come on, do it! It's going to be fun. Remember to take your time and no peeping below before you finished with yours!

Leon says, "We have time."

Alright, now done with your drawing? Now, ask yourself questions like, 'What did you feel when you drew that picture?', 'What were you thinking of?', 'How did that picture made you feel?'. Make some short notes of your answers on the side of that picture and move on to the next one. Done? Let's us analyze what we drew, okay?

The first circle, represents how people see you. I drew a smiley face. When I was asked to describe that picture, I said that smiley face was taught by my childhood best friend, Victoria. She taught me how to draw such hair. And I said the picture is kind of like carzy and playful with the tongue sticking out from the mouth. So, my friend interpreted that people see me as a crazy, playful and nostalgic person. In my own interpretation, I think people see me as a very carefree and stress free person because that picture was taught to me when I was in standard 3. At that time, there were no stress and life is so simple. All I did was play. But the truth is, I am not as carefree and stress free as I appear to be, or so I think.

The second shape represents how you see your sex life to be. Well, as you can see, I drew a Nike-Just Do It! I guess you can interpret as much XD However, in my own interpretation, it's not just as simple as, 'Just Do It!'. You see, Nike is an expensive brand and not everyone can easily own a Nike product. So, yes, I am not cheap and I am not easily available to 'just some people'. I have high standards XD

The second circle, or the third picture tells how you see yourself to be. I drew an atom in octect state. Why did I draw an atom with 2 shells? Why not just one shell? And why must it be octect? When I was questioned, I answered that the outer valence shell is the external environment. So, my friends interpret that I need 'stability' (security) since the atom was octect and each electron represents my friends. Which I think I partially true. The other part uninterpreted was, I used to think Chemistry was easy back when I was in secondary school and it is more difficult now when I'm in Degree level. In other words, I find making friends easier when I was in secondary than now because now, I'm more aware to how people might think about me and how I might be influenced by others. As for my interpretation for the 2 shells, I think it's simply means I'll have my best friends closer to me than my other friends.

P/s : Octect configuration is where the atom is at its most stable state. The shells are the 2 circles after the nucleus (the shaded circle) and valence shell is the outer most shell (away from the nucleus).

I drew my laptop from the square. When Guat Shan asked, I said, "My laptop is very important to me. It's practically a part of my life!" And when she asked me to further elaborate, "Well, I tend to be, sometimes, secretive when I'm using my laptop 'cuz at times, I do not like others to see what I'm doing. And there are a lot of secrets hidden in my laptop." So, Guat Shan came up with her interpretation. She said, "This picture represents your family. So, your family is very important to you and it's a part of your life. About the secret thinggy, I think it means you hide a lot of things from your family or you keep a lot of secrets about your family from outsiders." Well, pretty accurate in a way.

The other slanted line. Can you guess what I drew? You can't, can you? Well, it's a primary structure of a protein! Haha! Got you, didn't I? Anyway, my explanation for this drawing is, "It's a protein. Dr. Han (my Cell Biology lecturer) said that protein is the macromolecule that should be looked deeper into in this era. Last time, it used to be DNA which scientists were so crazy to figure out. But now, DNA is no more 'in', it's now protein. And I love biology!" The interpretation is kind of related though. This picture represents my future, where as interpreted, it got to do with Biology and perhaps I will involve myself in the protein research industry. Haha..

The last picture. I stared at it for so long and couldn't think of what I should draw or add onto it. In the end, I did not add anything. This picture represents death. When explained, I said it is an addition sign. And since I do not like Mathematics and addition is the most simple operation, I am happy doing addition. I also said that adding, which is having extra of everything is good except for extra weight and extra size. So, the interpretation varies. It might mean I happy dying (oh my god!) or it might mean I'm neutral with death. I take death as a very normal phenomena in life since everyone will experience death one day, anyway. In my own interpretation, I think death never cross my mind in anything I do or any situation I'm dealing with. That is why I stared at the cross for such a long time with a blank mind.

Well, that was my result for you. What does yours say?

Monday, July 21, 2008


My family came over to visit me last weekend and several events took place.

I (more like we, since my house mates and I share) finally got a washing machine! Say goodbye to hand washing! It's manual but hey, it's certainly better than washing one week worth of clothes with hand.

Wooot~ Goodbye hand wash!

I have my bathroom's 'crazy' pipe fixed thanks to my kayah. The pipe is a little crazy. Sometimes there would be water and sometimes there wouldn't. When the water comes back, they'll carry along some black tank-like plastic which will make me even dirtier after bathing. How irony =.=

My very own waterfall.

I received my birthday present from my tasau after what seem like 2 months after my birthday and my formal presentation. It was a lovely light purple G2000 blouse. Thanks, tasau!


Kenji visited and was supposed to stay over at my place. But my family decided to visit that weekend as well. So, instead, we just meet up in mamak and on Friday night, he came over to talk and gossip. He even brought me some Japanese sweets he bought during a Japanese food fair. How thoughtful of him! Thanks, Kenji!

That was Kenji's son holding the gift he had for me.

It's the season I hated most again- the durian season! I don't understand how could people enjoy durians. They're just so sticky and slimy and ack! (Sorry for those who loves durians. Lol!) My kayah bought 19 durians and amazingly, they were finished in less than 20 minutes with the courtesy of my house mates, mum, sis, dad and kayah. Ewwww!


My sms-ed my sis on Friday night to ask her to buy some Bah Kut Teh to Kampar when they come over. We reserved the oh-super-extremely-delicious-must-eat bah kut teh for Monday's dinner, which is today. As I'm typing this, Sito is heating the dish up and my stomach grumbles louder than the mp3 playing on my laptop. Well, this just proves I'm a pure-breed 'Klang Lang'. I haven't eaten this favourite dish of mine for 2 months and won't be for the next 2 months :(

Necessity in life.

I had my hair trimmed. The saloonist ironed my hair a little and I thought it look beautiful. No, it's not that I'm saying I'm beautiful or something but I think I look neater with my hair straight. I thought I could let my mom see it, then she'll allow me to straighten my hair but too bad, I bathed (and washed the straightness away) just before they arrived.

How do I, no my hair look?

I notice my family members have the same sleeping position =.=

The Loos'..

..and even the non-Loo.

Well, it was an eventful week, alright :D

Monday, July 14, 2008

They're Staying

Apparently, I received news that students who went to PJ or Setapak for their courses will not return to Kampar. They'll have to finish their courses and graduate in their respective campuses. Which means I won't be able to meet my TD-mates anymore and which also means, one of my ex-house mate, Ah Wei, will not be my house mate ever again.


So, Ah Wei and Guat Shan's room will just be termed as Guat Shan's room now. If Shiau Ping do not change her course, she'll leave Kampar to Setapak next year leaving only me, Guat Shan and Sito in the house. But most probably my sister will be joining us next year, which makes 4 person in a house with the average of RM100 per person.

However, since the contract for the house I'm currently staying only last for 2 years, it'll expire by next year. The owner has the right to increase our rental, which I think he will since the demand for houses now is pretty high. At worst case scenario, the average rental per person will increase to maybe RM200 per person. This is not impossible, I tell you. Some houses now cost RM1000 per month and a single room in West Lake can cost up to RM300.

The ideal notice.

So, I'm wondering if we (my house mates and I) should start pasting notice around our campus to look for new house mate though I do not like the idea of living with strangers.

P/s: I apologize for the lack of update lately. It's currently raining season here in Kampar and my internet connection is usually unstable after rain. I can't load my page to actually able to blog. You have no idea how long it took to post this.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Should I?

I came across this cardigan and fell in love with it at first sight. Have a look :)

The outer yellow piece.

I measured and it's a little long so I'll have my mum to alter it for me, that is, if i bought it. Question now, it costs SD26 which is approximately RM63 inclusive of postage. Should I, or should I not buy it?

Close up look on the pattern.

The main opinions I need are from my mom and dad (since they're paying XD) but others, do let me know if I should spend my money on this. Of course, if you're kind enough, don't hesitate to present it to me! XD

Friday, July 4, 2008

Healthy Living

It's been a while since I last posted due to several reasons but the main reason is, nothing significant happened. So there's nothing for me to blog about. But anyway, just to let you know that I'm still on with this blog, I'm posting this.

I went to the gym today, as in the gym in my u
niversity. In order to use the gym, students are supposed to buy tickets which cost RM2 for a 2 hours session. I bought the tickets like quite some time ago but was too lazy and couldn't find the appropriate time to actually go to the gym.

But today, Sito's class was from 2-4 p.m. so we're able to attend the 4-6 p.m. session in the gym. I would say the gym was fairly equipped and clean. Of course, my two favourites equipments are the spinner (the stationary bike) and treadmill. I started warming up with about 15-20 mins of cycling then full 40 mins of walking on the treadmill. There were several options to choose from the modes for the type of exercise you want for the treadmill like, for instance, manual, hill, cardio, strength, fatburn or interval.

Walking is a good way to burn fat.

Just in case you don't know, ever since I came to Kampar, I've gain 4kgs! I've managed to put out 2kgs by controlling my diet. So, obviously during the exercise, I chose fatburn. Each session on the treadmill was 20 mins and I went for 2 session straight. I was quite, but not entirely, happy that I was able to burn 155.9 kilo calories :D

Plus another 101 kilo Cal for the first session
make the total of 155.9 kilo Cal!

After gym, it was 6 p.m. and Shiau Ping's test ends at 7 p.m.. So, Guat Shan, Sito and I walked around the area near Tesco and when we walked back, we talk to one of the guards (he's pretty close to me). And for the first time in my entire life, I was mistaken for being older.

Guat Shan and I, walking towards the new Tesco.

Guard : So, Eliza. How old are you?

Me : 18

Guard : Are you sure you're 18? I thought you're 20 or 21
Me : *shocked* O_O!!

Guard : 'Cuz you know, you looked mature. Not old but mature.

That was one. The second was, it was pretty normal for people to ask if I'm a mix and considering the fact that both my parents are Chinese (minus my ancestors), I would say I'm a pure Chinese. That guard, once again mistaken me for a mixture of race other people never mistaken me as.

Guard : You mix ah?

Me : No la.. I'm a pure Chinese.

Guard : Pure Chinese ah?

Me : Yep ^^

Guat Shan : She looks like mix what?

Guard : 'Cuz she's small and fair ah. Some more her face and eyes..

Guat Shan : Mix Japanese ah?

Guard : Like Chinese mix with Indian or Punjabi.
Me : *shocked* D:

Does this face looked 21 or Chinese mixed Indian/Punjabi?

I don't know if it's just the guard or I've changed. I do hope it's the former XD