Friday, August 27, 2010

Boom Boom!

I went to PC Fair Ipoh earlier and got myself a pair of little speakers. They are like 2.5 inches cubes which cost RM 39. They're not as good as my brother's speaker at home but good enough to give me the extra volume my laptop couldn't provide me with. Lol.

Maybe I can start clubbing in my own room now XD Nah.. impossible. The bass is not good enough!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Girls Night Out

It's been a while since I, or rather we, actually went out for anything, movies, random trip to somewhere or whatever. All because of heavy workloads and tests! Finally, after what seem like weeks of not knowing what 'Friday' is, last night, Guat Shan and I went for a 'date'. Yes, just the both of us.

We skipped badminton session with the rest of the guys because we really felt it was so long ago since we last watched a movie or just simply window shop.

We went for dinner at 6 in a Chinese mamak stall (you read it right, Chinese.) with Hua dn Eric. Then we drove down to Ipoh Parade for shopping. Couple of hours later, we met up with Kang and Lee Nel, whom coincidentally were in Ipoh. We hang around for a little while, while waiting for our movie.

We caught the first screening of 'Grown Ups'. A good movie as expect from Adam Sandlers but well, it wasn't as funny as expected.

It was just a normal outing but it was good :D

Sunday, August 8, 2010


I'm back in Klang for my second brother. He'll be back for 3 weeks. Earlier during dinner, as we were eating, my brother saw a photo of Prince and I in my purse. Then, he took my purse and showed it to his girlfriend (Donna) and said, "See? Small kids.. Didn't date before. Put photo in purse all."

Then I quickly rebutted, "He's my housemate."

Okay, so my brother knew about it. He said to Donna, in a way to shoot me, "Lame la.. She has a boyfriend but she put picture of other guy in her purse."

Seeing the warning light blinking, I quickly changed the topic to something else, silently hoping the conversation was only between the three of us, and deaf to my parents' ears.

 Photo in my purse, Prince and I in prom :)

While eating, my mom suddenly pop up a question which took me more than 10 seconds to digest her question.. and I did not answer. "Eric your boyfriend, ah?"

I was stunned for a moment, don't know how to react. You see, since I was very young, my parents have this strict code that we (my siblings) are not allowed to date while we are studying. Having this rule embedded in our heads (or at least mine), I never tried to break this rule. Partly because it's already embedded in my head and partly because I was never interested in having a relationship.

So, okay, back to the dinner table. So my mom asked and I was quiet for a moment. Understanding this silent language, my dad asked in a slightly shocked tone, "Har? You got boyfriend ah?"

My mom then proudly announce that she saw it in Facebook. I sent killer glares to my sister.. She's the only one at home!! There's no way my brothers will be so kepo and show my mom. I did not approve my dad as friend (Lol. Secret revealed. Sorry, dad!) How else would my mom find out? Turned out, my sis did not log out from Facebook and while browsing my photos, she saw. 

 Eric and I, in Batu Ferringhi, Penang, early this year.

It's not that I didn't want my family to know about Eric. If I didn't want to, I wouldn't change my relationship status in Facebook. It's not that I didn't want my parents to know, it's just that having the 'No boyfriend' rule in my mind for decades, I was afraid of how they will respond to this. And another reason.. I was just too shy to be open about this matter. Lol.

How did my family members respond to this? Well, my mom seemed okay with it. My sis, she was one of the very first to know about this. My brother questioned about Eric a little and added, "Should ask him come down. Wanna interview him."

Dad did ask who Eric was. I said, "You don't know wan la.. He very low profile." Surprisingly, my dad knew who Eric was. He knew that he attended my birthday lunch. It's just that he didn't remember how Eric looked like. "Who is this Eric ah? Wanna give him a good lecture." Lol!

I was really really very shocked with my family, especially my parent's response. Never in my life I would ever thought I they will react in such a manner. It wasn't negative, I would say but yea, don't be too sure about it. And during this dinner, I found out my dad actually have very good sense of humour.

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!! *dies laughing* XD

So, well.. since my parents already know about Eric, I guess there's no more secrets ;)

P/s : How did Eric respond to this? "GG. I don't dare go Klang anymore." LOL.

Sunday, August 1, 2010



It's not even a year old. Sigh.. I wonder if I can send it for warranty? Tell them it cracked all of sudden instead of I dropped it. Lol. Guess Guat Shan and I always share the same fate. Her phone was soaked in water!

On a random note, I can't wait for week 13 (another 3 weeks) to come.. PANGKOR this sem! :D