Sunday, September 28, 2008

Being Unbias

I actually learnt this in my Political Science. Since we were dealing with people manipulating symbols, we had to guard ourselves against biases. Now that I do not have anymore politics to study, I found the 4 techniques pretty useful in life. Which is why I'm sharing.

You see, when we're told something by someone, we tend to take in the information either raw or filtered. If the information are filtered, most of the time, only 70% filtered because human mind will always favor what he or she likes. Nothing can limit what a person wants to think or believe except that person him/herself.

Another thing is, one would usually see right in him or herself. For instance, if you had an argument with your mom, you would surely say your mom is the one at fault. But how sure are you? You see, an argument occurs because there's one or more conflicting ideas. So, where do all those conflicting ideas come from?

The first thing you need to consider when there's an argument or when you need to make a decision, is reasoning. Reason is a technique where you make an assumption.

Think of lots of maybes'

For example, when your mom scolds you all of sudden for something you do not understand, make an assumption. Maybe something like, 'Okay, she misunderstood something.' or 'She's in bad mood, I can see.'

I know you might think that if your mom scolds you just because she's in foul mood, certainly she's at fault. Yes, but think about it. If you're in bad mood, you want a release too. The only difference is, your mom is being more irrational by releasing it on you. See, another assumption. The assumption may be wrong, but it definitely make you feel better.

Balance, to me, is a very important technique whenever you deal with people. Because everyone have different thinking, we cannot run away from this technique. In balance, we were taught to see things from different angles.

I strongly practice this. By the way, the picture above was one of my wallpaper.

Let's say you heard a gossip about yourself circulating in school. And you heard that gossip was started by one of your friends. What do you do? Cut your ties with that friend? Well, maybe but before you do anything irrational, think of why would that friend of yours said such gossip?

Perhaps in his or her opinion, that gossip wasn't wrong. Maybe, in her opinion, she was telling the truth and not a mere gossip. But what she saw was a mistake which makes her true statement a gossip. You might say, well, if it isn't her matter, then don't bother. Like I've mentioned earlier, we can't control a human mind, now can we?

So, in other words, in balance, what may seem right in your eyes might not be the case for another. Look through different perspectives!

Theoretical and Supported with Evidence
The remaining two aren't very applicable but might be useful in certain situations.

Theoretical tells us that not everything in life is an argument. When someone tells you something and you're not pro with it, there's no need for you to correct that person. S/he is just stating her/his opinions. If you did, however, corrected that person with your idea,
an argument starts.

The same thing when you're making a decision. When person A tells you that person C is talking shit about you because s/he was jealous of you and person B tells you that person C did so because she wanted to betray you, you don't need to purposely choose one to believe in. They're just stating their opinion or what they heard from some other people.
There's no need to support any side of the argument.

Do research before concluding what you think is right.
Don't be surprise when the truth might not turned out what you think it was.

Supported with evidence, well, it's basically about doing a little research before concluding something. This is useful, for me, at least, during shopping, to avoid overspending. LOL. Well, at least I'm no bias towards the things I want to buy or have bought.

They say you only live once. So, live it as you like.
True, but others only live once as well.
So, don't let how you live (making decisions) effect other's life.

The bottom line is, whatever argument there is, whatever decision there is no make, stay neutral. Don't take sides. It'll make your day. Well, at least it works for me :D

Have a nice day!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Bloggie

It started a year and a few days ago when Guat Shan, Ah Wei and Sito urged me to create a blog. Guat Shan said that I have a lot to talk (or I prefer the word 'share' XD) so I should start one. Ah Wei said it would be interesting and Sito had recently (at that time) started a blog.

Before I started blogging, I was actually hesitating. Reasons are:

~ I'm afraid I might just be 'hangat hangat tahi ayam'
~ I'm afraid I wouldn't have the time (konon nya la~~)
~ I'm afraid my life wouldn't be that interesting to share

But I created one anyway.

Happy 1st Birthday,!

And look, my little blog celebrated his (yes, I want my blog to be a 'he') first birthday this year. And through this blog, I made a couple of new friends. The most obvious one, guess who?

MR. XIAN FU *applauses*
(I hope I got the right person)

To everyone who reads, thanks for reading all this while and I hope you'll continue reading :D

Monday, September 22, 2008

Group Haircut

First ever outing, ever since I came back to Klang, was to Sunway Pyramid. More precisely, to A Cut Above, to get our hair cut, obviously.

Our appointment for the hair cut was at 2 p.m. but we left early at about 10.30 a.m. to catch a 12.20 p.m. Love Guru. But we had our branch at Subway first.

Guat Shan, your eye need a drink or something?

After lunch we went for our movie and managed to snap a pic or two in the cinema toilet. When we were about to snap a group photo, someone suddenly walked in! That was embarrassing.

At this exact moment, a girl walked in and *covers face* it was embarrassing.

The movie was just so-so. It was lame .

So, the movie last for 90 minutes which was about the time for our hair appointments. We had our respective hair dressers. My hair dresser was Sara. She's quite friendly, telling me about hair, herself, about she's from Ipoh and stuff.

Before the haircut.

My sis, Guat Shan, Ah Wei and I had our hair washed, cut and blown whereas Shiau Ping did an additional perm. You know, those kind of frizzy spoilt-hair-like perm.

Some PJ people.. XD

The duration for wash, cut and blow was 2 hours. We went to Kim Gary and met up with Guat Shan's cousin whereas my sis went to meet up with her friends who coincidentally were having fun at Lagoon, while waiting for Shiau Ping.

Ta-da! How do we look?

After haircut. I know my hair is curly but I did not curle it.
This hair style is called double layer :D

After an hour and a half, Shiau Ping's hair, I don't know, looked like half burnt but she liked it. I guess that was all matters anyway. I teased her through out the whole time I was with her and shockingly, my mom said it was nice. Shockingly, because my mom isn't the type who, in my opinion, likes those kind of hair style.

I was too caught up with teasing her I forgot
to snap a picture of her with her new hair do :(

We lingered around, shopped around and finally went home at 7 p.m.. The entire journey in the car was insane. We used songs played on the radio to describe each other's hair. I was insanely lame, I could committ suicide.

Our next destinations (as planned for now) are:

~ to have 'tong sui' on next Monday
~ to Cheras pasar malam on next Wednesday
~ to Sri Hatamas for seesha (however you spell it) next Wednesday as well

I'm so looking forward! :D

Saturday, September 20, 2008

JB Birthday BBQ

Last Tuesday was JB Elephant's birthday but because it was exam week, we decided to postponed his birthday celebration to yesterday. I know, 'What? JB Elephant?', right? His actual name is Wee Huat but for some unknown reasons, he's called JB Elephant. JB for short.

JB, Bangladesh (Jun Hong, reason for nick name is unknown), Ahmad (Chun Sern) and Parkinson (Chen Fai) were all Guat Shan's classmate actually. But they're my lecture mates as well.

Anyway, so the BBQ was planned like 2 weeks ahead. But the real planning only started on Thursday. We (Guat Shan, Sito and I) were in charged of chicken wings and stuff whereas the guys were in charged of sausages, nauggets etc.

Before the BBQ started, there were several tasks we need to do like getting bricks, frying the food, preparing the drinks, cutting the fruits etc. and call it gender bias but, yes, the girls were in charged of these tasks. Thanks to Shiau Peng (no, not my housemate. This is another girl from my lecture class) who came earlier to help around, we got things done faster.

Sito was an expert at fruits cutting but Shiau Peng had some difficulties removing
the skin. The slices were supposed to be triangle but they turned out square.

Pencuri bricks!!

*Points to the right* See? I helped as well, okay?

The BBQ was supposed to be held in the Johorian's house but they asked if we could change the venue to our house in stead. Well, I guess we had to since they do not have any furniture in their house. Yes, no furniture at all. They have a broom hung on their living hall as a portrait, for God's sake.

So, the guys came over to my house at about 7 p.m. to start the fire. They brought along one of their friend, who was also one of Guat Shan's classmate, Eng Hui (I think). Eng Hui was very helpful as well.

They were fast at starting the fire.
Intro: from left, Bangladesh, Ahmad, JB, Eng Hui.

Eng Hui.

Not long after that, the BBQ started. We had some good laughs at Bangladesh's jokes, JB's silly actions, Parkinson's words and their overall conversation. They're just so funny!!

They ate.. whatever JB BBQ-ed for himself.

Can you smell it? No? Try coming nearer to the screen :D

BBQ-ed chocolate banana!

Yes, I know Parkinson. The corn was delicious but no need to eat until so ganas la..

When the BBQ had just started and the guys were still into BBQ-ing.
After like 5 minutes, they got bored of it.

Like always, there's cho tai tee!

Need I say more? Cho Tai Tee is practically a tradition!

Then it was birthday-song singing time. I looked at the cake and I was like, "Oh my god! He's 20 already!". I mean, I know he was turning 20 but it has always been like, you know, a party for someone my age or a year elder but this was like 2o! The first digit is no longer 1. It's 2! You probably don't get what I mean but no worries, I planned to blog about age sometime soon :)

Look! 2 big candles! No longer one big candle.

The belated birthday boy.. I mean man(?)

We had a little chat, plans for the long breaks and soon, the Johorians (except Parkinson who was from Kampar itself) went back home. Then, we (the housemates and Shiau Peng) went to Ghany for the last time before we head home the next day.

I know the 2 bottles, right? But I did not even have a sip.
I'm a good girl :D

Shiau Peng and Ah Wei.

Ermm... I guess they're drunk? Nahhh! Just joking XD

Bangladesh: I've always wanted to be a cute girl! How do I look? *wink*

I'm now back in Klang and no plans. YET.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Graduated From Degree Year 1 Sem 1

It's the end! Yes, the end of me being a first year degree sem 1 student. Yay!

I don't know if it's a good thing or bad. Good because well, everybody loves it when exam ends. Bad because it simply means sem 2 is coming.. but not for another 3 months! LOL!

Anyway, my last paper ended today and overall, I hope I did well.

No more nerdy Eliza.. for 3 months at least.

During the exam week, Leon, my family, Ah Wei visited. My kaiyah is on his way here though. I guess Leon and Ah Wei just miss how we used to study together during our previous study and exam weeks?

So much for visiting.. He's practically asleep most of the time.

Guat Shan got sick all of the sudden yesterday night. One moment she's laughing and the next, she's in the toilet vomiting. I know it sounds funny but, yes, that was what happened.

This was sick Guat Shan punye face. So not sick wan?

So, after my final paper, we (Guat Shan, Sito, Ah Wei, Shiau Ping, Wei Khiang and I) went to enjoy ourselves in, yea, you guessed it. Tesco. Hey, I know you must be thinking, 'It's just Tesco.' but Tesco is currently most happening place in Kampar, ok? Don't believe?

See? All UTAR-ians were there.

We had sushi, shopped for groceries, shoot some hoops, and shot each other.


I told you we shot each other!

Not long after I reached home, I received a message I've been waiting for the longest time! I drove out as fast as I could and came back with.. TADA!

Thanks, I know I'm cool~ LOL!

My brand new Stereo Earphone Headset a.k.a an earphone-like mp3 player. After starving and suffering for dieting to save enough money , I finally have enough money to buy this oh-so-cool mp3 player! (not that it's really expensive though)

It's only 2 p.m. and I've already received message asking me to attend a so-called 'after exam celebration gathering' in Ghany. I know, I have happening classmates :D

Finally, I'll be back in Klang by Saturday noon and I'll be there for like 3 whole months! I don't know if I should be glad. Alright now, time to enjoy my mp3 player!

Friday, September 5, 2008

On Hiatus

It's my study and exam week now so I'm announcing a hiatus here. I'll be back once my final examination ends which is on the 18th this month.

On a hiatus~

Of course, I'll update if there are any interesting events. Until then, happy hiatus and happy studying to me, good day to you! :D