Wednesday, February 27, 2008

7 Facts Revealed

Some random 7 facts about myself. Guess some of them were already known by people around me though.

1. I don't bathe more than 5 times a day (unless I have to) because I'm lazy to go through the pre-bathing process (like choosing what clothes to wear, match them up etc.)

2. I used to think dieting is a silly thing but I'm dieting now. Yet, I still think people who are dieting but tying to make a scene as if s/he isn't, is a silly thing.

3. I love singing. Like a lot. A LOT. But I reckon to do that in public or at least in front of people I'm not really close to because I'm embarrassed of how the tone will turn out when I sing.

4. Everywhere I go, everything I see and anything I heard, I try make them as my inspiration to write my new story.

5. I think writing is a very cool thing because I can express my fantasies, dreams, thought and everything in words. Maybe that was why I wanted to take up journalism in university but I will not allow people to read what I wrote because I have a feeling they'll look at me differently after they read them.

6. I always think that Science students are more proper than Arts students in many ways (and I'm trying to delete this negative thought away and no, Sito, this doesn't apply to you since you used to be a Science student.)

7. Not only me, but my housemates (Especially Sito) notice that I prefer certain type of guys. According to her, I like gay guys but to me, I simply prefer guys who are a little, very little effeminate because they looked more gentleman.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Being A Tourist in Taiping

I've mentioned earlier in my previous post that I'll be going to Taiping before my third sem starts and Wei Chyi would be the tour guide this time. Yes, indeed, 6 of us- Guat Shan, Ah Wei, Leon, Sito, Kenji and myself- went Taiping for a 2 days 1 night trip.

We got there by a bus from Kampar to Ipoh the we exchange bus from Ipoh to Taiping. The total cost for one way ticket was RM 9.70 and it was about a 2.5 hours long journey. But before I mention about Taiping, we, as in the Klang-ians left our hometown at 10 a.m and arrived at Kampar at 12 p.m. We packed a little and left for Ipoh on a 2 p.m bus. The weather in Kampar is so hot and dry that the once green healthy grass field now turned golden. On our way to Ipoh, we passed by a cemetery and it was fuming! Imagine how hot it was to the extend where the dried grass burnt on its own.

But anyway, we reach Ipoh approximately 1 hour later and met up with Kenji and Wei Chyi there (because we took separate bus from different locations). We then bought RM 6.45 tickets for a bus ride to Taiping at 3.30 p.m. After 1.5 hours in that utterly stuffy and hot bus, we arrived in Taiping dripping wet with perspiration. Wei Chyi's mom was there waiting for us. We were confused if she was Wei Chyi's mom or elder sister since she looked pretty young. Perhaps at Guat Shan's mom age. That's not the point. So anyway, we went straight to Wei Chyi's place, washed up, met up with Huay Wern and went for dinner.


Our dinner was quite feastful and it was quite cheap for such dinner. It cost us RM68 for a 5 dish dinner which consist of fish, chicken, veg, tofu, and pork. After filling our stomachs, the tour guide took us around Taiping's famous Lake Garden. We did not went down and walk, just looked through the car window since it was dark and that place wasn't very well lit. Wei Chyi even took us to Taman Eliathamby. In Tamil, Eliathamby means people who are borned with Kilnefelter disease (a polite term for 'pondans'). Then, we went to the zoo for night safari. The safari wasn't as interesting as the one I've been in Singapore but it was special since we can either choose to walk or ride on the tram. But it made the RM10 ticket worth the price when we heard the panther and tiger roared, hippopotamuses 'sniffed', put our lives in danger to snap a pic or two of rhinoceroses, screamed and jumped when we saw a tiny frog hopped, took illegal pictures in the safari and 'scolded' the animal to work OT.

The night safari venturers.

At 11.30 p.m, we've finished venturing the zoo and went for supper. Well, if you're from Klang or KL, you must have thought we went for mamak. But no. In Taiping, supper means Wantan Mee. To be precise, Wantan Mee without wantan. Weird as it is, it was delicious. That night, we slept in late at 3 a.m due to addictive card playing.

Wantan-less Wantan mee.

Early next morning, at 8.30 a.m, though it was supposed to be 7.30 a.m, we went to Lake Garden. We made a conclusion that Taiping people are just too hardworking and healthy. There were so many of them exercising. Anyway, we walked around the really wide garden. I did not counted but I think there were about, maybe 7 lakes there. Just walking around half the area took us about 2 hours. We went for some delicious carrot cake for breakfast then went back to washed up.

One part of the garden.

My favourite part in the garden. It's so ancient Greek.

One of the many man-made lakes.

Guat Shan being very happy at the lover's bridge.

The giants invading the children's slide.

The park. Feels like spring in a foreign country, no?

Delicious carrot egg plus egg for breakfast.

At noon, returned to the garden for boat paddling. We visited Wei Chyi's school and a really well kept cemetery of the English soldiers whom lives were taken during the Japanese occupation. It was hot as hell! Which was why our tour guide took us for erm.. ice. It's true! That stall serves all types of ice. I ordered 'leng chee kang' and I was served with ice. More like ice blended leng chee kang.

Credits to Wei Chyi for this photo.

Trust me, it wasn't easy to snap this picture.

Ice-blended leng chee kang.

Ah Wei's watermelon ice.

We were supposed to go for lunch and meet up with Wei Chyi's friends but we decided not to go since we weren't really hungry and well, we were pretty tired, especially the tour guide. We stayed at home, played cards for a while and then left for Kampar.

It was a short trip but it was fun and fulfilling to me. There were a lot of places and things to visit in Taiping compared to Ipoh. Not to mention, we have a really good tour guide who tried to to spent us.. but failed :D Thanks though, Wei Chyi! We also learned that Taiping people are not very good translators ^^;

Shouldn't it be 'Jalan Utama' or 'Taming Sari Road' ?

Shouldn't it be 'Jalan Air Terjun'?

P/s: This is a little out of topic but I slept at 5.30 a.m this morning. Why? Well, there was Newcastle vs. Manchester United match last night and heh, the latter, the better one won 5-1 *proud* Watch out Gunners, the Devils are coming! But the match ended at 3.20 a.m. My anime addiction is back and that explained why for the earlier question.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Being A Tour Guide

Some of my university friends came down to Klang and KL from their different hometowns; Khai Chiah from Penang, Wei Chyi from Taiping and Kenji from Kajang. We went out yesterday and earlier today and we, the Klang-ians act as tour guides.

From left, Khai Chiah, Wei Chyi and Kenji.

Yesterday, we toured a small part of KL. Initially, Kenji wanted to visit Sunway Lagoon (dry park) but to his despair, Sunway Lagoon was closed. So, we (me, Ah Wei and Sito) decided on Times Square instead since they wanted theme park, or so we thought. However, Sito wasn't able to join us in that trip due to certain reasons. On the very next day, we left Klang at 9.30 in the morning for Times Square and we met the visitors at the Monorail station.

Upon arriving, our plan was to go for the rides in the theme park, have or lunch, go for movie then bowling. However, we changed our plan a little when we realized that the theme park will only open at 12 p.m on weekdays. Thus, we went for Movie (Dan in Real Life) and then to the theme park. Before the movie which was at 12.15 p.m, we have a little bit of time to hang around. We ate breakfast, went to a bookstore and we were offered free Star Bucks coffee!

The free StarBucks black coffee which normally causes RM10 per cup.

The massive amount of sugars we used to 'neutralize' the black coffee.

After the movie, we played and all. I was kind of like surprised that the visitors cannot actually stand the rides. One of them even vomitted! Being too 'stirred' and dizzy, Wei Chyi asked, "Who suggested to come here?" I replied, "Well, since Kenji said you guys wanted Sunway Lagoon but it's close, and we thought of something similar. So, here, Times Square Theme Park." We (Klang-ians) were kind of surprised when they (the visitors) were confused. They didn't know that Sunway Lagoon dry park was all about exciting rides. Oh well ^^;

DNA-Mixer. The cause of vomitting and dizziness of our dear visitors.

Anyway, we exit the theme park quite early since they visitors can't take anymore of the rides. We went for lunch, shop a little and then we took separate paths. During lunch, the guys went for chicken buffet but since the girls couldn't handle big amount of food and to maximize our utility (on money, that is) the girls went for toasts. I order egg toast and trust me, it's the world most instant food ever!

Order taker : Can I have your order, miss?

Me : Egg toast and cold Milo, please.
Order taker : That will be RM6.
Me : *taking out money pretty fast* *food arrived before my money was ou

And just in case you are thinking that it's McDonalds like kind of fast food restaurant where you need to self order at the counter, no, it wasn't. It's a small cafe where I sat quite far from the counter (to be able to hear my orders) and the order taker came to my table to get my order. And the food was sent to my table in just a matter of seconds!

The fastest egg toast ever!

As for today, Wei Chyi and Kenji came and visit Klang. Khai Chiah couldn't make it because he bought earlier bus ticket to return to Kampar. So anyway, Guat Shan and I took both the guys to well, 'tour' Klang. Honestly, being a tour guide especially in a town with not much attraction site wasn't an easy job. This is the sequence of events or places that we took the visitors to:

10.00 a.m - The visitors arrived at Teluk Pulai station. We picked them up and went for Bah Kut Teh.

Kenji and Wei Chyi at the temple.

Like this pic. Nice?

11.45 a.m - After breakfast, we went Kuan Yin Temple for a visit. It was my first time visiting too since the renovation and yes, the temple was beautiful though I personally prefer old centuries old temples. They give me this praying kind of feeling. Haha..

Wei Chyi took this pic. He said it's like a miracle that I'm reading Chinese ^^;

12.20 p.m - Guat Shan drove us around the familiar part of Klang. We showed them places like the Alam Shah Istana and explained to them that that was where our deceased Agong was burried. Then Guat Shan drove to our ex-school and final destination was my house.

12.30 p.m - All four of us played cards (as usual) until 1.30 p.m where Guat Shan then send them back to train station and I was told by Kenji that they went MidValley for a last movie before returning to Kampar (sounds pretty miserable, huh?)

So, that was my experience being a tour guide for two days. I have to admit that I'm a pretty bad tour guide but I was touched when I received 2 messages from Wei Chyi and Kenji.

Thx 4 bringing us to Klang... We appreciate it. ~Kenji

Thx you 4 bringing us 2 everywhere of Klang n let us earn a lot of money. v will remember it the rest of our life! ^.^ ~Wei Chyi

Oh~ How much I love my friends! I'll be going back to Kampar 2 days from today and we'll be visiting Taiping. This time, it's Wei Chyi's turn to be the tour guide. Looking forward towards that trip ^^

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Maybe too much pineapple tarts, mandrin oranges, ba kua and soft drinks.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Dids' On CNY

It's the 5th day of Chinese New Year and since I took quite a number of pictures during this festival, lets have a look on what I did during the New Year.

My 2 of my favourite nieces. Somehow it feels like I'm more of their elder sister instead of an aunt. And oh, that's earthworm gummy bears sticking out of our mouth. We just love that candy.

One the right, it's Joellle and the one in pink is Emerald. I notice that she's quite a poser. And I mean it. Her poses are beyond what normal 3 year old can do.

Of course, there's always friend's house visiting. First house was Ah Jin's house. He's a friend from my university. Oh~ I love the grand piano.

Second place was Ah Wei's. Kind of, you know, touched(?) to receive ang pow from her dad when her family wasn't supposed to give out ang pows since her gradma passed away not long ago.

Followed by Sito's place. Her brother claimed that he's a professional camera man. You judge based on the pic he took above :P

Next up, Calesta's place. I would say it's most unexpected to visit her house since I've never visited this place before. She messaged me one night and invited me over for lunch!

And I've also met my old school friend in Calesta's house. The picture above was me and Sze Lyn, a girl from my school who shares the same birthday as me. Finally meet her after 2 years!

Finally, my house. We gambled and all. But before my place was Guat Shan's place. Guess we've forgotten to snap a pic over there.

Also, I've managed to snap a few pic of my newest niece, Cassandra, my er ker and er sau's daughter. Kawaii, ne? ^^

The firework caught on camera. Pic taken on New Year eve.

I haven't counted how much I got from the ang pows' this year. Let's hope it's more than last year. Haha!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

My kayah (goddad) brought home a box of apples yesterday. I thought the box looked kind of special. Normal apple boxes are shapped cuboid. This special box, however, is cuboid as well but it's shorter in height.

My mom told me that that box of apple cost about RM 400 and I thought what could be so special about the apples in that box that made it cost so much? Gold coated apples, perhaps? Then, my mom cut the tape around the box to reveal the apples in there.

Nope, they weren't gold coated.

Yes, you counted right. There were only 10 apples in there. And since the box of apples cost RM 400, each apple is approximately RM 40. Still don't think it's special enough to cost that much? Well, lets us compare the size of the apples.

As tall as a breakfast mug.

Comparing with a green apple.

Huge, huh? So, do you think it's worth the money now?

Fuji Apples.

I wonder how they'll taste like?

Monday, February 4, 2008

Battlefield Experience

If you know me well enough, you'll know that I have a set of camouflage clothes for everything! I have camouflage trousers, a camouflage short, hat, cap, flip-flop and undergarments. Why? Simply because I love army!! I like army because I find it very challenging and exciting where you have barriers to go through, you can shoot guns, you'll have to hike, jump, run, crawl, and make full use of your body parts. But I do not like army to the extend of how, another friend of mine likes them.

But anyway, a spoiler before I move on to the post today.

Yes, I went for paintball. And yes, it was my first time playing. Edric, being very kind, made this plan and took us (my sis and I) to Bukit Jalil to play Action Paintball. Initially I though there were only three of us but no, he brought along his other friends, in which his other friends, brought along their friends. So, in total, there were seven of us playing paintball yesterday.

The battlefield.

Before the game, I was told by a lot of different sources that being hit by the pallets (the bullets) hurt like hell. My fear the pallets increased when Edric asked me to wear protective 'gears' like long sleeves, double shirt, thick long pants, gloves and stuff like that. I was thinking, 'Gosh! I have to wear all these when chest protector and face mask are already provided? It must have hurt as hell! I better not get shot!'

The gears- maker, pallets, chest guard and face mask.

So, that was what I kept in mind. Shoot, but don't get shot. The first round of the game, I didn't get shot but I shot one person. One, is the Italy guy (I still don't know his name but he's Italy guy because he wore original Italy jersey yesterday). That Italy guy was my teammate and I shot him! It wasn't on purpose. My aiming just went crocked a little but hey, it was my first time shooting using a marker (the gun), ok?

The second round, I managed to shoot another opponent, Nicholas. Yay! But the following round, he got his revenge and shot me right on my right calf. I thought it would hurt and force my tears out but, no. It stung the second he shot it and hurt a little after that but nothing beyond the little 'heaty feeling'.

Looks like a mosquito bite, huh?

Towards the end of the day, about 5 plus, we played one-on-one and I think that was the best part. Because in one-on-one, you can't go shooting like some mad person. You can't lure your opponent out that way. You'll have to sneak around, hide yourself from your opponent's view and only shoot at the right time. Oh, did I mention we were only provided with 10 pallets? Yep, that was how we have to use our brains and think of ways not to get noticed by the opponent. The best part was, at the last one-on-one with my sis, I charged forward and UNPROTECTED towards her. I stood in front of her and shot her but that stupid marker went wrong and I got shot instead. TWICE! The pain was nothing compared to the satisfaction I felt. In total, I was shot DEAD twice but was shot (not dead) about 4-5 times.

Give it up, sucker!

Before I end this post, I learned that there are several strategies to play this shooting game. Edric and Lambert played the communication type. Edric would report the location of the opponent to Lambert and he would shoot the opponent. It's a very calm strategy and the chance of winning is high, if you can communicate well with your teammates. On the other hand, Nicholas and the half black-half gold hair guy played the charging type. They'll charge forward and shoot at the opponent once the marshalls announce the start of the game.

The calm communicative strategy.

Though I prefer games that require strategies, but the calmness of the game made me feel it's lack of excitement. And way too calm for a battlefield. So, I chose the charging type. It was really challenging. The chances of you surviving was just 50-50. You either shoot, or you get shot. And it requires a little of thinking as well like which bunker the opponent is, where should you hide and which direction should you run to.

The exciting charging strategy.

All in all, paintball is certainly my type of sport. It requires both physical and mental strength and it is a heck of a game. If only I was exposed to paintball earlier, I would have been a better player that joins tournaments BUT maybe that was a little impossible as well because paintball sure is an expensive sport.