Saturday, October 24, 2009

Like Mother... Like Daughter?

I guess you should know by now that I spend a lot on shoes and phone bills. I have an explanation for that. Look!

That was my mom on the phone. She was so into talking that she squatted next to the garden to talk ==" She talks, I sms. An sms is only one sen. A call is about 15 sen per minute. In a minute I only send like 5 messages. So, I spend 5 sen per minute on phone. I'm better, right? Lol.

This is my mom's collection of shoes. Some of them in the boxes were still brand new. And she bought them like a year ago? And no, she don't plan to wear them.

Well, at least I wear almost every pair of shoe I bought.

What else? Hmmm...

I just found out recently this is my mom's nail polish basket. This is only one part of it. There's still the sharp-tipped paint brush for the drawing and stuff.

I don't even paint my nails until recently Bryan asked me to paint my toe nails and only when I'm bored, I play with Guat Shan's collection.

These aren't the only ones. When I have the chance, I'll get my mom's clothes, accessories and bakery utensils collection.

I guess it runs in the genes?


ahwei said...

later auntie millie lecture u when she reads this XD

kEnJi said...

i want to paint my nails as well.

erictbk said...

wah lao~ who made that much of phone bill?RM351?Cool...XD

eliza natsuko said...

ahwei : she belum nampak >D just tell her write alr cannot delete. MUAHAHAHHA!!!

kenji : mari la.. we sama sama paint XD

eric : that was my bill ><"

Ju Lin said...


kenji_NOIZ said...

when i bought you that away jersey, ypu promised to cut down your phone bill... 5 sen a minute is still too much... you better keep your words!

eliza natsuko said...

edwin : now my bill damn little. like less than rm50