Saturday, October 27, 2007

Compliment? Insult?

There's one thing that I'm still unsure whether if it's a compliment or insult until now.

You see, the average height for a 17 years old Asians is maybe 165cm? Whatever it is, I'm sure it's not 150cm. And me, being 17 and just 150 cm, is the problem. Still don't see the problem? Alright. Imagine these scenes.

Scene 1 : Over heard some aunties.
Yesterday, I was just innocently standing around waiting for Guat Shan outside the lecture room and there were 3 cleanning aunties around there, chatting among themselves. I was minding my own business as they talked until I heard them talking about me.

I know I'm short but 15?

Aunty 1 : Tengok dia (which is me). Macam anak kecik ah..
Aunty 2 : (looked at me and nodded)
Aunty 3 : Macam 15 tahun.
Eliza : ..........

Scene 2: Dinner with friends.
Last week, I had dinner with my group of friends in a quite-happening-cafe-for-a-small-town. While waiting for the food to arrive, our attention somehow diverted to another group of what we call 'lala'. Their dressing was really too exaggerating. They make-up, wore high heels, short skirts, and those typical 'lala' style. We tried to guess their age. Some said they were junior high schoolers and some said senior high schoolers. So, I asked one of my friend, Joe.


Eliza : Do they look older or younger than me?
Joe : Older, obviously.
Eliza : How old do you think they are?
Joe : About 16?
Eliza : So I looked younger than 16?
Joe : You looked 10
Eliza : .......

And then thanks to Ah Wei for adding side effect like snickering and giggling.

Scene 3 : Attending Bro's Graduation.
This actually happened a few years back. It was my second bro's graduation and well, I attended. As usual, they have this rule stating children under 9 aren't allowed to enter the hall to avoid disturbance. So, before they let me into the hall, I was interviewed.

Among the elementaries?

Eliza : (was about to walk through the door into the hall)
Miss whoever-at-the-door : Wait. Are you 9? (she spoked in Mandrin asking if I'm above 9)
Eliza : .........

I was 15 back then!!! And she asked if I'm above 9?! @#$%^&*!!

Scene 4 : Asked by my own cousin.
Just before I left my hometown for university in another state, my close relative, my cousin bro asked me something that I, myself was shocked!

Cousin : You're standard 6?
Eliza : !!!!!!!!!!!

I was about to attend university and he thought I was 12?! OMG!!

There are lots more situation in which I was mistaken for being younger like how I was given primary school uniform when I was in secondary when I was shopping for new uniform and how I always get children's price for train tickets, movie tickets and theme park tickets. Well, I wouldn't say being short or looking young is an entirely bad thing because well, imagine 20 years from now, when I'm 37, people will think that I'm 20! :D

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Happy Birthday DeeKo!

Dear Bro,

I know I'm a bratty sister. I know I'm stubborn and I certainly know I can be annoying at times. We weren't really close to
each other last time, I mean, not as close as we are now. Sometimes I wonder what is it that made us drew closer to each other- was it the anime? was it football? was it because we have the same interest? or was it just natural? Whatever the reason can be, I'm just glad that we're in such good term now.

I enjoyed the times when we watch football together and you would tell me from players history to game strategies to the latest football news. I enjoyed the times when we watch animes together and discussed about it after that and look forward towards the coming episodes. I enjoyed the times when we were too free and have nothing else better to do than to linger in shopping malls. And I, of course, enjoyed the times when we'll just laugh at something even though that laughing matter wasn't worth laughing for.

I treassure the gifts you bought me like my all-time-favourite Man. Utd. jersey, the green 'Freedom' Tropicana Life tee and the oh-so-cute Moriji you bought me last year. I just want you to know that you've been a really wonderful brother and I'm really so very thankful to have a brother like you. Lastly,

Love, Your Little Sis.

Happy 23rd Birthday!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

See Football in Everything

You know you watched too much football when....

You saw a normal straw and you thought of..

Aston Villa!

You saw a green and yellow strip umbrella and you thought of..


You saw an ugly green-white dress and you thought of..


You saw a arrows in your lecture slides and you thought of..


You saw a Toyota car and thought of..

The sponsor of EPL!

You saw a book in your university library and thought of..

Roy Keane and Avram Grant!

You saw an 'Eagle' branded tire and thought of..

Chris Eagles!

And finally.. When you see a can of Red Bull drink you thought of..


Wayne Rooney! I don't know why but it just does! Football rules!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Problems Having Fair Skin

People, especially girls might think having fair skin is the best thing on earth. Well, not really. Here's my personal reason of why.

First of all, you'll easily get sun burnt which is painful and we all know that fair skinned people get burnt easier and more severe compared to tanned ones. That's the reason why 'ang mohs' love sunbathing so much.

First stage of being sun burnt.

Being fair actually makes you uglier instead of prettier. You'll have full brown colour spectrum on your body or people call it skin tones.

Comparing the area frequently exposed to sun and not-so-exposed to sun.

People who don't know you well might think you're like some pampered princess staying at home all the time when you're actually a sportsman, enjoying your time under the sun just like any other normal teenagers.

Snorkelling under the sun- one of the best water sport!

Believe it or not, being fair restricts your freedom. When you're fair, you'll have body tones which is ugly and you'll not wear clothes that reveal your body tones. But this isn't much a problem to me because well, I don't really care about the ugly tones but I'm speaking on behalf of most fair skinned people.

Not so obvious, yet!

Last but not least, being fair actually increases your weekly or monthly or whatever budget. Yes, it's a waste of money. Why? Because when you're fair, you will want to reduce the chances of getting sun burnt. So you'll get yourself sunblock lotion. When you have sunblock lotion, you'll need an after sun lotion. Then the whitening lotion comes in together and we all know for every beauty product, there'll be a night cream. Therefore, you'll buy yourself a night whitening cream.

Ever wonder how beauty product companies make money?

One possible reason I can think of if a girl wants to be fair is to attract guys. So guys, if fair skin is your cup of tea, try changing taste a little, alright? Tanned or not-so-fair girls are not much different.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

All in one night

My results for my first sem final examination was out last night.

Censored! XD

It wasn't a perfect 4.0 but I guess it was ok knowing what I did during the study and exam week. My only concern at the moment is whether I get to continue my scholarship or not. I was studying under my university scholarship last sem and I thought the scholarship will last for the entire foundation program. Until about middle of the first sem, I found out that scholarship will be graded and awarded by sem! I can't express how or what I felt at that moment. I thought I could slack a little that sem and only work a little harder the following 2 sems. Thank God I found out earlier or else I'll be repeating the finals, perhaps?

Fishing place. Lovely~

Anyway, I went fishing again this morning with my house mate, safe for Sito, and Leon. We planned this last night since Leon was bugging to go early morning fishing since some time ago. So, we woke up at 5.30 am and went fishing at 5.50 am. The usual spot we fish was fishless this morning. We changed spot and well, I guess I'm pretty lucky to catch 2, which make the total of 14 fishes in my record and finally at the same par as Master Leon. Not long after that Master Leon took the lead again by 1. Competitive, huh?

A new species.

Some thing that I still can't get over is Alwyn was eliminated from Project Runway Malaysia! NOO!! He has been my favourite ever since I started watching Project Runway Malaysia. The bottom 2 for last night's task was Felix and Alwyn and they're both my favourite. I'll have to admit that Alwyn's leotard looked a little 'hanging' on the model and Felix's design did not satisfy the requirements but they're both really REALLY talented designers. Contestants like Fitri should be out in stead. From the preview for next week's task, it seems like Felix's position is jeopardize.

Project Runway Malaysia. Catch it every Friday night at 9.30

Hang on there Felix! You're my favourite now!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Part III : Sem Break

The final part of my sem break- Vacation to Pangkor Island with friends!

We went Pangkor on the 4th of October and returned to Kampar on the 6th of October. It was really fun and we took tonnes of pictures! Allow me to summarize the trip with a simple movie clip. Enjoy~

For me, it isn't the destination that matters, it's who you go with that matters.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Part II : Sem Break

Again, let's have another flashback on the second part of my sem break:

4. Boyfriends meet-up- tasting food prepared by Chef Russell
5. Hair treatment (cut, blow and wash) at A Cut Above

4. Boyfriends meet-up- tasting food p
repared by Chef Russell
Received an sms a day before saying that my neighbour, Pan Seng will pick me up from my house at 11 a.m. Got up at 9.15 a.m., supposed to have breakfast with dad at 10 a.m. but he injured his back
so mom took me to 'ta pau'. Anyway, that's not the point. So, I got back home, prepared myself and off to Chef Russell's kitchen! When i reached his place, I was kind of shocked by the table settings and the instrumental music played. I was like 'Man, he's serious!'. I paid him a visit in the kitchen and I have to admit that no one cooks like him. He's so simply in his cooking but yet, it looked so professional. He served us (Pan Seng, Chee Seng and me) with chicken, pizza, cream puff and Australian red wine. I've also learned a lot in terms of technique, recipes and food savouring. Thanks chef!

Vanilla+Chocolote+White Chocolate Cream Puff. Delicious!!

5. Hair treatment (cut, blow and wash) in A Cut Above
I finally have my hair cut after 3 months of no maintenance. Before I moved to Kampar, I'll visit A Cut Above once a month and have my hair style changed every month. Anyway, I decided to keep my hair long so the hair d
resser cut a so-called 'lollipop' hairstyle for me. Now my hair looked extremely straight and no, I did not straighten it. I wouldn't say it was that complex to cut this hair style but somehow, there were 2 hair dressers cut my hair and 2 hair dressers blow my hair. The best thing was I felt like a model! Like you know, "Yea, do whatever that makes me pretty for my next shooting."

2 hair dressers blowing my hair.

Next event to look forward to, a trip to Pangkor Island with house mates and uni mates!