Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Around Perak

On the 28th, I was supposed to visit Thailand (again) with my family and my kayah's friend. Due to some reasons, my kayah's friend couldn't make it. Instead, my family with my 7th aunt's went to Sungkai Hot Spring, or so we were supposed to go only there. We finally visited several destinations.

Cousins! :D

Destination 1 : Sungkai Hot Spring.

Remember the place Leon went? Because that's the place we went. I visited the website and it seemed like a really nice place to go. Unfortunately, we picked the wrong day to visit. UTP had their family day on the same day and there were plenty people. It was difficult to find a nice spot to relax and swim or play with water.

The main pool. Nope, the water is not hot. It's like your tap water.

The egg-boilling pond. Look at the further end, people are soaking their feet.
What do you get? Smelly feet flavoured eggs. And they love it X(

We also thought that there was canoeingand jungle trekking. When my dad went to enquire, the activites mentioned are held around that area not in that area. Anyway, we finally found a shady spot to soak our legs in the warm (42-50 degree Celcius) water. About an hour or so later, we packed and headed to our next destination.

See my mom on the phone? That's fake. It's her pose =.=

Destination 2 : Lata Kijang.

We didn't plan to visit this place in the first place. It's just that it was still early when we left Sungkai so we dropped by Lata Kijang instead. I've been this place once with my house mates and Guat Shan's grandparents early 2007.

Peace to the world XD

We stopped here for less than an hour. It was hot and crowded and there were some people, lie around on big rocks, which were very ugly sight. I feel like telling them, 'Hey, your house no bed ah? No bed also got floor right?'

Destination 3 : Bidor.

Stopped here for lunch. That's all. And my mom wanted to buy jambus which cost RM10 for 6 bijis D:

Destination 4 : Kampar.

We stopped here the longest. We had vegetarian lunch, yes vergetarian. People who know me might be surprised becase vegetarian food is not really my thing but honestly, the food was good.

Looked like fish, pork, chiken but they are not. Looks can be deceiving.

After that we visited the oh-so-famous lake everyone visits when they come to Kampar. My aunt, uncle, kayah and parents chatted and my cousins ran around while my sis and I talked to Shiau Ping. My aunt's family went back Klang after visiting my house but my family stayed overnight.

Did some cleaning and repair borken stuff since we'll be returning to our 'hostel' in 2 weeks time. Next morning, as usual, we went to my mom's favourite place, the market (=.=) and had breakfast there.

Hello Golden Ratio tea! Hello my favourite poridge!

There are a couple of changes in Kampar. I'm doing this for Sito and Guat Shan so they can be mentally prepared when they return in 2 weeks:

There are 2 extra blocks in our university.

There's a new park, where according to Shiau Ping, wedding photos are taken, in Westlake.

Our 'bandung campuran' place no longer exist :'(

This is Shiau Ping, our house mate, just in case you guys forgot who is fellow is.

My mom, dad and kayah were looking for Chinese New Year decorators and we went all the way to the next destination to look for them.

Destination 5 : Simpang Pulai.

Like I've mentioned, we came all the way here, stopped for no more than 30 minutes to get a few Chinese New Year decorators.

Destination 6 : Teluk Anson.

Tada! The Clock Tower and my face! XD

Or also known as Teluk Intan though I prefer the former name. Teluk Intan sound so lame. My dad decided to use the coastal road this time to go back and stop by Teluk Anson to buy their local specialties like 'heong peng' and stuff. Also visited their landmark (again) the Clock Tower. We were supposed to have fruits rojak where I once had when Ah Wei's dad fetched us to Kampar. I failed to locate that place so we did not have any :'(

Destination 7 : Sekinchan.

The earliest dinner ever at 4 p.m.. Seafood! Yum! But they're not that good compared to the ones in Tanjung Sepat.

Destination 8 : Klang :)

Finally, after 7 destinations, a car full of whatever-my-mom-bought and 2 days, we finally reached home. And I managed to watch football!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

RM20 and An Hour to Being Young

After 2 and a half years of not having bangs, I suddenly miss my bangs. I suddenly miss being young. So, I went to the saloon today and got my childish bangs back.

I usually went to A Cut Above but this time, my mom brought me to Ahead, the saloon opposite ACS secondary. Before I start my complaints, please note that I am not upset because of my new hair cut.

I went to the saloon in the afternoon. Upon arrival, I got my hair ironed. I thought, 'Okay. That was pretty fast'. About 10 minutes later, ironing done. Then, I waited and waited and an hour passed.

When it was finally my turn, I got my hair cut under 10 minutes. No joke. It was my bangs that they cut, after all. And guess how much that cost?

Look! My old bangs!

A freaking RM20!

It's not that I'm stingy or something and forget the wait, but do you think it's reasonable to pay RM20 to cut (less than 10cm long) a bundle of hair less than 1cm in diameter? No hair wash, no styling. Just plain snapping ends of hair off.

Yes, I'm pretty satisfied with my hair and I can credit the wait since there was only one person getting the job done, but I honestly think cutting such bangs did not require an RM20 skill. Oh, did I mention there was a banner outside the saloon with 'RM9.99 for student (girl)' written on it in bold?

I'm never returning to that saloon.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

If you didn't receive any present this year, that's because there weren't enough reindeers to pull Santa's cart. Apparently, two of them were slacking off.

That's my niece, Cassandra. It took a lot of effort to snap this photo because she was running (more like walking since she just learned to walk) around and all other photos taken made her looks like The Flash. And yes, I know she's cute. It's in the Loo family genes to be cute *points at self* LOL! Ok, that was a joke. Oh, just in case you didn't notice, she was wearing Santa's hat ^^

Ho Ho Ho everyone! :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Welcoming Mr. Winter!

It's my favourite Chinese festival today! Yes! The 'ee kia' festival a.k.a. 'tong yuen' festival.

Bon apetite!

Every year since 3 years ago, I'll make something out of the tong yuens instead of just spheres. What I make depends on my current interest that time, whatever appears in my mind or just some random shapes.

3 years ago, I made a snowman. It's just something that pop-ed up in my mind while I was helping my mom to make them.

2 years ago, it was Orange Range! I was so crazy over them, I made the logo.

Sadly, last year I wasn't at home to make them but my family came over to Kampar to make them for my housemates and I. I did post that up. Check the archive under November 2007, if you're interested.

This year, however, it's my wish! Here's a hint.

Can't see it? Have a close-up look.

I'm not that selfish, I'm sharing this wish with everyone who needs a 4.0. And I'm so kind to help you guys eat it. Lol!

Happy eating! Don't choke! :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

100 Miles to Shop

I went to Penang again. But this time, just a one day trip. And the purpose is? Shopping!

My tee compliments the 'jata negeri' :D

That's right. I'm too rich, I don't want to shop in any of the plenty shopping complexes in KL or Klang and went all the way to Penang to shop yesterday. Great, huh? Lol. The truth is, my dad had to attend a meeting in Penang yesterday and since my sis, mom and I have nothing to do at home, we decided to tag along.

We left at about 9 a.m. and arrived at 1.45 p.m.. My dad left us at Komtar and went for his meeting.

Komtar is the landmark of Penang, or so I heard but when I visit that place I abosolutely have no idea why so. It's a tall building, yes but the interior is like well, Pudu bus station? Here's what happened when my sis, mom and I was in Komtar.

Tall building on right is Komtar and shorter on left is Pragin Mall.

All three : *walk and look around*
Me : Is this Komtar? Looks like a bus station.
Mom and sis : ...
Me : Let's ask someone here if this is Komtar.
Sis : *points at a bulletein that reads 'Happenings in Komtar'*
Mom : This is Komtar.
All three : *speechless and shocked*

After that we headed to the so-called Rooftop Cafeteria just to see it's closed! And the elevator we took earlier, the door was unable to close. We gave up and left that building for lunch in a nearby cafe. Not to mentioned, I was burnt under the 3 p.m. sun to walk to the cafe.

Yes, I ate before snapping a picture ^^;

Since there was still time, we visited Pragin Mall and it was so much better. At least we went from Pudu bus station to Sungai Wang! And I bought a couple of items.

A pair of milk cows, a belt, a necklace and a pair of shoe! :D

10 hours journey to shop for 2 hours and eat for 30 minutes. So, yes, we are too free.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

New Toy!

I got a new toy! I bought a new Mp3 player today! Yay~

The reason I bought it is because it's not the 'ear plug' type.

It's very much similar to my old one, only thing is that this one is foldable and cooler. I know, I know. I've only bought my previous one for like how many months? Less than 3 and have only used it twice but hey, this new one suits me more! :D

A disadvantage is however, it's battery operated.

Anyway, just a short update to let people know that I'm cool (LOL!) and so that people won't think this blog is dead.

P/s : Apparently not only my modem was struck by lightning but my router too. Everyone at home is able to online now except me! I don't understand why. There's this error message saying my laptop is unable to get a certificate for the network. What is that supposed to mean? How do I fix it? Is this some kind of a punishment for someone who sticks to her laptop? :(

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I'm so desperate right now.

First my modem, now my router.

I haven't properly online for almost a week now and it's driving me crazy!

On a random note, I want to live in New York :D

P/s : I'm doing this update secretly in office. So, I have no pictures and it's short. The only picture I have is Guat Shan's in my pendrive. It's irrelevent so I'm not posting it up :p