Sunday, March 27, 2011

Feeling Creative Over The Weekend

Like what the title said, I was just feeling a little more creative than usual.. And managed to 'coax' Eric into modelling.

Emo pics..

Normal and more environmental pics.. Lol.

Just my favourite few. More in my Facebook album :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Light Writing

Recently, I found my passion back toward Nikcy. It's not like I lost interest in photography before this. It's just that I was busy with a lot of things and didn't really have the chance to take out my DLSR and play with it, until last week when I went to Teluk Intan (see previous post), I realized I actually miss photography a lot.

So anyway, I tried a photography style I wanted to try since long ago. It's called light writing where people use torch light to write in the air, in a dark room or area. For this technique, I had Eric to scribble and write on the air while I experiment. These are the outcomes.

It's actually a very simple technique. All is needed is to manipulate the shutter speed. Then it's my turn to write!

Interesting, isn't it? I'm longing for a new lens, 55-200mm telephoto lens. I'm still thinking if I should get it though. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jalan-jalan Cari Makan & Tangkap Gambar

Yesterday evening at 6.30 p.m., the 6 of us, Guat Shan, Sito, Hua, Eric, Jing Wei and I decided to drive down to Teluk Intan for some chee cheong fun. Since it has been quite some while since I last play around with my Nikcy, so I decided to snap a few shots and well, see if my skills improved. I doubt this though.. Lol.

Teluk Intan's famous chee cheong fun.

So we arrived thanks to a 'super map' by Hua's classmates. We got our chee cheong fun at 8 p.m. and then went to a nearby food court to have our dinner and chee chong fun. Coincidentally, there was pasar malam as well. So, being a pasar malam fan (me, that is) and being overly full, we went to the pasar malam for a light walk. I got myself a pair of adorable flip-flops. Only RM 5!!

Sito waiting for her burger.

Facebook for Sito and Gs and mine is Blogger! Lol.

It started to drizzle soon after that but we still went to the leaning pagoda because the guys never been there and Ah Hua was so anticipated to see the slanted tower. We snap some photos then left for some tea in Old Town.

The Leaning Pagoda.

The moon was supposed to be the biggest and brightest last night but it was obscured by the rain clouds.

My honey lemon.

Another passionate photographer.

I took a couple of shots during this short trip and well, what do you think? I'm interested in getting a macro lens, thanks to Miss Sito. It's a 50mm lens which cost somewhere RM400. Or perhaps I'll get a fish eye lens? Well, I'll think about it.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Infected- A Second Visit To The Doctor

I just came back from the clinic. This time round, the doctor recommend me to take an antibiotic jab. Doctors and nurses in Kampar are very nice people. They actually explain to you (when they really should) why you should take a particular medicine and how the medicines will help you. The doctor said if I was given an injection, the concentration of antibiotics to my target organ (which is my throat) is higher as compared to taking the antibiotic capsules orally where 40% or so will be excreted out of the body.

So anyway, I went ahead with the injection. It's better than coughing throughout the night and not able to sleep. After what seem like years, I don't even remember how long ago since I had my last jab on my butt. Lol. But this time is not exactly on my butt, more like my hips.

This visit costs me slightly more. I was given a stronger antibiotic, cough mixture and phlegm-diluent and it's RM 50. Pretty reasonable but the dispensary nurse kept explaining to me that the antibiotic pills I'm given are very good pills and are far stronger than the previous ones so it's more expensive. Like she's feeling guilty for charging a high price.

Well, I hope there'll be no more third visit.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I haven't been very well since 2 Saturdays ago. The symptoms were the usual runny and blocked nose, sore throat, fever-ish, coughing and sore limbs. Naturally, I would definitely though of cold. I did not bother about it for a couple of days till I felt a little worse even after getting some flu inhaler from Sito. Then I started to take some traditional herbal pills I got from Chinese drug stores. Consumed for a day or two and there were no changes, then I tried traditional herbal tea. No changes as well. But heck, I did not pay much attention to my condition. What do you expect anyway when I have 2 reports due (luckily one got extended) and 2 tests (on the same day, to boot!) in a week followed by a report and another test and next, thesis.

So, I coughed till I vomited twice, rest in between my studies and work but my health did not improve and my voice got more and more hoarse. Till one night, when I was out to watch football, I talked till I completely lose my voice. Completely! Never there was once in my life I completely lost my voice. The worst I've endured before this was hoarseness and that's all. But this did no scare me either. I knew my voice will come back to me the next day and yes, it did. Only it got a little sexy and 'shy' to come out (I had to scream to produce a low volume voice). Lol.

2 other are liquids, not shown here.

We all know about the emergence of H1N1 lately and my family, one by one, called and persuaded me to visit the doctor. Finally last night, after 13 days of torture, I went to the clinic. The doctor diagnosed me with laryngitis. It's a type of viral infection on my larynx, that is my voice cord. This is why my voice box is non-functional. I was given 7 types of medication and cost me RM 45. One of the medicine given was antibiotic. I was so tempted to ask the doctor why did he prescribe me with antibiotic when I got a virus infection. Antibiotic does not work on viruses but as a typical Asian, I did not ask. I started taking the drugs since last night and it has been 4 doses since but I haven't felt better. Let's hope for the best! I want to speak loudly like I used to ><